Sep 13, 2009

For my bestest friends....

The other day I read a blogpost (not the first of the kind) where the writer was overcome with emotions about all the blogging buddies she's made online. Its not the first of the kind, because it made me remember some poems and dedications I had read a while back, on blogs here and there, about all the blogging friends they had made. It was nice I guess, to credit blogging buddies for being the bestest, and discussing this with a few of my friends (n omg I have a gazillion :P Im definitely someone who has friends everywhere she goes :P) and a heated debate ensued. According to some of my friends, who dont blog, only do lukkhagiri on FB :P, having virtual friends is always weird, beacuse these people dont have a life. Shush now! A whackkkkk from me followed at the gustak's statement :P Cz I have met some of my closest friends online. :P anyway so we are straying from the topic... This post is about how I have some real life friends (who noone seems to be crediting on Blogsville) who are still my BESTEST friends :)

My school friends who I meet atleast once a week, go shopping with, go for weekend getaways... would you believe it that they havent yet read my blog? :P :D See, strange friends Ive got :P Ok so their big complaint is that I will write about anyone and everyone - from poems for fictional (for them) entities sitting in some godforsaken corner of the world to soft toys to heartbreaks and to silly crushes :P But according to them *sheepishly agrees* I have never mentioned them here. So here it is just for my oldest, bestest, sweetest, most WEIRD friends *what? don't glare! 1. you learnt that from me, n 2. you never came here anyway :P*

Riddhi, Padmaja and I became friends when we were in the sixth standard. I know no one will believe this but I used to like NEVER talk uptill the 7th :P I *yes yes me!* was awfully shy :P We became friends and stayed in the same class all the way till 10th. In the 8th Abha, Ketki joined us. Now this is the weirdest part, you know how bitchy girls are, and so each of us had heard ALL sorts of versions of what the other one was like, no points for guessing, most versions about me. Lolz. I have always been a controversial character :P :D But anyway, 1st day of 8th standard when we were alloted our seats, I rem this so distinctly, I smiled at Abha, and Ketki who sat behind her (I was in the adjacent row - all three always together cz we are short and hence always on the 1st& 2nd benches :P). One smile. Thats all. It took to become friends. *see now u know why i smile so much :P*

Life had different plans for us after school. Me and Riddhi ended up taking up engineering, Abha took up commerce, Ketki took up medical and Padmaja moved all the way to the other coast - chennai. The four of us who remained back, stangely, incredibly, because not many I know are still so close to school friends, we became even closer than school. :) The weekend getaways, the CRAZY shopping trips (Me Abha n Ketki once flirted with 3 guys in the shopping mall and imagine how much we kicked ourselves when we found SRK(them not me) n John(me me me!!!!) were outside for Kaals premeire :P :P :D) We have had countless night outs, sleepovers in our PJ's, discussions about guys and life and friendship and marraige and jobs... Countless lunches and dinners even breakfasts.. Countless wondering how we will be in 10 years from now, about meeting that one guy.. I have cried in front of them *yes im a big crybaby :P* about my broken heart, they were there when I literally had NO clue what I will do in life again. They have been the only people who have known me the longest, and always accepted me the way I am.

Abha is the chotisi bacchi of the group. Even though she scolds me everytime I want to buy one more teddybear at the mall, she is one baby pink - baby blue crazy girl. Aptly named "mini mayapuri" :P , the best part about her is that she has never ever ever been mean to anyone. She is simply incapable of being rude or mean or anything bad in anyway :) We have had countless shopping trips, buying everything from lingerie to cells :P and throw in a whole wardrobe in the middle :P

Ketki is the most matured girl, who had her books all done first in school :P & has the most practical approach to life. She and I were two people with the most volatile natures, and my dear god, have we had some serious fights??!!! And then we each used to storm off and people had to come get us together. Which we used to anyway, because we cant do without each other :) She has the voice of an angel and if she ever went on Idol she will win it, but stupid that she is, she doesnt take us seriously. *sigh!* someday we will kidnap her and send her on stage... someday.. :)

Riddhi is mad. No other word for her. She is the fashionista, drives like she is a racing god :P my flirting partner in crime :P (we have actually gone out with the same guy and then dumped him after respective first dates... *evil laugh*) She considers anything less than perfect hair, less than perfect attire to be a disaster and the girl will actually come to you and tell you you are one disaster :P She understands all jokes in the end, and then we have to laugh a second time with her, she is now in the US and she insists I still write her programs for her :P :) Damn I miss u girl!!! :(

Padmaja moved to the Chennai right after 12th standard. We didnt meet much during Junior high, and we dont talk all that often, *lately thanks to FB we do*, but she still remains one of my closest friends. She has always been this really sweet girl, choir group (yeah we all are a pack of singers :P), intelligent, english mam's fav *right after me ofc :D* I remember the very first outing *shopping trip* that we girls had was because of her *her car :D* Whenever she comes here, we meet up and its like we have never been away at all. And that happenes only with best friends right? I mean people fall apart, fade away, whatever the term, when distance comes into the picture. But we didnt and Im awfully proud of each one of us for that. :)

I love you guys, and I know we meet often enough *a whole week without you guys is LONG seriously*, but still I miss you :) You will always be a big big part of who I am, and whatever I am now would be impossible without you. I know we will remain just as close as we are now, even years from now. Someday we are going to sit with our teenaged kids and tell them about our escapades and argue about who said what, while playing rummy, where Abha will still be winning , me and Riddhi will still be cheating and Ketki will still be lost :P :D & hopefully by then we will NOT be calling paddy over the phone and shrieking into it about who is winning!! :)

I love you guys! Mwahhhhh!!!! :) :)

Sep 5, 2009

For YOU....

I just had to write this.

I miss you. I miss talking to you all night long. I miss talking to you on the phone, making you talk for long hours in the middle of the night, not caring about the balance. I miss calling you silly stupid names, laughing silently when you sing, frowning about how stubborn you are, how you one big stupid flirt. I miss arguing with you. I miss the way you say my name. I miss the connect calls. I miss your laugh - I never told you how buttery THAT was eh? :)

I miss roaming on the edge of the quad, my backpack slung over my shoulder, my head tilted left side, the phone at my ear, answering questions about my day. I miss waking up in the middle of the night at some godforsaken time, so we can talk YOUR time. I miss asking you stupid questions, that make you think. I miss reading your poems before anyone else. I miss smiling, because you made me.

I miss waking up and going online and reading your offlines, because you sent them because you knew I'll read them first thing in the morning. I miss writing you silly mails. I miss glaring at you, when your boss makes a appearance and you disappear. I miss missed calling you. I miss refilling just to talk to you. :) I miss telling you that I missed you.

I miss the carpet ride around the world. I miss dreaming. I miss being called sunshine, even though I know 3 months is not a lifetime for you, this summer was for me. I miss pouting, I miss diving under covers and I miss peeking from long lashes. I miss narrowing my eyes, waiting for you to be on time, for once. I miss thinking about you all the time. I miss boring V n M n B n whoever else about your talks all the time. I miss you so so much.

I miss telling you that you will always be important to me. I mean it you know :)

P.S: This is utterly stupid I know, its just that I miss you a LOT tonight.... *sigh!*