Feb 23, 2015

Stars on TV*

*this post objectifies the gorgeous men on TV currently... because clearly I have run out of things to talk about on this blog. Enjoy / skip over as per your tastes.

Brad Pitt may be the original Hollywood golden boy, and the quintessential 'hottie', but there is no denying the fact that TV land is the candy store thats scattered with all kinds of mouth watering candy. Case in point, these fine, fine men.

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Suits 

I have never been a fan of courtroom dramas (not even books featuring them) but Suits changed all that. Dressed that sharp in those superbly expensive Tom Ford suits & shooting off wisecracks like a boss? Sigh. 


Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, Arrow

People with doubts, must check out this post which pretty much summarizes it all.
Those upside down pushups(?) who even does those IRL?!

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffery, White Collar 

Such a loss for the straight / bisexual womenkind.. Look at that smile. :)
On the other hand, rejoice all gay men, you bagged one good lookin' winner. 


Joseph Morgan  as Klaus, TVD / The Originals 

Two words. British accent. 
People who refer to women as "love" usually sound weirdly creepy... but this guy? Mm.


Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore, TVD 

Damon's first look in the series... and damn. Hook line and sinker. 
Truth be told, I've been a fan since he was Boone Carlyle on LOST (remember that series that started so good and ended so bad?). Never quite figured out why his character was written off. His current whereabouts are as bad boy, Damon Salvatore on TVD. It is no secret that the passionate animal welfare / environmental activist that this guy is, is a MAJOR attractiveness factor for me. A cutie with a golden heart? YES.

So am I Damon, so am I. :P


Matthew Gray Gubler as FBI Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds

Hottest nerd on TV. He is not the stereotypical ripped hottie (then again he used to be a model, so he is understandably lean)... but damn! He is a talented artist, he is crazy funny IRL, and his acting skills make SSA Spencer Reid so ridiculously endearing

Move over Sheldon Cooper, someone has more Ph.D's than you. :P
(He sports longish hair and an almost anorexic body for the first few seasons, 
which is not at all flattering!)


Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Supernatural 

Many have argued that he is probably not the best looking guy on this list, but then again, you know what they say about love at first sight i.e. at Season 1, Episode 1? :D Slammmm dunk.
Practically everyone knows I am a *HUGE* Dean Winchester fan. His character has all these goofy, funny and sometimes heartbreakingly poignant moments, its hard to NOT be in love with this guy. 


Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Supernatural

He is a GIANT of a gorgeous man. He is the lesser favorite of the Winchester brothers, but a dear one nevertheless. But hands down, he is the better entertainer at a comic-con. I have spent HOURS of my life just watching the comic-con videos where my favorite three people from Supernatural have acted like totally adorable doofuses :P


Misha Collins as Castiel, Supernatural

Castiel is the clueless angel thats just... appeared into the series and has remained a regular since. He is adorable, wears the same clothes, but has the sweetest puppy look on his face that can melt anyone. In real life, he is the prankster president of all things INSANE (with a pretty insane resume).  :P

Honorable Mentions

Niel Patrick Harris. Barney Stinson, HIMYM. Ofcourse, who doesn't love Barney Stinson. I always thought he was hot!! And to much dissent, I shipped Robin & Barney from the moment they liked each other for the very first time, till the end. Someday I will write a post about this ugh. :/

Patrick Dempsey. Derek Shepard, Grey's Anatomy. The hair. The way he says 'Mmm' while smiling adoringly at Grey. Whenever he said "It's a beautiful day to save lives!" in the earlier seasons, brings an instant smile to my face. :)

Eric Dane. Dr. Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy. Who has forgotten the McSteamy post-shower scene yet? NOT ME. And it happened ages ago! At one point, he sutures his own face. How badass is that. (I realize that is totally made up - I am guessing people cannot actually do that to their own faces.. but still.) 

Josh Holloway. Sawyer, LOST. Since he is not on TV anymore, he isn't on the list, but dayum that Texan accent and the dimpled smile! Also, I am such a sucker for bad boys. :/ How can anyone resist a hot conman?  

Chad Michael Murray, One Tree Hill. Again not on TV anymore, but the 17 year old me was so in love with this guy... I had his desktop wallpapers (& I must mention, I was not allowed to fangirl, because it was not "age appropriate" back then! :P ) 

~ Annie.

P.S.: I realize its unfair of me to write a hotties list that doesn't have any women on it, maybe I will do a take two sometime in the future?
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