Dec 29, 2008

Its that time of the year again...

hey there. the year is drawing to a close, and its time to get nostalgic.. its the time again to call up all the party goers, and make plans for "the most happenin 31st Party ever".. and its also the time to get down with ur writing pad, and jot down NEW new year resolutions.. and try hard to keep the familiar "u-couldnt-do-it-last-time-wht-makes-u-think-u-can-do-it-this-time" thought outta ur mind...lolzz.. still, making new year resolutions, is a tradition in itself.. and as i was goin thru my writings, i stumbled upon this.. my LAST year resolution sheet. lets see how i have fared in these... n then maybe the next post will be dedicated to NEW year resolutions.. :)


*** Things to do in 2008’ ***

Ø Cry less & Smile more...

(hmm... this one.. was successful about 50%...)

Ø Learn to be on my own… I am good enough on my own n I don’t need anyone to make me happy.

(this was successful too..)

Ø Study hard… do as many GRE cards as possible every day…

(the fact tht its my GRE tomorrow, and i havent got a clue abt wht i m going to do 2mrw.. shud do the talking for this one!!!)

Ø Learn to play one new sport.(maybe lawn tennis)

(it was hard enough stayin in touch wid my old sport - basketball... hehe)

Ø Spend an hour on my PC writing. Anything that I like… maintain a diary.

(this was probably the only thing on this list i did... n i m feeling very good about it.. the blog stands testimony to "all the writing".. :) )

Ø Treat myself to 1 new book every weekend.

(every weekend to nahi... bt i buy myself a lot of books this year... )

Ø Keep a record of all the expenses done each day...

(FAILED...n u dun even wanna know wht the expenses add upto... :P )

Ø Spend more time with the kids… read up on new things to teach.

Ø Hang out with my friends more.(abha ketki rids CC’s)

(hmm... maybe... 50-50)

Ø Swim a lot

(didnt even get NEAR a sports club...let alone swimmming..)

Ø Regularly go to the gym… lose a lot of weight.

(FAILED...big time... i think i put on another 10 kgs of weight.... *sob sob*)

Ø Learn to drive.

(my mom told me "ur a kid... wht do u wanna learn drivin for??" n refused to pay for mydriving its nt my mistake i failed in this one... lolzz)

Ø Take dance classes (somewhere mid year)

(i feel like laughing on this one... it slipped outta my head, jus as soon as i completed making the resolutions...seriously i m rememberin it now... :P )

Ø buy a nice digicam. (mom is still working on my application to buy a nice digicam.. i think i shud stop making unrealistic resolutions...)

Ø Stop taking the rik n start taking the bus… saves unnecessary expenses.

(seriously dunno if i followed this... 50-50 here also..)

Ø Cut down on non – vegetarian food.

(yeah i did tht...*sooobbbb*)

Ø Get a tattoo

(i SO regret not doing this... this passes on to new year resolution...)

Ø Get a swanky new haircut.

(yeah i did this...effects were very interesting...hehe..)

Ø Ask for a new MP3 player.

(i asked. i got. i gifted. to Ro. thts done.)

so.. i am having mixed feeling abt how i fared on this. lemme get started in new year resolutions now.. cya later. new post coming up soon...:)


Dec 25, 2008

ChrIstMas Day.N i M sO buMMed.. :(

So far many ppl have complained that I carried my previous “TRAIN” posts for long. Apologies. At the end I hope u guys had a good read. That was chapter of my lyf that will always remain one of the fondest. Moving on let me recap the recent events.

Starting wid my bday which I would actually want to pass over cuz it sucked.. Big time. So lets chuck that. Well, after that disastrous bday, some really sweet *albeit forgetful* friends of mine, decided that I needed some heavy duty pampering. Since I was in a pissed off mood, I didn’t get the chance to appreciate their efforts. Appreciation for a task well done, is something I keep telling everyone, advising to keep up the compliments and praises, so that the other person gets inspired to do even better. It works like charm wid the kids. So here it is. My thank you note to ppl who made up for the day long gone *in order of how soon they did it*.…

Ro - *I was so mad at everything in general tht day, tht I didn’t thank you at all. Whatever you did, was thoughtful. Thanks.*

All the gals at ILMB -- *I love u guys … thank u so much for everything u have done for me.. MWAH!!!!*

Pranita, Monica & Shilpa -- *u guys are Charlie‘s angels…N I m Charlie.. Lolzz.. Thanks a lot. The Music that u gave me, will play forever, wherever I go, and it will always make me smile…*

Mona -- *If there’s anyone who missed my bday and GENUINELY felt rotten about it, it was you. I didn’t really get mad at you, u know. I knew u were busy. But for a moment there I felt like u were in a car, slowly driving away, as I simply stood there, unable to do anything. Thanks for coming back, and taking me along… in the wooden car.. Mwah!!*

Karan -- *Free Pizza never tasted better, and a gift never seemed so thoughtful. Thank you.*

Abha, Ketki & Rids -- *there was nuthin u guys cud hav done for me on my bday, I knew tht… but the best post-gift I got came from u guys. Thanks a lot for the efforts u took. And thanks a lot for reuniting all 5 of us again, in a memory that will last for a lifetime.*

Hmmmm…. I think I ran out of names here… though I still wish u mention a few ppl here whose wishes meant a lot - Binu, Sidd, Nisarg, Ugam. I think that about it all. If u are nowhere on this list… u FORGOT, and someone *in most cases ME* had to remind you.

After the bday thing passed, there came the trip. To this really beautiful place called Bhandardara. Nestled in the sahyadri’s, this is a dam (Wilson Dam) on the banks of a river. And awesome it is. It was a slice of heaven. The cold clear water, the nip in the air, the jeep rides around the village, the waterfalls and the stay up in the dorms. It was beautiful.

The spectacular sunset I saw deserves special mention here. Along with the swim in the icy water of the lake, which actually was quite dangerous, as there was a steep drop in the lake after just a couple of meters in the lake. But we played in the water near the banks. And it was awesome fun.

All the refreshment and the excitemnt came to a screeching halt a few hours later, as we got the results. And I have been in a pretty off mood ever since, until I started to write this down *cuz playing the CD made my KASPAR made me smile again*. For the first time in my life I have got a KT. And It sucks.

I am so lost, I feel … ashamed in away to go back to the same class, cuz almost everyone there is a star in their own right. They all are studious, straight A students, and that leaves me in a limbo, which is a bitch of a place to be stuck in. *sarcastic smile*

My friends, the ones I have made in these last few weeks and months, and some other who stayed since the beginning… I feel like I am out of place with them, because they don’t deserve to be with me. The dew drop , the moon, the attitude and the everything, they trouble me the most, because I know, no matter what I do, I will never be able to match up to them. I feel as if by being with them, I malign them in someway, make them lesser ppl, than what they really are.

My mind is all fucked up. I haven’t been calling anyone as of late. And blogging is my only solace. I dun even feel like getting started on the fucking ACN, cuz I know it will bore me to death, cuz it is something so UNinteresting. I have spent my day surfing around, writing some new stuff that
I plan to post soon. And suddenly as I AM writing this I am realizing, that this is what I do - write. This is the only thing I know. I m not the best, but that’s all I have. At the end of the day, when I feel friendless and lonely, this is where I turn to.. God!! Wish I could do this all day. I would never be as unhappy as I am now.

In the afternoon, I was toying wid the idea of making my blog look more attractive, and I spent quite a bit of time, and went down to the webpage code, and finally SUCCEEDED in this. I am working on some other stuff. *turns out I CAN mange a bit of coding eh? * but anyway, the feeling so success can be such a boost. Wish I had even an iota of success at ACN.

Signing off.. With a mood that’s bad, mad, sad

Dec 24, 2008

TRAIN - Part 5

Next morning I awoke, even before he came to wake me up. Some shrill sound had broken in my sleep, like I was discovering groggy eyed as I sat up, had broken in everyone’s sleep. Mr. Obnoxious alarm was crazy. Loud and crazy. I immediately looked over to his berth, and there he was awake like me, looking straight at me, I was suddenly very conscious of how I looked. He smiled , and said “Morning. Some alarm huh? ” I laughed and said “No one can sleep through that...”, starting to get down from my bunk.

We were up and ready in half hour, and we walked out near the door. He was about to leave in a matter of minutes, and I still hadn’t figured a way to stay in contact. Damn me. Then suddenly it stuck me - what the hell was the use of email if not here? As the train pulled into the station, I began “Listen if -”

He turned, and took a step back instead of going forward. There was a line of people waiting to get down, and he let them pass. The narrow passage was crowded of people, and the next thing I knew, was that I was standing close enough to see every fleck of gold in those brown eyes. It nearly damned brought my heart to a screeching halt. He looked very shy, as he said “I can get down at Hyderabad too.”

I gave him a broad smile. This was going to be easy. If these weren’t the signs then I didn’t know what else were.

We went in again, to get my suitcase. There were less than 5 people in the entire coach. We were standing near the door again when he said anxiously “Listen, don’t get me wrong, but when you are staying here, if you need anything, info or anything about places to visit, you could call me.”

“I don’t have your number” I said smilingly. I tore the last page of my diary and divided it in half. On one part I wrote my email id on it and gave it to him. He wrote his number on the other part and gave me. I could actually feel the floating sensation in my tummy. In that moment I decided to stay in contact. Always. There were a lot of maybe’s in my head. Maybe this would happen. Maybe that will. Maybe...

The train came to a grounding halt at the station. We both got down. Looking at each other, I couldn’t believe that this was someone I had met only a few hours back. He smiled and said “I had a lot of fun talking to you. It was very nice to meet you , you know. ” I shook hands with him and replied “Same here. Stay in touch, ok? I’ll call if I need anything ok?” he nodded, and pointing to the direction over his back he said “I go this way ok? Where u headed to?” “My Bhaiya‘s driver must be waiting outside.” I looked around for an exit sign and said “I go this way.” half disappointed that I had to go the opposite way, and half happy because I had his number, I smiled a little and started to pick up my suitcase.

“Should I drop you till there?” I didn’t know if my Bhaiya was to come to pick me up or not, so I told him No.

As I started to walk away he said “Heyy..”

I turned and looked at him, with a questioning glance “hmm?”

“You talk too much.” we both laughed. He added “Don’t change that about you, ok?”

I smiled and said , “You got it. Bbye.”



We walked in two opposite directions, that cold March morning that year. And you know wht? I never did call him up. I reached home, had a wonderful stay, checked my email. He had sent me a mail barely 2 hours after we had parted. Like I had asked him on the train, he had even sent some pictures of him with his silver-red fighter plane, and another with him in complete army uniform. He looked, if possible, even more gorgeous than I remembered from just a few hours back. I sent a thank you and reached safely sort of email to him.

But along with the mail, was a mail from my ex, begging me to forgive him, and take him back. Which I did. It ended soon afterward anyway, but at that time, he was a very important part of my life. So amidst all this, I didn’t reply to any of the further mails that he sent to me. Which were quite a few. After some weeks, the mails stopped. And after some months, he was forgotten.

Till now, when I started to write this down. I took out my old diaries and reading the entries of a 17 year old girl in them, made all the memories come flooding back. One of my friends, when I told her about this incident before I started to write it here, asked me, why didn’t u guys stay in touch? Maybe it could have lead somewhere.

To which I replied, if it would have happened, I would have discovered something not so perfect about him. Something I wanted to change or didn’t like. Something that wouldn’t be right. But because I didn’t know him further, he is perfect. Just as he met me that day in the train, because that memory of him wont change ever. Hes probably happy someplace now, with a wife and kids, and I m just a 21 year old, with changed views and changed ideals. Life is good. And because I never stayed in touch, he remains as one of my fondest memory...

Maybe we parting ways the way we did, on the platform that morning, was the best ending there could have been for our story. :)

Dec 23, 2008

TRAIN - Part 4

“My name is Rohit. I stay in Secunderabad. Are you from Mumbai?” *tht name is real. I didn’t make that up*

“Ya, I m from Mumbai. And my name is Anita.” *ya back then, I gave out my real name on chat too.. But this guy seemed so polite, that the fact that he might be a crook, didn’t even cross my mind*

“So, how old are you?” he asked, quieting closing his book, as if settling for a long chat.. *I already had eyes the shape of hearts… he had the most buttery voice.*

“I m 17. In junior college. Studying science. Computers”

He took a double take. “Wow, you are 17, you don’t look 17. And science huh? Cool.”

“So what about you? Do you stay in Secunderabad? What do you do?” I rested my head on my hands, with elbows propped up, as I looked at him.

It was my turn to have a double take now. 
“Ya, I stay here. I m 23. And I'm in the IAF, fighter pilot.” He smiled.

Yes. I was as surprised as you are. And he was not bluffing. Just read on and you will know why. I was immediately like “Oh WOW.. That is SO cool.” I scrambled up and sat cross legged on my seat.

“Just returning from training in Lonavala. ” Since it was not possible for him to sit up in his seat, because it was the last berth, he just straightened a little bit.. *ahh, those shoulders… WOW*

“OMG. Tht is like the coolest thing you can do with your life. Become a fighter pilot. Are you guys like the one in Top gun? Can you tell me about G‘s n all?” I was rambling. But I was so freaking awestruck. Now that explained his army sort of clothes and aviator glares. I thought it was like the latest fad or something.

He laughed and said, catching on a bit of my excitement, “Hey u know what G‘s are? And yeah it is a little bit like Top Gun, but it’s a lot harder in reality. And btw, tht IS my fav movie. ”

Ultimately at the end of it all, we stayed up till late talking. About anything and everything.

We talked about how he grew up, his family, how he was from Haryana originally. We talked about my school, college, my friends. We talked about our sun signs, what we liked to do most when we are free, which movies, which songs, which books.

He told me about how amazing he felt high up in air and I told him how I very much want to be a writer someday. “Arent you already one? You have been writing ever since I have been on the train”, he said, as we sat talking outside near the door of the train, in the chilling night air.

“Were u observing me?” I asked laughing.

“No.. I was actually - maybe - No. I think you already are a writer.” he finished smiling. He added quietly “I just thought that u have the most beautiful eyes.” right then, I felt the shiest I had ever felt in my entire 17 years of life. Damn, even now as I'm writing this, I cannot remember one single instance that I had felt THAT shy..

“So, where will u be staying in Hyd?” he asked after the moment passed.

“Banjara Hills. That’s all I know. ” I wished I knew more. Somehow I didn’t quite want the meeting to end.

“Wow, that’s posh.” he didn’t say anything further, just looked out at the rushing landscape, cloaked in black.

I stood up and said “It's getting really late now. We better sleep. I have no idea what will I do…” I trailed off.

“Why? What happened?” he stood beside me, looking so tall and handsome, that I almost forgot what I wanted to say next.

“Umm.. I NEVER wake early in the morning, unless mom wakes me up. Who will wake me up tomorrow? ” I frowned. I was seriously worried. I wasn’t just making small talk. “What if you don’t wake up at the last station? Does someone come and wake you up? Where does the train go after the last station? It cant just stop there, huh?”

He laughed again softly, “Man, you talk so much” *I blushed and immediately shut up* “Don’t worry. When I’ll wake up in the morning, I'll wake u up. Ok?”

“Thanks. Good night.” I smiled as I we reached near our seats. We looked at each other and smiled. *I could almost HEAR the goddamn crackles of electricity. Grrr… wish I had been a little older. Right then I felt like a school girl.*

“Goodnight.” he said as he started to climb to his berth. I climbed up to mine, and settled in. I
wasn’t sleepy. From he looks of it nor was he.

He whispered “The guy didn’t give you blanket huh? Here, take mine.”

“Thank you so much.” I said relieved, I wont be freezing to death after all. I took it. It even smelled of him *I swear I was not loony. It smelled like musk.*

I laid awake for a long time. Listening to the train moving. I didn’t want this meeting to end. You know how you are at 17. You start dreaming about things that may happen. In all innocence you forget that sometimes, most of the times, things don’t always go as planned. I wanted to keep in touch, know him further, get close to him. He was like so… perfect. I think I was already half in love with his perfect army man. You know how you felt *girls I mean* when u saw Tom cruise in Top Gun, or Richard Gere in An officer and A Gentleman. I was head over heels in an instant. No man could ever be more perfect. Ahh…The joys of being young and innocent. I feel asleep with thoughts swirling in my head and a smile on my face.

...last post coming soon.... :)

Dec 21, 2008

TRAIN - Part 3

As the evening progressed, people around me started having their dinners, some dudes from the train dept, came to hand out blankets and pillows *they forgot to giv me blankets, and gave me 4 pillows instead… the idiots!! * & the AC was making me feel shit cold. And I was still writing in that diary of mine, this time writing about the strange mix of fellow passengers.

In the very last cubicle of the train coach was this group of ladies, who got on at Lonavala, and were sleeping ever since. I wondered if they were drunk or something. How can anyone sleep for THAT long. On the seat next to my cubicle was this loud, obnoxious man, who kept talking n talking n talking… to people who he didn’t even know. Crazy!!! And the seat diagonally left, was the gorgeous guy who kept alternating between reading a book *some book called Dragonfly* and looking across to where I was sitting, curled up, with my diary.

Soon the lights in the hallway started going out… till at around 11, there remained only one light on in the entire coach. Me and the gorgeous guy, were perched up on our respective top berths, reading our respective books. At the same time, there were a lot of sneaking eye glances in each others direction. I was writing *again* and I had the distinct feeling that he was trying to make out what I was writing. The Mr. Obnoxious in the next cubicle, was loudly discussing his ancestral medical history, boring his companion to death. His berth mate had this glazed look in his eyes, that gave an impression of him wanting to jump out of the train the next second, which was making me laugh. I was trying to stifle my laughter, when I threw Mr. Hunk, a laughing glance.. he smiled back at me. We both looked in the direction of Mr. Obnoxious and crashed into a fit of giggles.

Now that the ice seemed broken, he said a soft , gentle “Hi”.
*again remember it was 2003, I was 17, and I was shy* I looked down, fighting to keep the color from rising in my cheeks, and said “Hello”.
“You headed for Hyderabad?” he asked, very politely.
“Yeah… you?”
“well, I m getting off at Begum Peth. I stay at Secunderabad.” He took in my “Ohh ok” expression , understanding that Secunderabad didn’t sound a lot different than Hyderabad, he added “Its one station before Hyd.”
This time my brows cleared and I said “ohh.. Ok.”
“Are you going for the first time?” he smiled *perfect teeth…wow*
“Yes. My Brother and his wife stay there. I m visiting them.” I could almost hear my Mom inside my head yelling - I TOLD YOU NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS....

... To be Continued...

Dec 20, 2008

TRAIN - Part 2

My train left from CST at around 12.15. I kept looking out of the window, writing all this stuff in my diary, cussing about dumb ass who had pissed me out of my own city :P , thinking about what my friends would be doing at that very moment… I just kept writing all the way till the outskirts of Mumbai. The AC was turned up, my feet were starting to get cold, and the train was moving so fast, that my pen was tilting whichever way possible. After some amount of writing, I decided to take a little nap.

I woke up just as the train pulled in at Lonavala. *my hair is exceptional in its jus-outta-bed look* People started pouring into the train as if it was a freaking stampede. Suddenly every single seat in the train was occupied, and train hawkers started yelling at the top of their voice “Chai… Bolo Chai…” Some guy was selling the latest issues of Femina, which I promptly bought. I called for the chai wala, and he came over eagerly “Coffee madam?” *do I look lik a coffee gal? I swear I get that ALL the time from tea vendors… I jus don’t LOOK lik a tea gal…* I nodded, scouring in my hand bag for change. I looked up, and found myself staring straight into the shyest eyes I had ever seen.

That lasted for the briefest of a second. The guy in question was this tall, handsome guy with a trekking backpack, quickly comparing my seat number with his own, and finally settling in the seat diagonally opposite mine. I handed my change to the chai wala, almost absently. I tried to look past the chai wala, cuz he was obstructing my view of the most gorgeous guy on the train right that moment. *n forgive me for being graphic, the most gorgeous ass as well… hahaha*

Now since this was like 2003, and since I was 17 years old, I was quite shy *ok NOT actually shy, but for that time, it seemed rude to stare*, so as soon as I opened my diary back again, I got absorbed in my mindless musings once again. I didn’t really forget abt that guy, but there were other things on my mind that seemed more interesting to brood about. And then dekhte dekhte.. It was evening, with the burning orange globe, setting beyond the far away hills. The stars were just starting to peep out from beyond the cotton wool clouds…

... To be continued...

Dec 18, 2008

TRAIN - Part 1

I have been lazing around at home for quite some time now. No work to do, no books to learn by rote, no frnds to go out wid. It was one of those days when u just feel like putting on your fav pajamas, wearing your most comfortable pair of socks, and snuggling in bed with either a good book or a good movie *in my case, settle down for a long chat with ur lappy.. hehe*. Alas, my Mom had other plans. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that if I didn’t clean my closet, like I have been promising since like last year, she will personally go thru my stuff *NOOOO- I yelped*, and throw out wht SHE feels like throwing out *WHTTT - gasped*. That pretty much covered everything that I owned. So I scowled *perfect imitation of scowl-woman from CG pracs (college pest-cum-prof)* and dragged my feet outta bed.

So there I sat, on a nice wintry night, going thru my closet, and then I found something that had lain forgotten for quite some time now. My old photo albums. They are really quite interesting, but the one I want to mention here, are these two albums, that covered my trip to Hyderabad 4 years ago *gosh I looked hawwt.. Haha..*. Rather, what those albums really reminded me, was this incident, which is straight out of some fairy tale book. I mean stuff like that didn’t happen to regular people, unless it’s some Bollywood flick.

It was the summer before I started the grueling 12th standard. When I say grueling, I really mean it, cuz KS classes, actually brought me close to a nervous breakdown. Anyway, I was going through a shit-phase in life, having just broken up with someone, grades stank, friends back stabbing, major fight with best friend.. etc etc.. so all in all I was lost and confused where life was headed, I needed a break. NOW.

So my Bhaiya gave a perfect solution. In those days he was staying at Hyd, with Bhabhi n their 1 n a half year old son. He asked me to come over n spend 2 weeks there. Mainly give company to Bhabhi, n in that enjoy a change of scenery in a brand new city. When I asked him, how was I to come thr, wid no one accompanying me, he simply asked to get on the next train and come alone. I was all up for it. Luckily so was mom. *YIPEEE*

So, I had mom pack my suitcase, dumped my important stuff in my hand bag, wore my newest jeans and newest denim jacket, and started for CST. With mom. She saw me off from there, in an eerily empty train to Hyd. I mean it was just me in the entire coach. Mom had asked the train wala agent, to book the aisle seats, the one with only 2 seats. N she booked them both, so that strange people wont be sitting next to me for my 18 hour journey. As the train pulled out of the station, she asked not to buy anything from the sellers in the train, not to talk to strangers and finally NOT *extra emphasis here* to get down on ANY platform. I did all the three things she asked me not to do. And no prizes for guessing what I enjoyed doing the most. That would be having one of the memorable conversations of my life.

... To Be Continued

Dec 17, 2008

BaBy i M So HigH ToniTe...

I am all alone…falling free...
Trying my best to remember …
What happened to me…what happened to us
What happened to my sweet little world,
As I watched it all slip out of my fingers.

The tears have left black mascara streaks
The passerby’s stare
At the poor girl in despair
See, how fucked up her life is
Wonder who’s she sleeping with now?

Baby would you rock me to sleep tonight?
Baby would you tuck me in the sheets?
Would you watch me till I fall asleep…
Coz, baby I m so high tonight…

The needle pricks my skin, as the crimson droplets fall
The picture starts to blur
The colors become bright
The blue and the red
I can feel the high baby…please hold me tight

Last time I waited and waited
For just a call.. Just a phone call
I cried a thousand tears for you
Hoping you would come and take me home
You never came baby… did u know I almost died that time?

Baby would you rock me to sleep tonight?
Baby would you tuck me in the sheets?
Would you watch me till I fall asleep…
Coz, baby I m so high tonight…

Couldn’t bear to go through the pain this time baby
Couldn’t bear to hear the shrill noise
Of my dreams and hopes shattering.. In myriad pieces
This place I have been before baby
I don’t wanna go there again

So here I m sniffing cocaine instead
  And getting high on the LSD in my veins
Trying to get rid of the motherfucking demons
So that I can concentrate
Concentrate… So I can forget

Baby would you rock me to sleep tonight?
Baby would you tuck me in the sheets?
Would you watch me till I fall asleep…
Coz, baby I m so high tonight…

Is it really the time to say goodbye?
Is it really that time to go separate ways?
I don’t blame you darling… but was I really that bad?
That you let me go?

The tears in my eyes… aren’t really for you
Its for someone inside me…who died today
Her last flailing breath… wrenched out of her
With your cruel words… she died
And I mourn her death

So please baby… just for today…

Baby would you rock me to sleep tonight?
Baby would you tuck me in the sheets?
Would you watch me till I fall asleep…
Coz, baby I m so lonely tonight…

P.S: Feeling the lonliest I have ever felt .... :(

Nov 13, 2008


Varu -- The Song.
Somethings remain in our memories even when they are over. Long gone. The song, for the moment takes away the years off your shoulders, leaving u with.. Just u. The song whispers to you.. Of times good and bad. Of times funny and sad.. There’s a song for everything that happens…It stays with you. All the way till the end. Much like this feisty grl.

Zai -- The Oracle.
She’s the knowledge. The wisdom. The practicality. All encompassing high priestess. Sees things exactly the way they are. No blindfolds can fool her. She knows exactly who u r. One of a kind. She has a softer side she rarely allows the world to see. Hides it behind the intelligent looking glasses. Outwards she’s just the Oracle. It maybe intimidating for some. And deeply venerable for some. For me its both.

Gul -- The River.
Going on.. flowing away, making her course through life… never stopping…always in a hurry. But gives u enough time.. To know her, see the depths… n fall in love with her innocence… which so perfectly conceals the deep wisdom. And the sentimentality. She pulls everything together, cuz she is the one who gives them all…life.

Pranita -- The dew drop.
Like the tiny droplets… reflecting the truth out of the world cloaked in fakeness… she’s the untouched one. Untouched by selfishness and greed. The ethereal beauty. Sometimes, it’s a wonder.. How did she remain so ignorant of all reality? N then I wonder, but isn’t that the best way to be?

Shilpa -- The Attitude.
The fact of life is that not everyone is going to like you, or have a reason for not liking you.. Sometimes life just throws people at you especially designed just to hurt you.. And no matter what u CANT let them get u down. Which means that everyone needs to be dealt with the right attitude. She is the attitude. Steadfast. Strong. Fearless. Gentle. Emotional. The laughter. The tears. The joy. The innocence. The right thing to do.

Monica -- The Moon.
Always calm. Always silent. No one knows what secrets she hides. She shows the light when the light of the whole world dies. Like the friend, who’ll be there…when everyone will leave.

Siddhesh -- The star.
The determination… stuns me sometimes. The insane, yet strangely addictive desire, to excel. The sheer grit to give the best…whatever comes. The one who WILL make it happen. In a world where there’s no place for emotional fools, he will be the practical friend who’s words don’t hurt, but lead u on. And that’s y, for me he’s the Star… in his own right…
Karan --The Vagabond.
The one who believes there’s a lot more to see than what we have already. The one who looks beyond the mundane. Sometimes I feel he’s on some sort of a relentless quest.. For what I don’t know, but it draws me in…the determination. He’s the one who teaches me take the steps. On the path less taken.
Deepak -- The Angel.
Few people in the world are lucky to find a friend who is patient, loving, kind, gentle, truthful, untainted… n impossibly cute.. so it cant just be another person u pass by in the street. It has to be an Angel. Without wings.

Binu -- The Brightest Colors
For me he represents everything bright and beautiful. Everything true and real, everything that brings a smile. Always there. Steadfast and strong for his friends. Caring and giving. In a world so politically incorrect *haha… meaning me*.. He is so correct. He combines the beauty of all the colors that exist. For without him, life would be so utterly… black n white!!
Ashwin - The Mask.
Sometimes the geek, sometimes the enigma, sometimes the flirt, sometimes the hermit, sometimes the laughter, sometimes the stern gaze, sometimes the mocking smirk, sometimes the entire shyness of the world in one.. I have never known the real him. N so for me he is the Mask…

Nik - The Crush.
The stupid jokes n then suddenly the emotional gaze when the old lost strings of a sad song find him.. The laughter for others when sad, the support system when things don’t go as they are supposed to.. Truly represents the adage “laugh like u have never cried… dance like no ones watching.. N luv lyk u have never been hurt!” Something about him draws everyone to him.. N for the majority he will always remain… The first Crush..
Rahul Patil- The Clown.
The Joker of the pack. The Laughter.. whose jokes make no sense.. or do they? Sometimes I feel like he hides a world full of thoughts, pain, melancholy.. Under that bright, funny exterior. Like the eyes that long for a love long lost…or the wise smile that knows everything that goes on in the world.. He’ll see beyond what u’ll show him.. But he’ll remain quiet. Waiting for you to come seek him…

Pratik Shah - The Thread.
The original CR. He brings everything together. Like the neutral threads that weave together the bright and the drab… the fiery and the calm.. The faces in the shadows and the ones in the limelight… not always seen, but steady, unwavering, just behind the curtains.. Weaving a rich tapestry… so aptly called the Wizards…

Mona -- Everything.
A whole lotta punch packed in the wispy little frame.. Sometimes so beautiful, like a porcelain doll.. U will almost be afraid to touch.. lest she breaks. And sometimes the energy of all the elements combined. Emotional and strong. Crazy and wise. So open and clear, allowing you to see the depths…and all at once, the recluse. She’s the breath of fresh air. She is everything.
& Finally...

Ro… The Magic Wand.
Life is a roller coaster… the highs and the lows. Ppl get thru it wid best friends, family, maybe just themselves. I have my very own magic wand. All I have to do is swish it…and suddenly everything tingles with some hidden secret magic. Situations are no longer good or bad… they are just situations… because all that matters is that as long as I’ll have my magic wand… in the end… everything will turn out magical…

P.S. if i have missed u in this post... then it doesnt mean that u dun mean as much as these ppl, above... its simply tht i havent found the right element yet for u... *smiles...*

Oct 31, 2008

Haven’t been writing here for such a long time…I know… well I have been off NOT- celebrating Diwali. My version of stayin at home n not indulging in the festive atmosphere. *for the upside… I DID make a lotta money cuz of my ‘n’ no. of brothers… hehe…*

I have been in a retrospective mood of sorts… thinking about all the ppl in my life tht are…well, no longer there…or in some ways I don’t get to talk to them as much as I would want to. I was jus wondering if I had…one single chance to talk to them wht is it that I would say… I want to make peace with everyone… for one last time… without expecting anything in return…

Mayuri “Between us there’s nothing to apologize for… nothing to be sorry for… nothing to regret. I have been friends for u for the longest amount of time.. N we have had a PERFECT friendship… never fought, never got mad at each other, never been away… literally miles away though… only thing I wish for is more chances , more occasions for me to tell u how important you are to me. N how much I love u. miss u like crazy. Mwah!”

Shrutika … “What happened? How come one fine day we stopped being best friends?? If I did anything to hurt you… m sorry. I wish I could make up to u somehow.. I m still here. Wish I could reach u somehow.”

Saloni “u rem… we were together since kindergarten… rem.. How much fun it was with KASPAR… the games, the trips, the heart-to-hearts… how come we just let all that go? Whtever came between us… was it really big enough to overshadow what we all shared? The friendship? I know me, Abha, Ketki, Padmaja and Riddhi will still be there for u… we r jus waiting for ur call.. We are sorry if we did anything to hurt u… jus a note to rem… true friends are far between n very few… ”

Malvika “heyyy… wish u wud have never shifted outta Mumbai. Miss u gal… u were the first person to teach me that its perfectly rockin to be jus ME… n I miss ur wise cracks… I know u tried to remain in touch… but somehow I couldn’t make time for u…it was never intentional.. It jus…happened tht way… I m so sorry. Next time, see u around in Mumbai… pakka…”

Adi “Wish I had realized in school wht a terrific friendship we can have. I miss u a lot. N whenever I think of u I wish for all the best things in life for u. May god bless u always.”

Pratik M “Thanks.”

Mitali , Priyanka, Jinal, Prathamesh, Pallavi, Prite, Chandan … “GUYSSS… kaha ho tum log???? Make time for ur friends… rem snowlops… n Sathaye ki canteen… n the fun we all had squeezing ourselves into the table seats… n the random jokes…i had the most amazing junior college lyfe... cuz of u all... n for tht i will always be thankful... if ur mad at anyone of the gang for whatever reasons… jus let it go… like I m realizing ryt now… it makes it a lot easier to breathe..”

Sonu “I m sorry… n my god… u r still so cute!!!” *wink wink*

Amit… “I m sorry”

Nisarg “I know I don’t talk to u as often as I should… to keep in touch with my sanity… but I miss u a lot. I know u’ll be leaving in a matter of months now… n heaven knows how I m gonna be O.K without u… thanks for being the rock that held me… n didn’t let me vanish into a dark abyss. N no matter where u r… u will always remain my soul mate… ”

Bhavik “I have NO idea wht happened to our friendship… but I will always treasure the times I had wid u… u’ll always remain the formal pants- shirts guy I have known since first day of first year…”

Sari “Even though I didn’t know u well…after the trip…for a while there… I thought u were one of the very few ppl who came close to understanding me.. I thought I saw a bit of me in u… n vice versa.. I m sorry I said things that don’t seem fair to me ryt now… but a while back sounded so right. I will be there if u evr decide to give me a buzz. ”
The list here is definitely not complete. There maybe a lot of people I have hurt or upset in someway… n deserve my apologizes. There maybe few others who jus.. went out of contact… it happens n its all right! I just realized today that u cant wait for their phone call forever. My list here is a lot shorter cuz I kept getting up to make calls. *moms real pissed abt it actually… but chalega…* the point is that for the most part I made up wid people… I can still count them as my friends… n I tell u…it’s a rockin feeling!!!… as for the ones, I cant make up to… I dedicate this post… mwah! Love u all guys…

Oct 16, 2008


hey ther folks!!!!....*to zai n the others who were waiting for the wumpus post* sorry for the delay. the project is currenly on hold... because of submissions and the other stuff... as also the VJTI post that i have been promissing for quite some time now....

neway, as i wud like to see it, we are done with 40% of the submission work. DSP was a cake. No Viva. The virar-bound crazy female didnt know nethng anyway. she keeps chatting wid me whnever i am in the LR, drinking my water n eating my dabba even whn i have asked her not to....

neway, as for the other submission AMP, she was one angry female today. she kept muttering to herself and asking weird questions *out of syllabus tht is* like wht is core2duo, whch cache do we use *i mean dudette....whcher cache we want....they were MADE for the purpose innit?*... n the other female kept smiling.... but wht the hell.... bothe the teachers recognized me from our brain stroming sessions abt AMP in the i think i hav managed to gtet a 4 on 5... *wooohooo!!!!*
i was quite mad in the afternoon. next post abt the fight soon...

for now,,.... bbye...

Sep 29, 2008

NeWs uPdaTE...

hello there guys... yeah i know i have been off blogging for a looonnnggg time.... simply cuz i didnt have nething to write. ofc the news channels have been overflowing with all kinds of news.... ranging from the terrorists bomb attacks to why-isnt-aishwarya-rai-having-a-baby.... geez! gimme a break there u crazy news ppl...

On the college front... VJ seems to have taken the turn for the worst... as it implemented new rules abt practicals, lects, and assignments.... bang in the last few remaining *to be precise the last 2sems* of our engineering life. for once we have teachers...who dont fool around, can speak english, give notes... and actually bother to take lectures. the only question i have for the diro, and these teachers are... where the heck where u when we were taking out morchas for the lack of faculty? nd now when the entire 4th year B Tech seems to have dissappeared into the shady abyss of CAT preps... u decide to impose compulsory lectures???? $!#$ #$@^!!!!!

so now along with my GRE n CAT preps, i have to -->
write a whole textbooks worth of assignment *weightage : 1 mark*
complete assignments *weightage : 3marks*
attend lectures *weightage : 3marks*
bother with class tests *weightage : 2.5 marks*

*all weightages out of final 100 marks....sheesh!!!*

ok bbye for now... ciao...

P.S : while on the train back home from college today... i was suddenly quite nostalgic abt VJTI years... so next post coming up soon....dedicated entirely t VJTI years....

Aug 31, 2008


Hey there guys… have been cut away from the virtual world for quite some time now…have been quite busy, running around for classes that were hitherto non existant…and have now started in full swing…. N then the stupid class tests which account for 2.5 marks outta 100.… *yeah …how does ANYONE beat that???* occasional orkutting from the college lab helped a bit…but anyway… here is the post I have been promising my friends for a long time.
Some time back, I was goin through my song list and realized what some of the bands out there have some really great *and some really weird* names. I decided to do a lil bit of research to find out what their names mean and here is all the trivia I could find… in alphabetical order…
Its quite long…so skip everyone else n go to ur fav bands,… and if u happen to have any trivia …. Do write in…. enjoi….

ABBA - *”Dancing Queen” is one of my all time fav…*Abba is "father" in Hebrew but the band claims that to be unintentional - rather it is an acronym for the first names of the band members: Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid (Frida).

AC/DC - It is said that one of the band member saw the words written on a sewing machine and thought it had something to do with power. (It does mean "alternating current / direct current".) The band used it not realizing it was also slang for a bisexual- the band claims NOT to be bisexual.

AEROSMITH : Drummer, Joey Kramer used to write "aerosmith" on his high school notebooks because he thought it sounded cool. When he proposed the name to the group, the rest of them said "What? Like that book they make you read in high school?" (the 1925 book, 'Arrowsmith' by Sinclair Lewis) Kramer responded "No. A-e-r-o smith..."
Now since I listen to a lot of their songs… here’s more trivia….
* It took the entire band 17 years to get clean and sober of drugs and alcohol. They accomplished this feat during the recording of 1987's Permanent Vacation album. The band gathered in 1970. Tom Hamilton was officially the last member to get sober.

*What Steven wants on his tombstone… Here Lies Tyler, The demon of screaming, who never woke up from the dream he was dreaming, untill one day he drank some magic potion, now all that's left is some sweet emotion
*The most unusual place Steven has had sex is in a confessional booth *wtf?*
*The first song Aerosmith wrote was Movin' Out
*Steven's real last name is Tallarico
*If Steven could no longer be a musician, he would want to be either a gigolo, a gourmet chef or a park ranger.
*Steven was 15 when he lost his virginity... to a hooker, none the less.
*Evidentially, Steven always insists his hotel room has nine pillows.

BACKSTREET BOYS - The Backstreet Market was a store in Florida where the guys used to hang out. *don’t scoff…even you listened to them in school…*

THE BEATLES - original member Stuart Sutcliffe came up with THE BEETLES , as a play on Buddy Holly's group THE CRICKETS who they loved. They were using the name THE QUARRYMEN and sometimes THE SILVER BEETLES - later it became THE BEATLES emphasizing the BEAT aspect of music (and poetry?). John Lennon is generally credited with combining Beetles and Beat to come up with THE BEATLES spelling.

BEE GEES - the 60's soft-rockers now best known for disco. Some say the BG comes from "Brothers Gibb" since they were brothers named Gibb... however an article on the group suggests that they used the names of 2 friends that helped them get started: Bill Goode and a DJ named Bill Gates...

BLINK 182 - Blink 182 supposedly has NO meaning at all but the band fosters stories on origins. They used to be just "Blink" but was threatened by a lawsuit from a little known Irish band with the same name, so they added the 182 which is the number of times the f-word was said in one of the members favorite movies. *hahaha….*

U2 - Three possibilities: 1) A type of spy plane used by the United States in the 1960's -
made famous when Gary Powers' U2 plane was shot down over Russia and he was taken as a prisoner during the Cold War. 2) U2 as in "you too" referring to the audience and its role in the musical experience 3) a U2 is an unemployment form in Ireland (see UB40)
BONO - U2's lead singer, Paul Hewson was inspired by a hearing aid store in Dublin, Ireland called 'Bono Vox'.

UB40 - Code number of a form people in Britain have to fill out to receive public assistance or welfare. Known in the UK as a signing-off form when you get a job. Hence the title of their first album Signing Off

BOB DYLAN - His real name is Robert Zimmerman - he liked the poet Dylan Thomas.

BON JOVI - from the New Jersey bandleader Jon Bon Jovi, whose real name is John Bongiovi, Jr. *I thought bon jovi was jus one guy. didn’t know it classified as a band*

CHUMBAWAMBA - In a band member's dream, he didn't know which door to use in a public toilet because the signs said "Chumba" and "Wamba" instead of "Men" and "Women" *I definitely DO NOT believe this ridiculous story…*

COLDPLAY : Chris Martin and his mates, originally called Starfish, were friends with a band called Coldplay. When that band gave up the name, Starfish asked if they could use it. The original Coldplay took the name from a book of poetry. *imagine the divine hits being from a band called STARFISH…Ewwwww*
Trivia :
The song "Clocks", which is from the album "A Rush of Blood to the Head". Despite the title, this song only contains the word "Clocks" once!
'Speed of Sound' was actually Coldplay's highest charting single ever on the US charts.

COUNTING CROWS - Comes from old English nursery rhyme which had to do with predicting the future from the numbers of birds seen. Originally the rhyme was about magpies, but as people came over to America, crows were used instead. one of the versions of the rhyme goes "one for sorrow, two for joy, three for girls, four for boys, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told..." Adam Duritz liked the rhyme...

THE CRANBERRIES -With original lead singer Niol Quinn the band was called “ The Cranberry Saw Us” ( a joke on Cranberries SAUCE) they changed it to the shorter form later. When Dolores O'Riordan replaced him, she had the name shortened to "The Cranberry" and the band's demo tapes were labeled "The Cranberry's". The first one was returned addressed to "The Cranberries" and they decided to keep the name

CREED - This popular Florida band was named after former bassist Brian Marshall's earlier band Mattox Creed.

DEF LEPPARD - Joe Elliot, lead singer, wanted to use the idea provided by the band Led Zeppelin's logo and made a drawing of something that looked like a deaf leopard…. So there it was … a brand new band name…def leppard. *thank god they dropped the “e”*

DEEP PURPLE - Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore's grandmother liked the Bing Crosby song "Deep Purple".

DIRE STRAITS -Their name describes the financial situation they were in when forming the band. *unbelievable …. But true… haha*

THE DOORS - Jim Morrison read poet William Blake who said "if the doors of perception are cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite. "He was also influenced by author Aldous Huxley who referred to the same line when he titled his book on drug experimentation The Doors of Perception. "There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors"

DURAN DURAN - named after a character in the Jane Fonda movie Barbarella.

THE EAGLES - originally called TEEN KING AND THE EMERGENCIES , they liked the American sound of Eagles and the way it was aligned with THE BYRDS who had a great influence on them. *omg… imagine “Hotel California being sung by TEEN KING AND THE EMERGENCIES… omg”* and while we are on the subject of Hotel California…. Heres what I came up with :
On November 25, 2007 Henley appeared on the TV news show 60 Minutes, where he was told, "everyone wants to know what this song means." Henley replied: "I know, it's so boring. It's a song about the dark underbelly of the American Dream, and about excess in America which was something we knew about." Don Henley: "We were all middle-class kids from the Midwest. Hotel California was our interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles.
à "Colitas," in the line "Warm smell of colitas," is often interpreted as a flower or a sexual reference. It is a Spanish word translated to Henley by the Eagles Mexican-American road manager meaning "Little Buds," and is a reference to marijuana.
à The line "They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast" is a reference to Steely Dan. The bands shared the same manager and had a friendly rivalry. The year before, Steely Dan included the line "Turn up the Eagles, the neighbors are listening" on their song "Everything You Did."
à An alternative interpretation of the meaning of the lyrics is that the song is a description of the journey from Need to Love and Marriage to Divorce and ultimately to the impossibility of regaining the life and happiness of the pre-divorce state.Initially the traveler is feeling the need of a relationship ("My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim, I had to stop for the night"). The traveler meets his love and gets married ("There she stood in the doorway. I heard the mission bell"). A marriage commitment opens up the possibility of happiness but also the traveler is aware and vulnerable to the possibility of intense unhappiness ("And I was thinking to myself, this could be heaven or this could be hell") Unfortunately the marriage dissolves and his love becomes obsessed with money ("Her mind is Tiffany-twisted") where Tiffany" refers to the very expensive jewelry store, Tiffany & Co. With the divorce there is the division of property - she got the Mercedes Benz. After the breakup when he sees her with any guys she reassures him that the pretty, pretty boys" are just friends." In this new world of being single the other singles he meets do their dance in the courtyard" of life. They generally fall into two groups: There are those who can't stop talking about their Ex ("Some dance to remember") and there are those who don't what to say anything at all about their past marriage ("some dance to forget").Now in this world of being divorced he longs to return the pre-divorced state of happiness ("So I called up the captain, please bring me my wine"), but he finds that his happiness is now irrevocably in the past ("We haven't had that spirit here since 1969"). Deep into the post-divorce single's scene with "mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice" he is reminded that "we are all just prisoners here, of our own device." He and others want this divorce nightmare to be over, yet - "they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast." Now frustrated, he panics and is "running for the door. I had to find the passage back to the place I was before" But he is brought up short when the night man informs him that "You can checkout any time you like (commit suicide), but you can never leave" (become pre-divorced).There are two choruses in the song and each mention the "Hotel California." Around the time the song was written, California was experiencing the highest divorce rate in the nation. Each chorus has lines that remember his past marriage ("Such a lovely place") and his past lover ("Such a lovely face"). The first chorus indicates that there can always be more divorces ("Plenty of room at the Hotel California, any time of year, you can find it here"). The second chorus points out that as a part of divorce you will always "bring your alibis."
*good interpretation (or misinterpretation)*

ELTON JOHN - Real name: Reginald Dwight. Created from two other British musicians: Elton Dean and Long John Baldry.

EMINEM - from his real name Marshall Mathers he took M&M and rewrote it phonetically as Eminem. *no matter wht they say… I love the guy…*

FOO FIGHTERS - a term used by World War II pilots to describe strange flying fireballs they sometimes saw.

GOO GOO DOLLS - Originally, the band was called "The Sex Maggots". *try to imagine…* When a club owner in the band's hometown of Buffalo, New York balked at putting the band on stage with that name, and the local newspapers wouldn’t print their name, they were pressed to find a new one just minutes before they were set to perform. Flipping through a True Detective magazine, the band members spotted an ad for a goo goo doll, and they thought it would be funny and ironic for a trash-punk-rock band to have that name. And so it stuck.
*this ones my fav story… I mean imagine the writers of my fav song Iris being called sex maggots…ewwww*

GREEN DAY - A story is that when they dropped out of school to be musicians, their principal said "It'll be a green day in hell before you make anything of yourselves". Some say that in drug slang - if you smoked pot and goofed off all day, it was a "Green Day."
Green day was earlier called Sweet Children.
Billie Joe wrote his first song when he was five called Looking for Love. The first song he wrote that was recorded was Why Do You Want Him at age twelve.
Billie Joe and Mike formed their band Sweet Children when they were in fifth grade
In the second grade two girls beat up Billie Joe so that he would date them. This might have led to the song, Pulling Teeth.
Mike once kicked his teacher when he was in kindergarten because she told him to do something he didn't want to do.
Mike, Tre, and Billie have an 'EBPM' tattoo which stands for East Bay Punk Mafia.

GUNS 'N' ROSES - originally two bands L.A. GUNNS and HOLLYWOOD ROSES. Hollywood Roses was headed by Axl Rose, Tracii Guns headed the other band which also featured Slash. The two frequented clubs and played there and were friends.
About “November Rain” :
November Rain" has been called an epic rock ballad, in the tradition of "Stairway to Heaven" or "Hotel California". Officially, it is eight minutes and 57 seconds long. Many radio stations shorten it down to about six minutes.
"November Rain" also holds the record for the longest guitar solo in a Top 10 hit. Slash's axe work on this song was ranked number 6 in "Guitar World"'s "100 Greatest Guitar Solos
The platinum hit “November rain” was written by front man Axl Rose and the video features his wedding. Which was annulled a year later.
There's a neat bit of irony in the music video: there is a gun store (called Guns) next to a florist's shop (called Roses).
“Sweet Child of Mine”
The music video for "Sweet Child O' Mine" is set in an abandoned theatre and shows the band rehearsing for a show. A few of the band members' girlfriends were featured in the video as well as stage crew members. The video was pretty successful on MTV and greatly contributed to the mainstream success of not only the band, but the song as well.

KISS - According to Paul Stanley, Kiss just sounded dangerous (kiss of death) and sexy at the same time. Kiss denies the rumors that the name stands for "Kids In Service of Satan" or the saying "Keep It Simple Stupid."

LED ZEPPELIN - Jimmy Page was drinking with Moon and Entwhistle, who were bitching about their band mates Daltrey and Townshend. They joked about the two of them starting a band with Jimmy, and one of them said "Yeah, that will go over like a lead balloon". When Jimmy formed his own band, he remembered this and thought "Lead Zeppelin" would be good, both from that conversation and the heavy/light contradiction similar to the band named IRON BUTTERFLY. They decided to drop the "a" so Americans wouldn't mispronounce it.

LINKIN PARK : Earlier known as Xero, then changed it to Hybrid Theory, and then finally Linkin Park, to pay homage to Lincoln park , SF.

LIMP BIZKIT - Got the idea from Fred Durst's dog Biscuit who has a limp.

LL COOL J - for "Ladies Love Cool James".

LOS LOBOS - Spanish for "The Wolves"

LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Named after Leonard Skinner, an annoying gym teacher/coach some of the members had in high school. Leonard is said to have moved on to sell real estate in Jacksonville, Florida. *don’t know thm much…. Just the song “sweet home alabama”…*

MAROON 5 : Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick were friends since Junior High School and decided to form a band. known as Kara’s Flowers. but with a new drummer and a new sound, they changed their name to Maroon 5. They refuse to say what it means though…

MATCHBOX TWENTY :Paul Doucette came up with the name. The band came up with the name Matchbox Twenty when Paul was a waiter in a diner and saw a guy with a number 20 softball shirt. It was covered with patches and the only word they could read was matchbox. Paul thought it would be a good name for a clothes line - Rob hated it! Rob wanted to name the band “Larry” cuz he thought ppl saying “Hey Larry‘s playing” sounded cool. *they sure don’t have brains… but wtf…they make cool music…*

MEGADETH - Dave Mustane was inspired by a government pamphlet he saw after leaving METALLICA. A Megadeath is a military term for one million dead (making World War II an 80 Megadeath)

METALLICA - Lars Ulrich was helping a friend think of a name for a metal fanzine. The choices were Metal Mania and Metallica. Metal Mania was chosen for the magazine & he used Metallica for his band.

NIRVANA - As Kurt Cobain said (yes, this is a quote): "Nirvana means complete and total bliss. That is what punk rock means to me." Nirvana had many punk influences that were very evident in their music. Nirvana is a state of nothingness, complete contentment, not needing or wanting anything, no emotions.

'NSYNC- Justin's mother came up with the name. N is the last letter in Justin, S is the last letter in Chris, Y is the last letter in Joey. N is actually from James Lance Bass because Chris gave him the nickname 'Lansten'. Since Lance doesn't end with a N, they used his nick name, Lansten. C is from J.C. That's how they came up with 'NSYNC. The whole thing is, of course, a play on In Sync - a term which comes from the movie industry - meaning when the picture & soundtrack are properly aligned or synchronized.

NO DOUBT - a favorite phrase of John Spence, it became the name of the band prior to his suicide.

OASIS - local British origins: a Manchester cab company, a chain of women's clothing stores,
a local Indian restaurant and more likely a local club that The Beatles played in during their early years (the band are avowed Beatles fans)

PEARL JAM - Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament were members of pioneering grunge band
Green River during the mid-1980s. Green River toured and recorded to moderate success but disbanded in 1987. In late 1987, Gossard and Ament began playing with Malfunkshun (another band) vocalist Andrew Wood, eventually organizing the band Mother Love Bone. In 1988 and 1989, the band recorded and toured to increasing interest and their debut album, Apple, was released in July 1990, four months after Wood died of a heroin overdose.
Ament and Gossard were devastated by the death of Wood and the resulting demise of Mother Love Bone. Gossard spent his time afterwards writing material that was harder-edged than what he had been doing previously. After a few months, Gossard started practicing with fellow Seattle guitarist Mike McCready, whose band Shadow had broken up; McCready in turn encouraged Gossard to reconnect with Ament. After practicing for a while, the trio sent out a five-song demo tape in order to find a singer and a drummer. They gave former
Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons the demo to see if he would be interested in joining the band and to distribute the demo to anyone he felt might fit the lead vocal position. Irons passed on the invitation but gave the demo to his basketball buddy, San Diego singer Eddie Vedder. Vedder was the lead vocalist for a San Diego band, Bad Radio, and worked part time at a gas station. He listened to the tape shortly before going surfing, where lyrics came to him. There he recorded the vocals to three of the songs ("Alive", "Once", and "Footsteps") in what Vedder would later describe as a "mini-opera" he entitled "Mamasan". He sent the tape with his vocals back to the three Seattle musicians, who were so impressed that they had Vedder fly to Seattle. Within a week, Vedder had joined the band. With the addition of Dave Krusen on drums, the band took the name Mookie Blaylock, in reference to the then-active All-Star basketball player. However, concerns about trademark issues necessitated a name change; the band's name became "Pearl Jam". In an early promotional interview, Vedder said that the name "Pearl Jam" was a reference to his great-grandmother Pearl, who was married to a Native American and had a special recipe for peyote-laced (hallucinogenic… like LSD, Cocaine etc..) jam. In a 2006 Rolling Stone cover story however, Vedder admitted that this story was "total bullshit" (even though he indeed had a great-grandma named Pearl). Ament came up with "pearl", and that the band later settled on "Pearl Jam" after “Jamming” which meant stretching up songs as improvisations of 15-20 minutes in length.

PINK FLOYD - taken from the names of two Georgia bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd
Council - from the early days when the band saw itself as a blues band.

THE REPLACEMENTS - Legend has it that they were given a gig after another band failed to show - when asked who they were they replied "We're the Replacements".

THE ROLLING STONES - from the Howlin' Wolf blues song "Rolling Stone" - Keith Richards was a fan of the version recorded by Muddy Waters.

SAVAGE GARDEN - Darren is a huge fan of Anne Rice's vampire novels and that is where the name of the band came . Anne Rice is known mostly for the Vampire Chronicles but writes other things that have to do with ancient history, folk-lore, mythology and dark, DARK mysteries. "Savage Garden" shows up in the second book called "The Vampire Lestat", where the vampire Lestat and others of his kind describe the world as a savage garden. Darren and Daniel both agreed to this name because it has a deeper meaning behind it

STEELY DAN - taken from William Burrough's book Naked Lunch. In it Steely Dan is the nickname given to a giant steam-powered dildo (see cover photo on their first album) *can anything get weirder than this???*

SWITCHFOOT : An American alternative rock band from
San Diego, California. The band's members are Jon Foreman (vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums, percussion), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar).
Switchfoot first gained mainstream recognition after the inclusion of four of their songs in the 2002 movie
A Walk to Remember. This recognition led to their major label debut, The Beautiful Letdown, which was released in 2003. It went on to sell over 2.6 million copies and produced the band's best-known singles, "Meant to Live" and "Dare You to Move".
According to Jon Foreman, the name "Switchfoot" is a surfing term. "We all love to
surf and have been surfing all our lives so to us, the name made sense. To switch your feet means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. It's about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music".

TRAIN : Rob thought of it: In an interview with Echo & the Bunnymen, they said there was nothing left in the US that was romantic. Rob disagreed and thought that the most romantic thing about the US was the train.

VAN HALEN - after Alex and Eddie Van Halen - suggested by David Lee Roth as being better than their original name "Mammoth." They might have been called 'Daddy Longlegs' if Gene Simmons of KISS had gotten his way - he partially financed and produced one of their original demo records and suggested names and artwork.

VELVET UNDERGROUND - 60's experimental band associated with pop artist Andy Warhol, they took their name from a paperback book they found on the street - the book was about sex in America.

Aug 18, 2008

GonNa Get a TaTToO...

hey there... have been thinking abt this for a long time... i have always loved the idea of doing something crazy and wild *all my friends are testimony to that...*. once i was out shopping wid frnds and saw this plain looking grl comin outta a shop wearing high heels... and she had some sorta charm bracelet on her ankle... it was a tattoo. ever since then, i have completely fallen in love with the idea of gettin one myself..

i have delibrated with quite a few options. i started out thinking i dont want a butterfly or roses or any of those things that grls normally get. i wanted something in writing. some profound words... *hehe* i wanted a phrase or something, and NOT in plain english. some other language. at first i toyed with the idea of spanish or latin... n then i saw all these japanese symbols. I knew i wanted them. i want 5 of them on my ankle maybe. Charm, Goodluck, Mystery, Peace and Eternity are on my list...
and then some days ago, i chanced upon a DIVINE tattoo... its an ambigram... Life and Death... shows itself depending on whch way u see it. so i m sure im gonna get this one on my arm.. the moment i saw it i knew it represents ME...
bbye. tc.

Aug 12, 2008

It Doesnt Take a loT to Make heR haPpY...

Smell her hair…
Kiss her in the rain…
Hold her hand when she walk beside you…
Tell her u love her when she’s least expecting it…
Look at her during a movie…
When she’s sad, hold her tight…
Send her flowers in the middle of the day…
Call her first thing in the morning…
Once in a while, ask her out like it’s the 1st time…
Look at her like she’s the only girl you see…
Play with her hair…
Let her play with your hair…
Kiss her nose…
Make her real mad at you…
And then make funny faces to make her forget her anger…
Kiss her forehead often…
Tell her stupid jokes…
You might hurt her sometimes…
But don’t ever leave it that way…
Make up to her…
Cuz she’s the best thing that ever happened to you…
Smile a lot when you talk to her…
When she’s upset with you…take her hand and kiss her fingertips
And say real slow to her “baby, I love you”…
Dance with her on her favorite romantic number…
She may freak out over the teeniest things…
And go AWWWW over a million things…
At the end of the day, she’s just a girl…
Who has given you her heart… and expects you to take care of it
Always be the same person she fell in love with…
At the end when she is all tired and weary…
Listen to her…
And give her a massage when she’s all sore..
And then tuck her to bed like a baby…
Be gentle with her…
Be loving and caring…
Go shopping with her and carry all the bags…
Buy the things she chooses for you, even if you hate them…
When she falls ill, fuss over her…
Tap her to sleep in your arms… cuz that’s where she belongs…
Tell her she looks beautiful…
Write her a love letter and post it to her…
Leave little notes in her back pack, her books, her pencil case…
Which say that you love her…
Always keep reminding her why she fell in love with you…
without even saying a word…
&… By never letting her go…
P.S :
(¨`·.·´¨)* A gurl is much more
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)*Than she seems
`·.¸.·´*Not a toy by any means
(¨`·.·´¨) *Underneath the make-up and hair
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)* There Is a sign saying


Well, I'm listening to the pitter-patter of the rain..
Alone in the middle of my way..
My ol' heart begins to feel the pain..
Of missing you with all my might..
But your not here to share my love..
So I'll just face this pain alone...
And listen to the rain falling from above
And face the fact that you are gone,
Rain falling from above...
Rain falling for my love...


P.S : A little low .... n I guess the rain just makes me melancholy...

Jul 23, 2008

...The Long Drive List....

Behind those eyes - 3 DOORS DOWN *nothing beats this song*
Fearless - BRYAN ADAMS
Your body is a wonderland - JOHN MAYER *makeout song actually*
Californication - RHCP
Call me when your sober - EVANESCENCE
When your gone- AVRIL LAVINGE
All that I want - BRYAN ADAMS
You have lost that loving feeling - OLDIES
Sweet home Alabama - LYNYRD SKYNYRD
Black Pearl - BRYAN ADAMS
Cuts like a knife - BRYAN ADAMS
On top of you - ENRIQUE *also a makeout song…but nice for a drive…*
On a day like today - BRYAN ADAMS
So far away - STAINED
A bad dream - KEANE
When your gone - BRYAN ADAMS
Someday we’ll know - MANDY MOORE
Learning to breathe - SWITCHFOOT *fav*
I dare you to move - SWITCHFOOT
Sing for the moment - EMINEM
November Rain - GNR
Sweet child of mine - GNR
Harder to breathe - MAROON FIVE *less known… but one of my fav*
Best of me - BRYAN ADAMS
Boulevard of broken dreams - GREENDAY
Are we the waiting - GREENDAY
Wake me up when September ends - GREENDAY
Clarity - JOHN MAYER
To the moon and back - SAVAGE GARDEN
City of blinding lights - U2
The scientist - COLDPLAY
A thousand miles - VANEESA CARLTON
Here is gone - GOO GOO DOLLS
Leaving on a jet plane - AEROSMITH
Pink - AEROSMITH * the song makes no sense but still… *
California - PHANTOM PLANET *OC soundtrack*