Feb 24, 2010


They had appeared out of nowhere. She was walking home after a long day at work, earphones plugged into her ears. She reached for her cell to change the song and with that beat of silence in her ears, she heard that low guttural laugh behind her. She didnt need to look behind to know who they were. They were them, the lurkers.

She quickened her pace a bit, as much as those stilettos would allow her to. She snuck a glance over her shoulder and felt her heart start to hammer in her chest. She saw them, all of them, trying to be discreet and start to follow her. But the way they fixed their beady eyes on her, gave them away. She looked ahead, almost stumbling over a crack in the concrete as she tried to consider her options. Dont panic, they will know you know. Just a few minutes, and you will be home.

A part of her screamed for her to run like the devil was on her heels. She dared one more glance over her shoulder and this time she saw their hungry, insane grins. No time like now to run she decided. But little did she know that she was too late. One of them was already heading for her, clutching his weapon in hands by his side. She was just too late..


She stood soaked head to toe. Thanks to the waterballon the 12year old threw.

~ Annie.
P.S: I've got Satans kids living in my building, I swear :|

Feb 21, 2010


I am so busy these days I think one of these days I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. *sad face* I have been running around ALL week at office, then at home with mom not well, and then these CAT classes.... my god! They have taken over my entire weekend..!!! Can anyone who even remotely knows me believe me if I told them there is a SALE ten blocks away from my home and IM NOT IN IT!!!!!!! *wails loudly* Someone please please give me an extra hour in my day everyday please please! :( :(

So here are the geeky updates: (Im geeky. Deal. With. It.)
1. Visual Studio 2010 is the best thing that ever happened to me. No wait, its the best thing that ever happened to the entire developing world.
2. Microsoft has nullfied ALL of its sins (ex: pathetic stuff like Vista) by introducing the sheer GENIUS called Microsoft Silverlight. I mean all I can say is W-O-W! :O And this is the reason why I dont mind staying back late in office and playing around with buttons and grids :P :D
3. IE Developer Toolbar is cool. Must check out for all those who develop on IE (if at all :P)
4. Whoever has my SQL Server 2005 CD -- GIVE IT BACK NOW! else I will kill you. Yes Im a mad crazy woman who kills people when they dont return back CD's :P (Ok that smiley totally spoiled it I know )
5. I still find 3GB RAM insufficient. Sheesh. *rolls eyes*

Ya, so back to non-geeky stuff.. The weeks been crazy hectic as we already know...

And I have a lot of stuff lined up for tomorrow. *SIGH*
And I started to write 3 different stories (mush, non mush and scary :P -- A wants a romance, AM wants a thriller and Me wants SOMETHING. ANYTHING! :P) at 3 different times of the weekend and never got around even a para past any of them, making me feel like a totally useless idiot.
And I got into a rather interesting argument with a stupid Brit female over whether or not Jack and Rose (of the Titanic fame) were real or not. Seriously?! Are ALL firangs stupid and have pea sized brains?! :P
And Im in the process of reading 3 different books (none of which Im supposed to be reading for that CAT class :P) and enjoying them all -- The Hobbit (For all LOTR/ Fantasy/Magic fiction fans. Its awesome so far!) , The greatest works of Kahlil Gibran (Gifted this to myself on Vday :P How romantic am I?! :P), Stealing the Network - How to own a box (GEEKY. Computers. Hacking. SUPERRR COOOL!!! :P)

And that leaves my last but not the least, my super update of the week :) *drumroll*

So, my books finally arrived in the mail :) No baba, not yet another book Im reading. :P Let me tell you from the start :P

So remember that post where I ended with "You have got mail" That mail was something like "Dear Icemaiden, *some tareef* blah blah... *some more tareef* ... Would you be interested in writing for a book? -" (I stopped reading after that :P) And I went like WHAT?! :O :O OMG! This is like my dream come true!!!! OMG OMG OMG! So after a lot of those OMG's and around 5 months later I finally have the brand new "Chicken Soup for the Indian Romantic Soul" in my hand with one of MY stories IN IT! OMG OMG! *ok I have GOT to stop doing that! :P*

I feel incredible enough to give one of those Thank You for the Oscar speeches so here goes -- All my wonderful friends who have stayed with me since the beginning of my blog, this wouldnt have been possible without you guys. Love you all a LOT and I cant express how thankful Im that I have WhiteLilyz. If I wouldnt have been for this space, and you guys who make me want to write every weekend, I would have gone ...er.. nuttier than I already am now :P :) Thanks for listening to all those rants (much like this one) and all those random posts and all those mushy silly lovey dovey posts and all those heartbreaking ones too! :) You guys rock! :) .... Yes and I want world peace too *collapses into silly giggles* :P

See you guys next weekend. Nitey Nite. Have a nice weekend! :)

P.S: It feels INCREDIBLE to see your name in print :) Check out for 'Making Space -- Annie' in the 'Lessons in Love' section :)

Feb 18, 2010

Let me...

Let me be the last gold of skylight before it disappears over the horizon...
Let me be the feeling of the the first drops of rain on your fingertips...
Let me be the hidden treasures of love in the sepia-toned photographs...
Let me be the shared chocolate chip icecream on the slow walk back home...
Let me be the glistening tear that rolls down your cheek, all alone...
Let me be the brightest star that pins up the twilight cloak of your evenings...
Let me be the first cold wave that wets your eager toes...
Let me be the grass soaked in the morning dew that tickles your feet...
Let me be the bright blue behind that sea of white in your cloudy day...
Let me be the warmth of a crackling fire that heats up your face on a winter day...
Let me be the gentleness of a lovers first kiss... to be remembered for eternity...
Let me be the everything that gives meaning to your nothing...


P.S: Random :)

Feb 14, 2010


There are days when suddenly, out of the blue, I think of you. Your face seems so clear, every expression.. every line on your face, like I saw you just yesterday... It haunts me, hurts me... And suddenly like a person drowning, I want to get away.... Involving myself in something...anything.. so that I wont have to think of you anymore... And it works.. Most days...

Somedays its different.. Sometimes I want to lose myself.. In the past.. In your memories.. because that's the only place I see you that clear... I remember small things, I thought I had lost them all.. Those memories, somewhere beneath all that fighting and crying... But no.. They are still there.. I see them so clear... I see you as clear as yesterday sometimes...

Somedays that ache gets so painful... and yet so sweet... It hurts me, and I make no moves to get busy, to get away... I don't know why I don't do it, when it can take something as simple as a walk outside to get away.. Somedays I just.. linger..

Somedays, my player starts playing those songs, that will always always remind me of you... and I hurriedly change them away, not wanting to meet you in those words and that music... and the memories we made with those songs... And then I forget all about it, with a new song, a new beat..

And somedays I stay up late into the night, listening to those very songs on repeat... Its the exact same feeling of cutting yourself over and over again.. at the same place... and not feeling anything... because the pain on the inside eclipses the pain on the outside... Again and again... And I would know how that feels right?

Sitting at my window, wearing one of the last few things that will always carry the smell of you... You remember dont you? Somedays I cant stand the sight of it hanging by that hook in my cupboard, and somedays, those really cold days, I hang on to it like it was my last remaining fiber of sanity.

Somedays I manage to hate you so much... hating the thought of you.. the years I spent with you... Hating the coward you were.. and the fool I was... Hating that right this moment you are happy and Im not... And that I tried so fucking hard... SO fucking hard... And I couldnt change a thing...

Somedays I am a blank... lost.. confused... wishing desperately for some light... some way... Somedays I want to ask you questions... Somedays I don't want to hear any answers...

Somedays I think of those little things... Chancing upon a card or a wrapper... Somedays I throw it out, feeling nothing at all... Cold and heartless... Like a stone... Somedays I stand with it in my hand for a long time.. and then stuff it back to where I found it... Not feeling anything other than a strange void that suddenly opens up... And some days it makes me cry a bit. I hate that lump in my throat.

Somedays I cry without any reason... Not because I miss you... Not because I think of you.. Some of those times, you aren't even on my mind... Somedays I cry because I feel so fucking empty... A blank. A Void..

Somedays I want to go talk to that guy and tell him I love him. And then I stop and say to myself, how stupid can I be? Love isn't meant for me is it?

Some people are meant to be alone. Always.

P.S: A broken heart is so damn hard to mend....

Feb 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Duffer! :D

Ok so.. Im super mad at someone right now... But then we are in a tricky situation.. Its that idiots Bday aaj... And all things said and done, the stupid duffer still remains one of my friends... So here it is... A Bday Wish for MM,

Happy Birthday Nik.... Hope thodi akal aa jaye... Itne saal ho gaye... Ab toh aa hi jaani chahiye :P Ok Ok jokes apart... Lets try again... :P

Happy Birthday Nikhil, Wish you all the wonderful beautiful things in life (bada sa bangla, badi si car, sunder si ladki etc etc ... you get the drift right?! :P) Hoping this birthday marks the beginning of a wonder year for you, filled with success and happiness :)

And since I couldnt be there, here is the next best thing :D

Enjoy your day...!




Feb 7, 2010


A dance of the vowels and consonants,
Perfectly placed, just the right amount of mush,
Articulated so well, a bitter disguise,
My inbox is full of your lies.

Faking sincerities, it’s all a facade,
Words in a twelve point Arial,
Signed with the sickly sweet "XOXO"
Hugs and Kisses so out of place.

Spell-checked and every dot perfect,
Seduction with grammar, cheap and dishonest,
Each time I read your letters,
My mind reverberates with the sound of your lies.

You think you have it all going your way,
But honey this time, you couldn’t be more wrong
It’s a wrong girl you picked to mess with this time,
And it’s now payback time for all those lies.

Forward, Honey, I forward,
Everything to the woman who wears your ring,
Enough of your deception now let me watch,
As your punctuated lies destroy your everything.


P.S: Next time you decide to patao someone online, remember there could be a potential disadvantage.. Electronic content cant ever be erased, it persists for ever... and also of course, you could be dealing with a crazed vindictive woman like me :D *evil laugh*

Feb 3, 2010


Ok so thanks to AD here, I chanced upon this contest at The Colors Magazine for their new Show Your Best Contest. It is a series of contest looking for the Best Blog Post of the month. At the end of the year, the best post of the year will be chosen from the 12 monthly winners. Monthly winners will have their blog reviewed on The Colors Magazine site. And since I have turned into a weekend *lately not even that* blogger, with client visits, LOTS of work, and studies too *sniff sniff* :( I thought why not.. Chalo so Im entering my best for the month, *which happens to be the only sensible post actually for Jan .. hehe*

.... so when are you submitting yours? :)

See you guys around, take care :)