Sep 29, 2008

NeWs uPdaTE...

hello there guys... yeah i know i have been off blogging for a looonnnggg time.... simply cuz i didnt have nething to write. ofc the news channels have been overflowing with all kinds of news.... ranging from the terrorists bomb attacks to why-isnt-aishwarya-rai-having-a-baby.... geez! gimme a break there u crazy news ppl...

On the college front... VJ seems to have taken the turn for the worst... as it implemented new rules abt practicals, lects, and assignments.... bang in the last few remaining *to be precise the last 2sems* of our engineering life. for once we have teachers...who dont fool around, can speak english, give notes... and actually bother to take lectures. the only question i have for the diro, and these teachers are... where the heck where u when we were taking out morchas for the lack of faculty? nd now when the entire 4th year B Tech seems to have dissappeared into the shady abyss of CAT preps... u decide to impose compulsory lectures???? $!#$ #$@^!!!!!

so now along with my GRE n CAT preps, i have to -->
write a whole textbooks worth of assignment *weightage : 1 mark*
complete assignments *weightage : 3marks*
attend lectures *weightage : 3marks*
bother with class tests *weightage : 2.5 marks*

*all weightages out of final 100 marks....sheesh!!!*

ok bbye for now... ciao...

P.S : while on the train back home from college today... i was suddenly quite nostalgic abt VJTI years... so next post coming up soon....dedicated entirely t VJTI years....


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