Mar 24, 2008

Hello World...

I have been writing ever since I can remember… I have been putting my thoughts into words ever since we got our first PC… I had this folder "my diary" and invented desperate measures like changing font color to white (I simply CANNOT remember passwords in case you are wondering why go thru all that trouble!) to curb my brothers attempts to read my thoughts.

I think a lot. Like really a LOT. I start with this one idea in my head and go to some crazy different idea all together in a matter of seconds. I started with just penning down my thoughts in my little Disney notebook… (I love cartoons)… And then,…well, I just got lazy!! And yeah, life got crazier than ever!

I don’t believe in using big, GRE words to talk or write… I think its like a desperate attempt to sound grown-up…(I refuse to grow up, damn right!) I may write a lot today and disappear for the next couple of months. I may write about things that are completely pointless (like most of the things I am fond of doing)... I haven’t started blogging to crib about the usual things that we engineer’s already crib about anyway… this isn’t some human-rights forum… or save-the animals thing… this page is existing simply cz I love to write. Comments are welcome… though I don’t really care if they are good or bad… Ok that’s it for now… Catchya later!!!


S said...

Surprised .. Don't be :P
It's just an attempt to know the person Annie is :D :D :P

IceMaiden said...

lol!!! ok this is a surprise... have too much free time? :P Annie is a just a complicated girl next door :P

S said...

Let's say complications are the most interesting things left now :D

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