Nov 7, 2009


This is probably the craziest phase of my life. I mean this is the craziest as it has EVER got.

Ok get this. I get hit on like atleast 5 times in a day. My best friend is falling for me and I dont like it because it means losing a part of my ownself someday. My other best friend wants to rekindle some wayward sparks that flew back in like 2003!! On top of that, I get the LAMEST pick up lines possible. I mean it DOESNT help if you cant speak proper english and on top of that you try asking a girl out. : Ask in hindi its allright. (ofc youll get a no anyway if you reek of bad perfume : )

And what is the worst part of this? That Im such a pathetic loser. I mean who, WHICH crazy girl in the world would still like someone who doesnt like her back? WHO continues to like the idiot whos probably having a good life minus her? WHO I ASK WHO??? Which utterly useless no kaam dhanda loser would do something so cruel to her own heart!!!! I need a whack seriously! : And on top of all that when it doesnt matter a rats ass to him about all the flirting and all the hitting on... not even me joking about picking one out of the herd of crazy people... it just makes me mentally kick myself for being such a fool. *kicks herself* Sometimes I feel like... crying! I mean ya actually I just feel like sitting and bawling... but if theres anything I hav learnt from my past, a tough girl keeps her shit in line and holds her head up and fakes a smile even when she is breaking inside. And thats what I do.

Its less than a month for my birthday and Im least excited. I pretend to be excited and pretend like Im waiting for it, but the fact is Im dreading it. I hate knowing that its my birthday and Im just going to be alone... I just hate it. *sigh!* Im ranting right now Ill probably be all nice and cheerful tomorrow, but right now Im feeling so frustrated! And so fcking close to tears!!! ARGH!

P.S: Dont tell me its ok, Dont tell me it will be fine because it wont be, Dont say anything. I just wanted you to listen. So thanks.


Anwesa said...

I listened. I'm waiting for your birthday.

Destiny's child... said...

I listened too. Happy birthday in advance. :)

Crazy Blogger said...

i listened too. N i am always alone on my b days.

Soin said...

its not exactly ok..atleast your getting guys.. and every girl wants something she wont i watch in amusement what your doing...its actually a bit funny if u can see the funny side of

IceMaiden said...

@anwesa, destinys child, manjari,

:) Thanks!


Its NOT funny!!! :(

freeSpirit said...

okay, ive not been here for long but on reading dis post i had 2 say somethin... its OK! its natural 2 thnk abt R coz its not been so long since... u dun hav 2 get mad abt it m sure it wil fade away slowly..

btw, who's dis geek who proposes in hindi?!

IceMaiden said...


omg looks whos here!!! :P :D
I am NOT talking abt R. You need to be updated. You dont have latest version of events, which is WHY we should hav a nite out ASAP!!!! :P :D

Go read previous posts :P

hell i need to freak pout wid u guys! :(

Raj said...

hey. :)

IceMaiden said...


hey back! :)

Raj said...

howz u?

Raj said...

apart from being a little buggered of course...???

IceMaiden said...

Actually Im fine.. this was written in the dead of the night yesterday. Sleep does wonders sometimes :P :D

hows u? long time no see?

buckingfastard said...

hehe...a girl feels like crying coz she is in love...da guy she loves jst want to be frnds wid her...

her best frnd is fallin in love wid her...but she wants to be jst frnds wid him...

well if ur best frnd writes blog...he can just copy paste ur post...coz his feelins will also be same...

wierd world huh!!!

Raj said...

i m proper exhausted. tired of evrythin. :)

A.prem said...

*WHACKKK* @ second para.

Theres one long month before your birthday! We'll meet up again if you have no plans al atL!!!!


Shreya. said...

sometimes you got things others would DIE for...its all in the mind lady :P

bondgal_rulz said...


You are such an idaat!!! You should feel nice na ki sooo many guys find you soo great that they have fallen for you. :P

I know, I want HIM to be head over heels in love with you, but, isnt knowing the truth better than being confused about things?

So chin up girl, and smileeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Some Shane watson type ka hot guy might just fall for you. ;)


freeSpirit said...

oyee i follow ur blog in google reader.. ive read all ur recent posts :) but i stil dun get who ur talkin abt! :P

Haddock said...

when IS the D day ?

IceMaiden said...


Weird world indeed! *sad smile*
If only the heart wasnt so stubborn. :)


Join the club! :)

IceMaiden said...


Yes I know! Lets meet sunday, the day after, I will be seriously depressed :P I jus know it already :P


Hell I know! :( But still things are sometimes not enuf for us eh? :)


we need a nite out! NOW! :|

IceMaiden said...


The guys are question are either total idiots/ my best friends who Im NOT at all looking at in that way :(

And they just dont make Shane Watson type guys here yaar!!! Do they at ur end? and if they do wht r u doing!!! go get one, for u n one for me :P


IceMaiden said...


5th Dec :)

Nikhil Menon said...

awwwwwwwww... awwwwwwwww... its okay sweetie pie.. :) these dread-ed days shall so pass.. :)

and u have a guest for the winter,If u forgot that is.. :D


IceMaiden said...


you are mad!!! seriously!

N anyways you are coming here in the LAST week of december by the time when I'll be brooding about "one whole year left for my bday again shayyyyy!" :P :D

bliss said...

u asked which crazy girl??? me me and me! i had thought i was the only one but so glad to know u r on the same boat.. cant wait to talk to u soon. finally i have someone who will understand full magnanimity of it.. al right don't be scared by over zealous lines. i might be crazy but m not psycho!! :P

IceMaiden said...



See thats the thing with girls. We get wayyyy too emotional and attached. Nai? :(

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