Nov 26, 2009

To the bravest daughter I have ever known,

I know you miss your Dad more than anything else in this whole world. I know you miss him everyday, and the fact that you are in an alien city so so far away from home.. from Mumbai makes it ten times more worse. I know that everyday not having him around makes you sad but I also know that knowing him better than anyone else, makes you so incredibly proud to be called the daughter of such an amazing man.

I know its been an year and there is no use trying to hide facts behind fake makeup, I know nothing has been done to the man who killed your father. You must be bitter about the fact that its taking so long, and people are actually trying to prove the bastards innocence(?). It makes my blood boil when I see that. It makes me disgusted to know that even losing their best couldnt open their eyes. It makes me sad that the best one to go was so close to us all.

Sometimes its almost like the bloodiest, scariest night didnt happen at all. The way people have moved on with their lives and how the 'city that never sleeps' is back to the everyday chaos. I remember sitting at Riddhis birthday a year ago when it all happened, and having the shock of my life seeing the scenes that unfolded before me. I remember going home when Ketkis mom dad, scared out of their wits, came to pick up us girls. I remember being shook of my sleep, waken up by my mom at 5 in the morning when all the news channels broadcasted the same news - the news of your fathers death. I can not even imagine what you must have gone through.

Most of all I remember meeting you, after years, and yet nothing seemed changed.. and seeing how strong you were through the nightmare. I saw how you held your emotions, how you never once cried, and how proud you were of your father. I saw your father in you.

Its been a year, and I know it might not seem like it with the city returning back to the noone-waits-for-anyone-here pace, but every single person in this city, not just this one, but everyone who has seen what happened, respects and salutes your father for the sacrifice he made just so all of us could be safe. I am proud to have known such a man, and Im prouder to have known such a brave daughter. I salute you Diu.

London is far, but no matter how far, remember we all always have and will always love you to bits. Miss you, come back soon.

~ Annie.
P.S: We shall never forget... and we will never ever forgive.


Soin said...

is it weird that thanksgiving is here..there are so many like these.. so whats the point of all these stuff written on aniv..coz either way everyone will slip back into void till the next disaster happens..vile and

Weirdo guy said...

amen to the chap above... It's a endless cycle.

As atif aslam's character says in RDB "What is the most used word in this country? ADJUST! Six people sitting on a seat for four..someone will squeeze in and say - 'Please adjust "

We all are more used to adjusting than doing something.I remember how happy i was that after the attacks people all around me had this determination to make a difference but barely a year after it all we are back to our lackadaisical existence.. sad 'innit..

Arslan said...

My thoughts go out to her. May she find peace, as do the families of all the other victims.

We shall never forget..

Nikhil Menon said...

I dunno diu any bit like u..Though I know her dad and today,the whole world knows him through his actions that have made ppl like us,sit back and go ahead.Though even today,it shakes me pretty bad when I think of what happened on that fateful night.

I've heard lots about her from you..May god give her al the strength to stand up tall and with friends like you,I am sure she will.. :)



RGB said...

Brave city moves on, braver daughter moves on, bravest father lives on.

Haddock said...

Some feelings cannot be penned down.

Blunt Edges said...

the PS said it all!

Anonymous said...

hurts ...really hurts.... so many times i have choked so many times at stories and accounts of victims......guilty that people are trying to bury it and act as if nothing happened, sad that people find this a chance to blame and claim. Here is a documentary that contains actual footage and conversation between the attackers and the ppl in pakistan. ignore the remarks ..just watch the video.

Letterhead Printing | said...

Awww...This is so touching. I'm proud to be a daughter of an amazing man. He is far from home, duty calls. I miss my dad so much because he is the sweetest man I've ever known. It's nice to read a post I can relate with. Thanks for this.

bondgal_rulz said...

It's amazing how the easily the human psyche can forget and move on.

Yes, we will neither forget nor forgive. Not anymore.

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