Nov 14, 2009

Why is blogging SUCH a big deal?

Disclaimer: If you are my friend, you know Im ALWAYS honest, sometimes really really brutally so. So if you are reading this and think, holy crapp shes talking about me, hell yeah Im talking about you... and considering its me, we might have already had this chat before. But eitherways, dude/dudette... you know what what Im saying and you know what you ought to change, right? :D

Ok so let me start from the beginning.

It was way back in somewhere March 2008 when I decided to start my own blog. My reasons were simple. Third year was getting a lil boring, had too much free time, wasnt getting much basketball because I was blissfully in love with a guy I wanted to brag about, and most importantly I thought I write decent enough. There were a couple of friends who had their blogs, and the whole idea sounded real cool. So I called up a friend (who if I remember correctly was in the middle of either his CAT class/tronix lecture :P) and asked him to guide me through starting my own space. I remember sitting over there and going to the post editor and writing up whatever came into my mind (my very first post) and thus whitelilyz started.

When I told my other friends that I blogged, suddenly everyone wanted to blog. I saw a lot of people starting to blog that summer. While some of them barely even lasted the monsoon, some of them are now amazing bloggers with really good posts. Im glad Im one of those who stuck it out.

A while back I was involved in an online spat with two girls(bloggers) who had barely known me, something related to the blog. The spat ofc doesnt matter, but what matters is how stupid people have turned this whole idea of blogging. And recently when I was talking to a dear friend who I think is a lil delusional about the whole blogging thing, was like the last straw. I knew I wanted to write about it and so here I am with my thoughts.

For every single blogger who is reading this post, please tell me why do you blog? Its a simple question that should ideally have a simple answer. But dont answer when you know that your answer isnt 100% true. Ill tell you what my answer is. I blog because this place is my time out. I blog because I want to write, and wth, I dont care if its a literary masterpeice with a gazillion GRE words or some rant in sms language. I want to blog because it makes me feel better when Im going through a shitty time and there are people who say, "Join the club mate! :)" because they KNOW what Im going through. I blog because writing makes me feel like I matter.

So, why is it that I hear about how many comments are there on a particular post or the amount of people 'following' you? Why is it that people make friends here that sometimes dont turn out that well? Why is that blogging isnt... blogging anymore? I mean hell its turned into college!!!! Theres a popular girl cheerleader/boy jock (blog with like 1653 followers!!!), there are the underdogs who say something good but noone listens (great blogs that are not 'followed'), some plain airheads (blogs that absolutely make no sense.. which according to me are trying to try to fit into someone else mould), some shy people (blogs that are deep and thoughtful but again noone 'follows')... Guys, didnt we have like ENOUGH of college already??!!!

I have an amazing number of followers displayed mast mein at this right hand corner but hardly even 10% of them actually read what I write. For reasons as clear as my previous statement I follow only those people who I genuinely like to read, and NOT simply because they are following me. What has your blog come to? Isnt a blog supposed to define who you are? Maybe someone who you are at the innermost level, some thoughts some feelings, something fiction even which you WANT to write. Why are there rules on how and what should be written? And why is it that this has turned into people blindly going to some poor suckers comment secion and picking some random line from a post that they didnt even read, put it in quotes, and say 'Hey dude come check out my blog now!' I mean people!!! HELLO!!! What is this? some stupid advertisement? what are you trying to sell? yourself? If it is so, then please reevaluate!!! N.O.W!

This isnt supposed to be a rant. I want some people to know that just because you dont have a single comment it doesnt mean that noone reads you. Its a taken fact that if you have something read-worthy to say people will read. How many comments and how many followers dont matter. People say 'No Annie, it doesnt matter to me', but dude/dudette, seriously??? I dont think so. Just WRITE. Because that is ALL what a blog is supposed to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Thanks. Please unfollow me if you dont like what I write. Ill respect you a lot more that way instead of you following me just for the heck of it. Please go back to your blog and think about why you blog and then stick to it :) And all those who I follow,I may not comment on every single post of yours, but I dont care even if I'll be the only person in the stupid "list of followers" *rolls eyes* but I will read you till as long as you write. Promise. :)



P.S: Im very velli, do you mind if I do more tags???!! :P :D (I promise I'll have mast mast answers)


bondgal_rulz said...

Aila!!! Kisse ladi tu??? I wanna know!! I could do with some gossip. *evil gleam in eyes* :D

To some extent even I think that blogging has become something of a fad, which is weird. I mean if someone is so fond of popularity et al why not strive for it in the real world?

I blog because I LIKE to write. Yes, I could have continued writing even without blogging, but then the pen and paper medium did not offer a lot of privacy and I'm someone who's not very comfortable with the idea of her folks reading what sh writes (particularly when according to them I'm 'wasting' precious time that would be better spent 'studying'). And hence blogging came into picture.

To say that I'm not bothered with comments would be a lie. I like it when I think someone "genuinely" likes/understands/appreciates what I've written. But I think it'd be safe to say that I'm not obssessed with it.

And yes!! I HATE when ppl advertise themselves!! It's sooooo WANNABE!!!!!

And yeah yeah velli, kar na more tags. Kaun rok raha hai? :P

kaka said...

wow....this isnt a rant re....anyways even i follow people whose blogs i like to read and not coz i expect them to follow back....i blog about what i for instance...people used to say urs is primarly a football blog...but i still is own space...i write wht is happening with me and my surroundings as they form the crux of my blog posts....
P.S : u want more tags..i will give u...but i wont be doign any of them....ujust put them up...:P

Soin said...

i blog coz am bored..same third year engg story..and the comment and follow thing..bah..trivial..i blocked two people who just would comment saying check my blog blah blah for two three posts and wont even read once you follow them..doesnt matter if you read them or not.. just the followers number they want..and yes some of the best blogs i love are those which have hardly 2 r 3 followers and hence write what they want..and the blog is more a like a dating thing now.. follow and comment over blog.. then start sending mail frwds ans shit.. add over fb twitter and all.. and more flirting..we are such charming creatures han..either way allow the cliche-i so agree with you..and like sridhar says we follow blog just to read them..dont care if they read us back or

Shreya. said...

how true o.O

okay now read blah blah blah post on my blog okay, and post zillions of comments and follow my blog okay? thank you =)


Not funny? !!
But yea, That was VERY true... =)

buckingfastard said...

awww!!! calm down lady calm down...

why i blog...coz i like to act poet...i like to act writer..coz in real world nobody givs a shit to wat i hav 2 say....bloggin is my holiday...

why i blog...coz my handwriting sucks so much dat i cant read my own i like to hav my own thots stored i can read it 20 yrs later and muse wat a immature i was in 2009.. :D

why i blog...coz i dunt need to pretend here!!!

"great blogs that are not followed"

IceMaiden said...


Seee!!! THIS is why I read you guys!! Awwww!!! >:D<

And Im not angry! Lolz. It just came up and I knew I wanted to write about it! :P :D


Nikhil Menon said...

Yeah I know what is happening within you.. But there might be other reasons too that might be associated with change.

Like what if there was constant boredom and a need for change??What if,there was a need for a mental filter as regards to who should read their blog.jus saying! :)


Anonymous said...

Aah Well said...I never knew you can actually do counselling also.If I have known it, I would have send somebody to you. :)
Just kidding...but I loved reading the matured thoughts.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... bade gusse mein ho tussi ;) *strokes her chin*...

Arrey even I don't like people who advertise themselves more than doing anything else... My blog is simply a place where I pour out a significant part of me... my desires, ambitions, hopes, wishes... I can laugh, cry, crib, anything... I do care about people commenting... but honestly there are people who's comments I just wait for, because it matters to me... and normally they do comment :) it doesn't matter whether it's on blogger ka comment box, or on gtalk ki window... :)

Haan haan do your tags... with acche acche answers ;)

Dhanya said...

We all blog coz we love to write, don't we? As far as bragging about your blog is concerned, if you're proud of your lil baby why not gush about it? I mean, why keep it low when the 'in' thing nowadays is just to exaggerate and promote anything and everything you do -- be it love, friendship, achievements in life.. whatever.

Someone told me few days earlier that one doesn't start blogging thinking no one will read them. They would have stuck to personal diaries or to MS Word document in some hidden folder (if it concerns privacy) otherwise but we do it online. Why? Doesn't that indicate we DO want people to read? And if you want people to read, more the better right? And if you have kept your comments section open, more comments the better right? It's just human nature to want more... else you're just God. :) The same reason why people market their blogs on social networking sites like facebook and orkut because they WANT more readers...

But then again... to each his/her own! :) If you think you can never brag about your blog, just shows how modest and true you are in this big bad world of selfish bloggers! Keep it up :)

Blunt Edges said...

whoa whoaaa whoaaaaaaa!!! one of the most honest posts i have ever read! ***applause***

hmmmm...why do i blog? i blog because (n only when (that explains the long delays between my posts)) i like writing...n what i like more is hearing what others think about what i write...i would be lying if i say comments don't matter...they do...they most definitely do!

IceMaiden said...



Nothings happening wid me silly!!! and you know that :P
and you make absolutely no sense to me sometimes do you know that? :P

Love back,


Waaahh!!! Anony comments! Wow i feel like a celeb :D :D
Joking joking :P

Areee Im mast councellor (err... fail to follow my own advice and often let that silly heart trip... but that apart :D)
Send that 'someone' right away
*puts intelligent looking glasses and tries to look all mature n all*

Jokes apart again, Thanks for thinking so, normally I am NOT so mature :P :D :)

IceMaiden said...


Lolz gusse mein NAHI hu yaar! :P
Yes Ditto! Same here... There are people who matter a LOT to me and strangely they dont even comment on what I write. They will jus pop up on my gtalk window and go either *whackkk* / *hugs* / *ROFL* / *Awwwww* / ladki tu pagal hai!!! :P :D

And tags are fun..!! seriously no kidding! :D

First thanks for the honest comment.

Second, I wrote the post because when people starting caring more about how many comments and how many followers it defeats the whole purpose of 'writing because I like to' doesn't it? I dont agree with doing whatever it is the 'IN' thing. I have NEVER done something just because everyone was doing it and I dont want to start now. Yes everyone like to brag, maybe, but then doing it in front of your closest friends and doing it in front of the whole world are like plateaus apart. See not every blog is a diary. If it is a diary, then it makes better sense to keep it private and give access to your closest friends. Im talking about things we want to write about, fiction or non, and Im not saying that DONT comment. Im saying ki dont fake them, and dont advertise yourself. Thats all.
And I disagree again, not everyone wants more always. That just makes everyone sound so greedy and I know it isnt true :)

And yes, to each his/her own. And even if I dont brag about my blog, it doesnt mean that Im some sort of God :P Im just a girl next door who always speaks her mind no matter what. There is nothing to 'keep up' because I have always been this way :)

@Blunt Edges,
Yes comments matter, but when you start giving importance to the number of comments rather than the content, then ...well.. u decide. :)
And areeee waahhh!!! bracket mein bracket!!! Im so proud of you :P I could never do it properly :D

Destiny's child... said...

Annie, this should go as the most honest post of the year. Really! Been there done that. Yes, the part about going to other blogs and leaving comments so that they read mine. But yes, I always READ the posts before commenting and don't just pick some random line to comment. It is always a pleasure to get comments on your blog and knowing that someone liked your post as much as you enjoyd writign it. Right? But the crazy rat's mad.
Kudos for speaking out your mind. What you said, makes hell a lot of sense. :)

Dr. Acula said...

Hahahahaha!! Annie ka gussa!! LOL..loved this post!! Arreyy!! You are sooo right yaar!! Totally, totally agree with you!! Oh okay, and to answer your question, I blog Just like that..sometimes because i think i'm smarter than most around me (You know that, right? :P) and hence it is my responsibility to spread the gyaan and sometimes when my Broca's Motor Speech Area goes hyperactive and I just want to talk and talk and talk about something, folks arent always there to listen to all the intelligent stuff i have to say, you see.

Oh and I, for one, DO NOT understand this obsession with getting n no. of followers and n no. of comments!! I keep a diary too..but i like to write on my blog better because i can decorate it with pinks and purples and pictures...its obviously more fun and i love it when i get comments! especially from you guys!

And yet, I am not discouraged if I do not get even a single comment on a post. Becauase, at the end of the day, i write because I like to. And I write only when I want to and not merely because the blog needs updating or because I'll lose some of my followers. If I have to, I'll disappear from blogsville for 4-5 months, not caring whether people will stop following my blog (which I did)!

And I too, like you, follow a blog only when I like it, if something on it touches me or makes me laugh..not because that person is following me!!

And anyway, as you know, my blog is no intellectual is very random and very just-whatever kinds. I like to write that way you know..just whatever!

IceMaiden said...

@Destinys Child,
*pssst... I was worried Im going to make some of my dearest friends veryyy mad at me:P :D*


Tu toh meri mele mein bhicdi hui behen nikli... heheheheh!!!
same pinch at everything you wrote :)

And yayyyyyyyyyy UR BACKKK!!!!
*does bhangra... pulls u in also and we both do Bhangra* :P :D

bliss said...

hehehe good one!! well, i started blogging cuz i had so many thoughts in my mind allthe time and i felt that this cud be a way to let it all out. i still do have all those thoughts and sadly i havent had a chance to write them all....
sachi bolun to to a new comer, followers do matter a lot. i was really flattered wen u started following my blog!! *grinning stupidly* :P

IceMaiden said...


Awwwwwwiiiieee!!! :)
Now that I think about it, yes followers do boost up a new comers confidence. You actually made me realise that right now :P But I was speaking of all thse people who are blogging since long and getting followers has overshadowed actually 'bloggin' for them!! *rolls eyes*

And once again, I write direct dilse and I follow anyone who does the same. Hi5 :)


Unknown said...

Inna gussa?? :) Aana bhi chahiye :P
Reading you after quite some time, Annie...

I wanted to blog abt the very same thing, but I am sure my words couldnt have done so much justice to the whole thing. I was almost nodding all my way thru the post :D
Followers bullshit! MOST of the followers on my page dont even comment on my posts, how the hell am I suppposed to know if they even read it... And oh yeah, if my god damn visitors page says "Ontario, Canada", really dude! Here in this godforsaken virtual world, how on earth do I know hwo you are and which part of the nest you come from!!!

And quite frankly, I have seen ppl comment nonsensically on other blogs just so that theirs is read... I dont know what kind of advertisement that makes for! :)

I eman, blogging should be done just for the joy of it, you know! even if you have like a 1000 followers right away, max u r doing to urself is give a ego boost and thats it :)



Kanishk said...

1. Whatever becomes popular gets filled with its bunch of idiots.

2. Its not a competition.. Damn Right !

3. Advertising on other people's blogs is definitely not cool but doesn't mean you shouldn't advertise at all. After all how would people/friends would know that you write and feedback is important and can be educative.

4. Writing about other people does warrant a consent if its kinda personal or even otherwise so as its not the blogger's call no ?

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