Meet Me

I am just another twenty-something year old, trying to change the world.

Thinking about this long and hard, I conclude that I cannot really call myself a writer. I mean, sure, I can string some words together in pretty paragraphs, and bunch paragraphs into short stories... but considering most of the time the stories are all about me or people I know, I become much less of a writer, and more of a biographer. You could say, however, I have a poetic way of dealing with tragedies.

So who am I after all? And why do I write these little blurbs, sending thoughts out into a virtual expanse... which when comes down to it, is all but made of 0's and 1's? Yes, you may have guessed it right. I am supposedly equipped with technical knowledge that certifies me a Bachelor in Computer Technology (B.Tech not B.E, as I liked to correct back in the day). College has long left me behind though it keeps resurfacing every now and then in my blurbs. 

Sometime after college, I used to be a marketer. I am good at making things pretty, my colleagues and boss used to say. I think I still am. Sometimes I think I am born into a very wrong country, my styles decidedly European, though I have never been there, or met anyone from there... or even studied their art in any fleeting way whatsoever. Clean lines, a lot of (sometimes) morose colors and geometric shapes. A certain kind of symmetry, even in the asymmetry. Anyway, I digress. I make things pretty, and I am an Adobe ninja. Yes?

What do I do anyway? Well, currently atleast, I save lives. Little baby, furry innocent lives. I work with stray animals, and I truly believe there is no greater love than a whiney dogs paws on your tummy as he stands on two to greet you back home... or that of a drooling kittens wet nose kisses. My life transformed completely when I adopted two little critters with whiskers, and I can never be thankful enough for the blessing. I change the world everyday, along with a group of people just like me. It's pretty fun. 

And on the sidelines, I photograph. Sometimes I code. Other days, I write. Every once in awhile, sketch and craft. Oh and sing, A lot. Used to read a lot, but then that reduced considerably, when travelling by public transport reduced considerably. And then ofcourse,  go photograph some more. 

What else? Quick bits maybe. 

I've lived in Mumbai all my life. I am married, to a man whose language I do not speak (nor intend to, ever). I own a home here, and its cosy and just the right amount of perfect for the two of us & our boys. Boys = my adopted cats. They are brothers, and slightly insane. Also super fun. I have tattoos. I drink whiskey and wine. I cannot stand rum. I am not to be trusted around tequila, but I can promise you one hell of a trip if I am let out after. I dream of travelling the world. My life has no space for children, probably never will. I do not believe in the goodness of people anymore. I no longer love my city the way I used to. My sense of humor is slightly deranged, but my best friends love it. There is a music I have for every emotion I have ever felt. Except maybe hunger, but thats not really an emotion is it? While we are at it, I am a terrible cook. Life gets hard sometimes, but there is always chocolate to deal with that shit. 

So much to tell, so little time. Why don't you come grab some coffee and read some?