Nov 28, 2009

Birthday Wishlist...

7th Day from now.... wow so close!!! :) :) :)

Someone singing me happy bday in a veryyyy buttery voice at 12 in the night :)
Beautiful red roses...
Teddy bear -- badaaaa wala :)...
A pleasant suprise...
Warm Hugs...
Someone to hold my hand out of the blue...
A new Fasttrack watch...
YET another bottle of Davidoff :P...
A new cam...
Ok since this is MY list and I can dream as much as I want ... Apple Macbook AIR :P
Lots of laughter...NO tears!!! *I hav had really bad last few bdays* :(
A good movie... (n NO I DONT want to see Paa which is releasing the day before!)
A good book...
A sexy new bag...
Shoes.. :P *I can never have enuf of these :P*
Someone telling me I look very pretty...
Flawless complexion on that day atleast :P
Lots of smiles.. for no reason :)
Watching the sun go down at the beachside and hearing the waves as they come by.. *sighhhh!!*
Chocolate Chip Icecream... :)
A good night kiss that leaves me breathless...

I know none of the things I really really want for my bday will actually come true. I know that my 22nd bday is going to be just another day... just like my 21st bday. My best friends are away or busy, my crush is an idiot :P, and basically it will be over even before I realize it... and as much as I hate the sound of that I cannot do anything about it :(

But what the heck?! :P
Whats life without impossible dreams nai? :)

~ Annie

Nov 26, 2009

To the bravest daughter I have ever known,

I know you miss your Dad more than anything else in this whole world. I know you miss him everyday, and the fact that you are in an alien city so so far away from home.. from Mumbai makes it ten times more worse. I know that everyday not having him around makes you sad but I also know that knowing him better than anyone else, makes you so incredibly proud to be called the daughter of such an amazing man.

I know its been an year and there is no use trying to hide facts behind fake makeup, I know nothing has been done to the man who killed your father. You must be bitter about the fact that its taking so long, and people are actually trying to prove the bastards innocence(?). It makes my blood boil when I see that. It makes me disgusted to know that even losing their best couldnt open their eyes. It makes me sad that the best one to go was so close to us all.

Sometimes its almost like the bloodiest, scariest night didnt happen at all. The way people have moved on with their lives and how the 'city that never sleeps' is back to the everyday chaos. I remember sitting at Riddhis birthday a year ago when it all happened, and having the shock of my life seeing the scenes that unfolded before me. I remember going home when Ketkis mom dad, scared out of their wits, came to pick up us girls. I remember being shook of my sleep, waken up by my mom at 5 in the morning when all the news channels broadcasted the same news - the news of your fathers death. I can not even imagine what you must have gone through.

Most of all I remember meeting you, after years, and yet nothing seemed changed.. and seeing how strong you were through the nightmare. I saw how you held your emotions, how you never once cried, and how proud you were of your father. I saw your father in you.

Its been a year, and I know it might not seem like it with the city returning back to the noone-waits-for-anyone-here pace, but every single person in this city, not just this one, but everyone who has seen what happened, respects and salutes your father for the sacrifice he made just so all of us could be safe. I am proud to have known such a man, and Im prouder to have known such a brave daughter. I salute you Diu.

London is far, but no matter how far, remember we all always have and will always love you to bits. Miss you, come back soon.

~ Annie.
P.S: We shall never forget... and we will never ever forgive.

Nov 22, 2009

In the dead of the night...

Look. Hear. Think. Feel. Touch.
Laugh. Smile. Breathe. Dream.
Cry. Give Up. Let Go.
Hold On Tight.
Forgive. Remember. Cherish. Learn.
Make Peace.
Love. And Love Again.

Nov 18, 2009

The Crazy Ending.

Last time I talked about the beginning of my 10 day long last trip with the wizards. This time Im going to talk about our amazing end to the trip. If Im boring you with all this you can skip this and come back later :) This means sweet nostalgia for all those who were a part of these incidents.

11th June 2009'.
Location: Dining room of our hotel, Khurpatal. Breakfast time.

The CC's (Comps Chics') are sitting around at the breakfast table, having shaken of some guys after great difficulty :P (Plz! we need GIRLS ONLY timeouts) We sat there discussing WHAT is it with North Indians and Paneer, eating YET another paneer dish and also wondering how come people just dont sleep after eating a breakfast this heavy. I mean our breakfast comprises of Bournvita and Apple slices, maximum some toast, while here we were eating chole bature :P

Me: (glumly poking at my omelet) What yaar guys, the trip is coming to an end.. We didnt do anything fun..
Mona: (firing up) Oh shut up Ta!!! this IS fun!!! (narrowed eyes)
(Mona is extremely touchy about the fact that we all kept comparing the Nainital trip to the previous years Shimla trip which was like WOOOOHOOOO fun!!! She had missed it because she was down with typhoid :( so bad luck)
Me: (retracting) Ufff Na, I mean, we didnt have gossip sessions save the one that happened on the first day. We should plan something.
Mona: (still glowering a little) Like what?
Me: Lets get drunk!!!!! (enthusiastic)
Zai, Varu, Shilpa : Awesomee!!!! great idea!!! so how do we do it!!!
Zai: Didnt xyz (name changed to protect identity :P) have beer last night? Lets go ask him.
Varu : HA HA HA HA!!! lets US go ask HIM? are u mad? :P
Shilpa: (nodding) Lets get drunk.
Mona: Maybe we can ask pqr (xyz'z partner in crime) Hes floored by Zai anyway :P
Zai: HA HA very funny :
Me: Ok so done - Zai get the address of the daaru ki dukaan, in the meantime well decide the plan of action.
Shilpa: (still nodding) Yes Lets get drunk!
Rest of us: Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

*everyone puts head together while Zai successfully gets the daaru ki dukaan ka address. After 10 minutes of deciding all of us wear identical evil grins. :P*

We have formulated this plan - Me and Zai, will slip away from the group while everyone is shopping later that day, and go buy the vodka. Varu, Shilpa, Mona have divided amongst themselves the task of distracting the others and getting the orange juice. When asked by anyone about our absense, me and Zai have gone to buy Cheeries :P


A few hours later. Mall Road, Nainital.

Team meet . Imagine Mission Impossible music in the background.
Zai: (whispers) Should we go now?
Me: (whispers back) No its too soon now. They will notice us gone.
Karan: (Loudly) Where are you guys going?
Mona: (smoothly) To buy Cheeries.
(We beam at each other, the guys are totally confused)
Varu and Shilpa giggle and wreck the moment :P

It has been decided that we will go boating on the Nainital Lake now.We crib a lot about being in the same duck (they had duck shaped boats) and then ultimately end up in the boats as thus : Me n Mona, Varu n Shilpa, Zai n Karan. And we also decide to hold hands and make our 3 2-seater boats into one 6 seater boat... Conviniently our boats are colored orange white and green :P Soon all people on the lake start taking pictures while we scream and yell and throw water on each other, try to shoot at Anoop (CH - Comps Hunk - SELF Christened :P though we dont disagree :P) and gang with imaginary guns :P I had the distinct feeling that we were going to make it into the headlines of the local news :D

We end up having so much fun on the lake that we almost forget the mission. Its not until, people start breaking away to go buy stuff like show peices and candles (what hello? you go to a place like Nainital and buy CANDLES??!!! I simply fail to get it!) Zai and me are least interested, so we are all set to disappear.

Zai: (whispers) Should we slip away now?
Me: (whispers back) Yes about time. Where are the rest of the girls? They need to cover for us...
(looks around here and there for Mona, Varu and Shilpa.. Spots Mona a few spaces ahead, surronded by CH and his gang, Shilpa and Varu can be heard bargaining for candles (sold 20 a peice :) and shawls from like 10 blocks away :P )

Zai and me depart.
(While 'slipping away') Me: Psssttt... Na! We are goin.. to buy cherries.
Anoop: (loudly) Hey get some for me too!
*imagine glass breaking music in the background. So far this has been anything but secret :P*
Me: (grumbling) GREAT now we will actually have to buy the damned cherries!!

Me and Zai walk around Mall road and finally take a left turn that leads us to a gurudwara and a long lane full of accessories. As expected I stop at everey stall to check out stuff while Zai taps her feet impatiently..

Me: Yeh kitne ka hai Bhaiya.
Bhaiya: 100 ka hai memsaab. Aapke liye 95 mein de dunga.
Me: Kya SHOT de rahe ho! ha! 100 mein aisa 4 aa jayenge!!!
Bhaiya: (wondering what on earth does "shot" mean)
Zai: (tapping feet impatiently while trying to scan the horizon for daaru ki dukaan)

After 10 similiar instances I realise the following things :
-- Shopkeepers in Nainital should be taken to Fashion Street/ Colaba Causeway and taught MANNERS! Hmmmpphh!
-- Eitherways Im great at bargaining :P :D got 4 bracelets for 50 bucks! Yayyy! :P
-- We are LOST! :O

Finally Zai decides to ask a shopkeeper for the right directions.

Shopekeeper: (eagerly recieving us into his pinecones-showpeices dukaan) Madam aapko kya chahiye?
Zai: Yaha pe alcohol kaha pe milta hai?
Shopkeeper: Eh?Kya?
Me: Daaru? Sharaab? Kaha milti hai?
(Shopkeeper looks like he is stuck by lightening. Me and Zai shrug and give each other a look that says "wtf- who-knows-us-here-anyway?!" :P)
Shopkeeper: Aaapko kaunse type ki chahiye? Whiskey chahiye toh yaha pe mil jayegi.
Zai: (business like voice) Humko Vodka chahiye.
Shopkeeper looks tonguetied for a moment and then points us in the right direction.

Me and Zai start walking in the right direction half wondering if at all we ARE in the right direction.

Zai: (exclaiming) Oh this is it! I overheard (xyz) telling someone about this Antiquity signboard.

We turn at the corner and find ourself facing a shady daaru ki dukaan.This place has grills with LOTS of daaru on one side, 2 men inside who look like they have practised selling daaru all their life, and a CRAZY HORDE of men on this side where we stand.

Me: Errm.. Zai .. precisely HOW do we plan on getting in there?
Zai: (drawing money from the bag) You keep a lookout. Ill go buy.

(Imagine MI2 Music.)
After like 30 seconds I get bored of keeping a lookout and decide to go have a look.
The men magically clear the path for me and look at me like I have just crashlanded from Mars.

Zai: (busy arguing with the shopkeeper) Yeh 160 ka kyu hai? Aaapke paas Absolut kitne ka hai? Smirnoff ka bada bottle kitne ka hai?
Me: Buy the big bottle!!
Zai: No! You people will get all drunk and act crazy!
Me: (rolls eyes) You DO know I have had vodka before right? And so has Mona and you *snigger*
Zai: Shilpa and Varu havent so we are buying just one.
Me: Take two!!! pleaseeee!!!!

(Men have a look like their wildest dreams have come true.)

Shopkeeper: (putting out the bigger bottle) This is very cheap madam. And very good also madam.
Zai: (firmly. leaving no room for further discussion) Ek Smirnoff dedo. (a second later) Aapke paas flavoured vodka hai kya?

Men and Shopkeeper : (EH expression) ??!!

Zai: (mutters to herself) Dont even bother.
Me: (does a jig in her head)
Zai: And now we actually go buy cherries

(Calling Mona up)
Me: Where are you? We got the "stuff"
Mona: Oh yayyyyyy!!!!!!!! Errr...We are still at the same place (like 7 kms away :) We are buying candles..
Me: WHAT??!!! YOU ppl are still THERE! Ok come fast. We are like in the middle of nowhere!
Mona: Ya ya we will be there soon!
Zai: (taking the phone) Come fast. We are going to buy cherries now. Meet us here the High Court wala turning. SOON!
Mona: ya ya.. well be there soon.

Me and Zai begin the walk uphill, looking for cherries (which we did get) Orange juice (which we got after a LOT of searching) and Soda.

I stop to recharge, and make an ISD call that finishes off all my balance. Im grinning as I walk towards the spot we were going to wait. And realise people are looking at us in a weird manner. It is SHIT cold and getting wet in the Nainital lake is making me freeze double bad. It doesnt help that the lamp overhead isnt working, people practically STARING at us, even stopping on the other side of the road, and Zai happens to dislike navycut.

Finally Zai calls up Ron and Anoop in a frantic voice demanding they come and rescue us. After a long wait of almost half an hour we see the two hunks come jogging uphill and the rest of the idiots folllowing them from behind. They come and like nice guys take off their windshis and give to us and shoo away all the rowdy people who had accumulated there.

Back in the hotel room.
Around 12.00 AM.

Everyones nicely dressed in warm cozy clothes after having taken a hot water bath which feels like heaven, I shoo the people out of the room for a while and have my own timeout, Varu comes in just as I was resting idly switching channels between MTV and VTV. Lying beside me she says 'Lets rest for a while and then we will get drunk'. I agree and close my eyes.

The next thing I know is that Im opeing my eyes to our last day in Nainital. I wake up and realise yesterday night everyone was too exhausted to touch all the maal we got!!! :P

I walk over to the bathroom grinning as the others are just waking up to me singing 'I love you.. Im not gonna crack...' :D (Thats Lithium - Nirvana incase you didnt know :P)


P.S: We are probably the only girls for whom the process of BUYING alcohol was more fun than actually having it (which we did the next night! :D).

P.P.S: Thresholds of getting drunk :
Zai is drunk if she is throwing down JOKERS while playing RUMMY :P
Mona is drunk if she is dancing like mad, jumping up and down on the bed, to "Kyaaaa huaaaa joooo Larrrriiiii chooootiiiii..."
Varu is drunk if she is screeching "Theres something in my haiiirrrrr!!!!"
Shilpa is drunk if she is demanding more shots in high pitched voice.
Annie is drunk if she is pointing to everyone present and saying 'youuuu areeee drunkkkk!!!! I ammmm nottttt drunkkkk'!
(in my defence this is the rest of the CC's description of me. I DONT get drunk even with 7 neat shots down and I have people who will vouch for that! HA! :P)

Nov 17, 2009

A Chat.

*pulls at hair in frustration*

Calm down wild child! Take a deep breath. Yes thats good. Now talk.Why are you so upset? What is it that is making you so miserable right now? And what can be done to make you happy?

He makes me happy. And he makes me sad. Jerk! *grumbles*

Stop kidding yourself, be serious. What do you want?

Can I say him? *please?*

Annie. Serious.

Ok. O.K. Ohkay!
I am happy with my life. I like it the way it is, I love my job and I love my friends. Sometimes I dont love myself, but thats ok, because I have friends who make up for all that lost love. *trailing away* Actually come to think about it.. its not that bad. Infact Im awesome!! I love this. What am I doing???!! I should be partying!!! Woooohooo!!! *gets crazy*

You can fool everyone. You cant fool me. You can lie and create this beautiful illusion of everything so perfect and everything so 'awesome', a dream like place where everyone is happy with their life and noone has any problems. But you know I see through all of it. You are always fixing things and you always want to make everything happy around you and least on that list is you. Tell me Im wrong.

*looks here and there*
Errr... Ok now this is getting heavy-duty. I HATE heavy-duty talking and you know that right?

You hate seriousness, the reality. You hate facing situations you rather run away from.

No! NO! *throws a shoe*

Why are you still friends with him? When you know its hurting you to know everyday, every moment that he cant be more than what he is?

*defiant now*
Because he makes me happy. Fullstop. Stop glaring at me you idiot. He really does. Talking about the silliest of all things and laughing about the lamest of all jokes, makes me happy! Dont you see?? Only I decide who makes me sad, and because he is so important to me that he has that right. Its ok. Ill grow out of it.

You have to let him go. You cant make people stay when they dont want to. Having feelings for someone who doesnt have them back is a path for nothing but hurt and you know that.

I cant.

You can, its just that you dont WANT to right now. You have to allow yourself to make the difficult choice. It will hurt but it will be fine after a while. Atleast you get to keep a wonderful friend. You have to let him go, let the feelings you have for him go. Put them away, erase, format your head.

Dont rush me. I will do it in my own time. I will be fine. Stop fussing over me like I was a kid or something!!!
And you know that forgetting aint happening. Anytime soon atleast.
*narrows eyes*

But dear girl, you are a child. You dont see that loneliness is going to catch up with you, no matter how hard you run. It is going to come and find you no matter how much and where you try to hide.

I have friends who will never let me be lonely.

You can be surrounded by a crowd and still be all alone. You that very well dont you? And you know there are only 2 people in the world who know when your faking it all. And its yourself and me. You cant fool me and you have to come back to me at the end of the day. What will you do when you will look around and find noone but me?

Ill deal with it the day it comes ok?
Let me continue in my bliss till that day comes and right now,

P.S: Oh dear lord!! Im not even 22 and I already have MPD!

Nov 14, 2009

Why is blogging SUCH a big deal?

Disclaimer: If you are my friend, you know Im ALWAYS honest, sometimes really really brutally so. So if you are reading this and think, holy crapp shes talking about me, hell yeah Im talking about you... and considering its me, we might have already had this chat before. But eitherways, dude/dudette... you know what what Im saying and you know what you ought to change, right? :D

Ok so let me start from the beginning.

It was way back in somewhere March 2008 when I decided to start my own blog. My reasons were simple. Third year was getting a lil boring, had too much free time, wasnt getting much basketball because I was blissfully in love with a guy I wanted to brag about, and most importantly I thought I write decent enough. There were a couple of friends who had their blogs, and the whole idea sounded real cool. So I called up a friend (who if I remember correctly was in the middle of either his CAT class/tronix lecture :P) and asked him to guide me through starting my own space. I remember sitting over there and going to the post editor and writing up whatever came into my mind (my very first post) and thus whitelilyz started.

When I told my other friends that I blogged, suddenly everyone wanted to blog. I saw a lot of people starting to blog that summer. While some of them barely even lasted the monsoon, some of them are now amazing bloggers with really good posts. Im glad Im one of those who stuck it out.

A while back I was involved in an online spat with two girls(bloggers) who had barely known me, something related to the blog. The spat ofc doesnt matter, but what matters is how stupid people have turned this whole idea of blogging. And recently when I was talking to a dear friend who I think is a lil delusional about the whole blogging thing, was like the last straw. I knew I wanted to write about it and so here I am with my thoughts.

For every single blogger who is reading this post, please tell me why do you blog? Its a simple question that should ideally have a simple answer. But dont answer when you know that your answer isnt 100% true. Ill tell you what my answer is. I blog because this place is my time out. I blog because I want to write, and wth, I dont care if its a literary masterpeice with a gazillion GRE words or some rant in sms language. I want to blog because it makes me feel better when Im going through a shitty time and there are people who say, "Join the club mate! :)" because they KNOW what Im going through. I blog because writing makes me feel like I matter.

So, why is it that I hear about how many comments are there on a particular post or the amount of people 'following' you? Why is it that people make friends here that sometimes dont turn out that well? Why is that blogging isnt... blogging anymore? I mean hell its turned into college!!!! Theres a popular girl cheerleader/boy jock (blog with like 1653 followers!!!), there are the underdogs who say something good but noone listens (great blogs that are not 'followed'), some plain airheads (blogs that absolutely make no sense.. which according to me are trying to try to fit into someone else mould), some shy people (blogs that are deep and thoughtful but again noone 'follows')... Guys, didnt we have like ENOUGH of college already??!!!

I have an amazing number of followers displayed mast mein at this right hand corner but hardly even 10% of them actually read what I write. For reasons as clear as my previous statement I follow only those people who I genuinely like to read, and NOT simply because they are following me. What has your blog come to? Isnt a blog supposed to define who you are? Maybe someone who you are at the innermost level, some thoughts some feelings, something fiction even which you WANT to write. Why are there rules on how and what should be written? And why is it that this has turned into people blindly going to some poor suckers comment secion and picking some random line from a post that they didnt even read, put it in quotes, and say 'Hey dude come check out my blog now!' I mean people!!! HELLO!!! What is this? some stupid advertisement? what are you trying to sell? yourself? If it is so, then please reevaluate!!! N.O.W!

This isnt supposed to be a rant. I want some people to know that just because you dont have a single comment it doesnt mean that noone reads you. Its a taken fact that if you have something read-worthy to say people will read. How many comments and how many followers dont matter. People say 'No Annie, it doesnt matter to me', but dude/dudette, seriously??? I dont think so. Just WRITE. Because that is ALL what a blog is supposed to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Thanks. Please unfollow me if you dont like what I write. Ill respect you a lot more that way instead of you following me just for the heck of it. Please go back to your blog and think about why you blog and then stick to it :) And all those who I follow,I may not comment on every single post of yours, but I dont care even if I'll be the only person in the stupid "list of followers" *rolls eyes* but I will read you till as long as you write. Promise. :)



P.S: Im very velli, do you mind if I do more tags???!! :P :D (I promise I'll have mast mast answers)

Nov 8, 2009


I was tagged by Niks ... and since I have nothing better to do on a lazyyyyy sunday night... :P :D

Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Then tag eight or ten other new set of people.

1.What is your current obsession?
-- Microsoft Silverlight (I realise I sound VERY lame)
-- SQL (even lamer I know) :D
-- Old songs I had not heard for ages - MLTR, Savage Garden, BSB, Westlife, ABBA, Six Pence None The Richer, and the list actually goes on and on.. :P

2. What are you wearing today?
My fav PJ's and old tee that says BITCH :P oh wait, add a grey, incredibly warm, sweatshirt to that.

3. What’s for dinner?
Egg Curry!! MY FAV! :)

4. What’s the last thing you bought?
Hmmm, new Catwalk shoes, a new top from shoppers (which as my mom yelled at me I wont be wearing to office anyway :P), 2 books - 2states & The other side of the moon.

5. What are you listening to right now?
One of my all time fav - One last breath - CREED

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
Adorable, Sweet, Sex maniac :P, Chindi, Ullu, Duffer :P wait forgot, Lovable :)

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
Prague/Florence/Holland/Rome/penthouse in Chicago.

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer?
Glares.. Suntan lotion :P.. Summer dresses..

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
IITD to whack a few people, Oracle - Hyd to go first whack, then give one tight hug, and College Quad just to .. reminisce... :)

10. Which language do you want to learn?
Bengali because I think it sounds very sexy.

11. What’s your favourite quote?
Lolz. MANY. For futher references refer :D
My latest favourites are : *drumroll*

If JAVA actually had a garbage collector, the program would delete itself upon execution! (Yes I hate JAVA THT much :P)

Microsoft is NOT the answer. Its the question. The answer is NO! :P

UNIX is simple. It takes a genius to understand its simplicity - Dennis Ritchie.

The problem with troubleshooting is that sometimes trouble shoots back! :D

If at first you dont succed, call it version 1.0 *ROFL... so TRUE man!!* :P

Ok enough, people are getting bored..moving on.. :D

12. Who do you want to meet right now?
Ahh!! many people.. my friends who I havent seen for ages, a certain someone Im so totally crazy about, my best friend who is a lil confused about life right now and probably needs me a lot, some of my blogger friends with whom I share such incredibly deep connections with.. Lots of people... :)

13. What is your favourite colour?
You dont ask a artist which is her favourite color. They all are favourites :)

14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet?
My fav blue jeans and my fav black top :P lolz that was so vague :P

15. What is your dream job?
Dream? Well here I go - Anchoring 1000 places to see before you die/ Nat Geo Photographer/Teaching kids :)

16. What’s your favourite magazine?
Nat Geo, Cosmo, Seventeen :P, Vogue (yes my parlor wali keeps them :P yes she is very expensive :P), ME , DIGIT

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
Clothes, Books, Clothes, shoes, Clothes, food, and more Clothes :P

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
Wearing mismatched colors. *ugh!*
Glittery clothes in broad daylight! :O who does that??!! seriously WHO does that!
Mismatched shoes :P
Wearing clothes that are one size too small. They dont do anything for you trust me.

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon?
SRGay :D

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer?
See I have long curly tresses, so I like a cut that keep them all disheveled tumbling around my shoulders. :)

21. What are you going to do after this?
Sleep! Monday tomorrow. Busy week ahead.

22. What are your favorite movies?
MANY! To name a few - A walk to remember, Serendipity, Forrest Gump, Pursuit of Happyness, Dirty Dancing, Step Up 1&2.

23.How many tabs are turned on in ur browser right now?
Baapre! You really wanna know???umm.. 14 :P

24. What inspires you?
My friends who just wont give up on me :)

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you.
Be Honest. No matter who it is/whatever situation.
Keep your promises. Dont make ones if you know you cant keep them.
Never fake emotions towards anyone.

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?
Go shop for more!!!! DUH! :P
Sometimes, since desperate times call for desperate measures, so go mix n' match :P

27. Coffee or tea?

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?
I write! Seriously, I'll weave it all in some story, or rant, or be cryptic and write codes! :P
Then go listen to awesome music, talk with a few friends and Im all done! :) happy happy again! :)

Actually theres Plan B too if this doesnt work :P
--Get in bed wid my fav PJ's, popcorn, pull the curtains and have a movie/season's marathon :P :D
--Next get out of bed, go SHOPPING! Always works. :P :D

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting?
Can I be narcissistic and say ME! :P Ok kiddin kiddin... Areee! I cant choose! I like them all. I will follow you only if you have something good for me to read. :) So all those who I follow.

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet?
I dont have a sweet tooth at all, save a few chocolates, so Ill say Rocher. Its my weakness :P

32. Favorite Season?
Monsoon. Hands Down. You cant stay in Mumbai and NOT fall in love with the rains :)

33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?
I cook(?) awesome omelets. So maybe that with toast and butter :P

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?
Neglect. Detach. They dont matter anymore. Hating them or trying to hurt them back wont help so dont go down that way. Peace! :)

35. What are you afraid of the most?
No longer being important to all those people who are important to me. Fading away without a trace. It scares me to be forgotten.

36:What brings a smile on your face instantly?
When Im thinking about him (my friends would chorus here: ALL THE TIME) Awesome! So I smile all the time :D

37:What makes me the most sad?
I am happy most times, so getting sad is once in a while, once in a blue moon activity, that I absolutely HATE! ... I'll say refer last post :P *sigh!*

38: (Changed question) One random thing about you :D
Im such a talkative person but sometimes when I dont want to talk to anyone, Ill put my headphones on and pretend like Im listening to music. Totally ignore people :D True Story. :P

39: (New Question) Which hand of yours do you like more? The right one or the left? Why? (You cant ask me to add a question and expect it to be sane one ok? :D)
Right! Because of my tatttoooo!!! :D

And I tag...Noone, because I know noone likes to do tags anymore. Bleh! :P

P.S: Im really velli I know :P

Nov 7, 2009


This is probably the craziest phase of my life. I mean this is the craziest as it has EVER got.

Ok get this. I get hit on like atleast 5 times in a day. My best friend is falling for me and I dont like it because it means losing a part of my ownself someday. My other best friend wants to rekindle some wayward sparks that flew back in like 2003!! On top of that, I get the LAMEST pick up lines possible. I mean it DOESNT help if you cant speak proper english and on top of that you try asking a girl out. : Ask in hindi its allright. (ofc youll get a no anyway if you reek of bad perfume : )

And what is the worst part of this? That Im such a pathetic loser. I mean who, WHICH crazy girl in the world would still like someone who doesnt like her back? WHO continues to like the idiot whos probably having a good life minus her? WHO I ASK WHO??? Which utterly useless no kaam dhanda loser would do something so cruel to her own heart!!!! I need a whack seriously! : And on top of all that when it doesnt matter a rats ass to him about all the flirting and all the hitting on... not even me joking about picking one out of the herd of crazy people... it just makes me mentally kick myself for being such a fool. *kicks herself* Sometimes I feel like... crying! I mean ya actually I just feel like sitting and bawling... but if theres anything I hav learnt from my past, a tough girl keeps her shit in line and holds her head up and fakes a smile even when she is breaking inside. And thats what I do.

Its less than a month for my birthday and Im least excited. I pretend to be excited and pretend like Im waiting for it, but the fact is Im dreading it. I hate knowing that its my birthday and Im just going to be alone... I just hate it. *sigh!* Im ranting right now Ill probably be all nice and cheerful tomorrow, but right now Im feeling so frustrated! And so fcking close to tears!!! ARGH!

P.S: Dont tell me its ok, Dont tell me it will be fine because it wont be, Dont say anything. I just wanted you to listen. So thanks.