Nov 30, 2011


Today morning I read a blogpost on goals. The blogger said that she did not have any goals because she wanted to live an awesome life and hoped to die happy. I remember when I had a similar feeling about goals. I suppose I wanted to be just another 18 year old with a "cool" life. The time I foolishly believed I will actually be 18 forever :P :) So here I am, soon to turn 24 in a couple of days, with a 25 before 25 list - which may not have seen any activity in a long time, but two things on it being worked really hard upon by yours truly - wondering how I now aspire to be anything other than just another 23 year old. :)

Life. Yea, it makes a woman out of a girl. 

~ Annie.
P.S: Working on my photos to Bob Marley is like my slice of heaven! :)
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Nov 20, 2011

Of Things Learnt In Goa.

*I sat for close to five minutes thinking of an awesome enough line to describe how awesome my whole-of-last-week-longest-vacation-ever was. I can't think of anything so I am just going to skip this intro!*

Cutting a fancy line short, I did a totally unconventional Goa tour with the three most favorite men in my life last week. (Well, not so much the third one because he didn't meet us until the return journey so erm well). And by unconventional I mean, I went places people don't even know EXIST in Goa! :D And I think some of my BEST ever photography has happened on this trip. :) So without further ado, a customary awesomeness list - 
  • To be a good photographer you have got. to. stop. being. lazy. Oh and you also need to seriously put your cam at risk. ;) :D (.. at one point my cam was IN the sea.)
  • I fail to understand why people feel the need to scribble their names at random places.
  • Chapora at sunset is an absolute delight. And having chai (?!) watching the sun go down on a quiet beach. So is a empty beach at sunrise. And a lazy late afternoon at a beautiful 15th century mosque. And walking around in a random field full of weeds feeling like you are the only person on the planet. Told you I did an unconventional tour. :)
  • Breaking into a OMFG-this-is-creepy-complete-with-flickering-lights-and-not-a-soul-in-sight-cemetery in the dead of a chilly night. CHECK. :D \m/ 
I don't think this lady was very pleased with us making fun of her erm.. tombstone(?)
This actually made us go - 'Ok lets NOT piss the dead people off!' 
The lights were flickering randomly and it really looked creepy!
(pics courtesy - Nutties ka iPhone) 
  • There is so much to discover about yourself and life, only if you forget everything else, leave your baggage behind (literally and figuratively), get on a bike and just roam random streets. (though don't get lost in North Goa, its kind of filled with weird, possibly drugged people. You might wanna stay away :P)
  • I loved my unconventional places soooo much that I am actually contemplating not telling people where they are because I always want those places to be people-free! :P I was disappointed as hell to see that there were people enough for a mini concert at Chapora and not ONE wall was unoccupied by boob-grabbing males with female counterparts. And to think, the last time I was there when there was no village, no supermarket(?!?!), no lights, not one person in sight and absolute breathtaking silence.
  • Love knows no language. We were there to attend a wedding, the ceremony completely in Konkani. I understood the parts that are lifted from Marathi, but for the rest... well I just saw people around me smiling and got the gist. :)
  • One of my memorable status updates from during the week :D (no offence any gujjus! I AM part gujju! :P)

  • Waking up not knowing what day of the week it is and NOT caring... is the good stuff! \m/. Amen to that! :D
  • Looking awesome at a friends relatives wedding and talking all the time to your friend WILL lead people to believe that you are dating your friend. Even if you fiancee is ... right behind you! :D Oh, and getting chatty with your friends mom and asking bahu-type questions like "Will you teach me how to make Goan fish curry??" will NOT help your cause! :P :P
  • Me + Him + Nikon  = The ultimate combination ever!!! :)
  • Everyone should try this no matter how stupid this sounds - Get into old clothes, go to the beach barefoot in the dead of the night, reach exactly the edge of the water, lie down, let the water wash up and drench you, watch the stars. BLISS. :)
  • Candlelit lobster-and-wine dinner on the beach. Check. :) Britto's. FTW!
  • Goa is apparently still a honeymoon location! :P 
  • No visit to Goa can be complete without a visit to the Flea Market! :) & talking about Colaba Causeway decreases your chances of getting duped... :D
  • Travelling by train to Goa is so damn worth it simply for the beautiful Konkan stretch! :)
  • My Egypt trip will probably never happen because I am so violently photo allergic. (allergic to the sun - I mean WTF?! How does THAT happen?!) :| Yeah, I was probably the only person in Goa dressed in a sweatshirt! :| 
That's all for now folks!  :) 

~ Annie.
P.S: Not putting up any photos yet, because I have some other plans.. :)
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Nov 9, 2011

Wednesday Wallpapers #21

[Picture Courtesy - Karan.]

~ Annie.
P.S: In other news, I finally get to cross off no. 22 from my 25 before 25 list. Nutties got me an iPod (yes I didn't have one!) for our 1st anniversary. :)
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Nov 2, 2011

Wednesday Wallpapers #20

Picture Courtesy: Ankit Daftery

~ Annie.
P.S: It is so lonely around here these days! :( Doesnt anyone ever come here anymore?! :( :(
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