Jun 27, 2009

New Blog!!! :) :) :)

Hey ppl!!!
I just started a new blog. For d reason why I started one when I have this one here and another almost dead one too, plz plz go there and see....
I promise, d place ISNT pink (for pink haters lik Mona, Pam, Karan :P )
After HOURS of searching I FINALLY found a template where I fell in love at first sight. And hence now, finally its open to all of you.. :) :)
Hav fun, Hope u'll like it. :)

Lotssss of luvvv,
Annie :)
P.S: Pam, n whoever else thinks the url is toooo girly, NOT one crack abt d name, : i like it as it is. If u dont knw wht periwinkles are, google it!!! :P :)

P.P.S: GOD!!! d amount of ppl who asked me wht periwinkles are !!! someone (ahem! :P) even asked me wht are 'winkles' cz apprently pink peri means somethng!!! lolz lolz. :P so here it is. !!! (rolls eyes) wht ya u ppl!!! :P

Jun 24, 2009

Masquerade Lovers

In a room full of people.. Long coats and pretty dresses,
And painted faces, bright with every color,
Between us is a dance floor, glinting and bare,
And the music beckons us on…

Our eyes meet across the room,
And I can’t pull my gaze away, you captivate me so..
It’s dangerous, this feeling, like a drug,
Recklessness and the thrill..

We walk towards each other, holding our gaze still,
Meet in the middle of the dance floor, the lights on us..
We don’t talk, hiding behind feathered masks,
No Words get in the way..

You take my hand and spin me across the floor,
Did you feel that tiny charge that shivered down my spine?
As you pulled me in your arms.. so close to you..
That mute sigh that escaped my lips...

Nothing so intimate, as the touch of your hand on my waist,
And my hand on your shoulder, and our fingers intertwined,
This rhythm we dance to, like it was made for us,
Like you were made for me...

Its sin.. The way your eyes strip me..
Down to my deepest core, leaving me vulnerable,
Your ivory mask is cold beneath my fingertips touch,
But d heat in your eyes sears me through and through…

We hide behind our masks, and our fine dresses,
And we play the little pretend game,
Of being perfect and beautiful, when we might be not,
No words said, just our eyes do the talk..

The music stops now, you hold my gaze a bit longer,
You bow. I curtsy. The dance is over.
Masquerade Lovers... that’s what we were,
We lived a love story in that one dance,
And then we left, two opposite directions, you & I,
Never to ever meet again...


P.S: I found the pic first, and it inspired me to write the poem... I told ya, I m weird!! :)

Jun 21, 2009

I stood outside in the rain today...

I know from the sound...That the rains coming down
I know it from the sweet smell of earth... That the rains are here
And I know it from the loneliness that wells up in my heart
You aren’t here beside me...N That the rains are here...

I stood outside in the rain today,
Hugging myself as the rains soaked me to the bone,
Wishing it might wash away with itself,
What there is left inside of me...

I stood outside in the rain today,
And watched as the lightning flashed across the sky,
I like it out here, cold and wet, I m just a random Nobody,
No one even need know that I’m even there…

I stood outside in the rain today,
Tired of hiding behind the happy mask and the pretend smile,
And the rain does not let me lie anymore.. or hide anymore,
All this pain in my heart, while slowly each day I’m dying...

I stood outside in the rain today,
My tears leaving black streaks down my face,
And the blankness in my eyes is my sorrows only trace..
But this time I can blame it on the rain...

It’s raining today, and everything reminds me of you,
Making me wonder if you still love the clown-girl from your yesteryear…
She’s all grown up now, no dreams lighting up her eyes anymore
She’s all grown up now… But she still misses her Ro...


P.S: There’s so much more to say.. But I’m afraid this will leave me feeling more empty than what I started with.. So Ill stop now..
P.P.S: "Pyar tumhe kitna karte hai... Tum yeh samaj nahi paoge.. Jab hum na honge toh bolo kya tab aaoge...."

Jun 19, 2009

Theres something abt u...

Theres something abt the way u laugh...
Dat makes me go all warm inside...
Theres something abt the way you say my name...
Dat makes me wish u wud say it again...

Theres something abt the way u make me wait...
Dat makes me half frown and half smile...
Theres something abt the way u flirt...
Dat makes my heart go hop, skip and jump..

Theres something abt the way u talk to me for hours...
Dat makes me lose all sense of time..
Theres something abt the way I miss u whn ur gone..
Dat makes me realize this time its different...

Theres something abt the way u leave things a lil halfway...
Dat makes me think abt u.. way past bedtime...
Theres something abt the way u make me think abt u...
Dat makes me grin to myself, hiding my face in my pillow.. :P

Theres something abt the way u msg me every morning..
Dat makes me reach for my phone, even thru barely awake eyes..
Theres somethng abt the ":D" tht u send me everyday..
Dat makes me smile foolishly thru the day..

Theres something abt the way u flare up whn someone else flirts wid me...
Dat makes me grin a lot inwards.. though I never show it...
Theres something abt the way u say "Pleeasshh Smillleeee"...
Dat makes me feel lik the girl wid d prettiest smile in d whole wide world.. :)

Theres somethng abt u boy...

Dats made me lose my heart to u... :)

P.S: Foolish, Silly, Stupid... i know i know.. :P..
I m in crazy kiddo mood. :P

Jun 16, 2009

Highlights from the trip....

* Zai sleeping thru a gossiping session and waking up next day and saying "Aree..I was half asleep. I heard everythng. I didnt say anything bcz i was too tired"

* Gul saying "Raat ko insects soye hongena" when asked to shut the balcony door cz insects will come in :P

* Annie and Mona throwing undies on Zai even before the drinking started, sort of like preliminary exercise to getting drunk silly.

* Varu and Shilpa worrying about whether the drinking will make them lose their precious singer voices :P

* Thresholds of getting drunk : Zai is drunk if she is throwing down jokers while playing rummy, Mona is drunk if she is jumping up n down on d bed to "Lari chooti", Varu is drunk if she is yelling hysterically "thers smthng in my hairrrr", Shilpa is drunk if she is demanding more shots in high potched voice... and Annie the great is drunk is she is pointing at everyone present in the room n screeching "YOU ARE DRUNKKKKKK!!!!! I M NOTTTTT!!!!"

* Anoop and Karthik dressing up in long hair caps and bracelets and sling bags and getting down at each station on the return journey and fooling local people. Special mention to us all who acted (very well acting I may add) as enthusiatic fans scrambling for autographs.

* Anoop trying to get an ostrich sandwich from the pantry wala on Swaraj Express in thick Australian accent and trying to pass off as African.

* Anoop starting with "Gaur se dekhiye is aadmi ko..." at random times of the day / night at every random place possible. India TV has serious competition :)

* Ron eating 2kgs of chicken everyday and surviving thru it.

* Ankit not eating anything and saying "kya?" to everything asked to him. Complete with a glazed tired expression bcz of running to the loo every 10 seconds :P ROFL LMAO!!!!

* Shilpas voice going on the 1st day of the trip and she sounding exactly like Paulami from Roadies, and everyone joking about it thinking she is pretending and pissing her off!!! :P

* Annie stealing water from the extremely cute neighbour in the train in the dead of the night bcz there was none around and then striking up a conversation bcz of that (evil laugh... wht?? he was incredibly HOT!!! :P)

* The end of one love story and The beginning of another ..... (Keep guessing!!! :) )... oh n one love story getting a lil bit too enthusiatic!!! hehehehehe!!! (get a room guys!!)

* One "miss u" message that made my day and made me grin foolishly all thru the remainder of the trip... :)

* The skirmish between India and Taliban on the Nainital Lake.. LOLZ!!! Anoop Ron trying to steal the Green Duckie away from us White and Orange one... :)

* Ashwin n Rahul in a PINK duck, duly nicknamed "Gayduck" by us CC's and then them pretending to be pirates and shooting at us using imaginary guns.

* Random people in other Duckies / Dragons / Rowboats on the Lake taking our pics, cz we are simply SOOOO cool!!! We probably looked like movie stars to them.. hehehe.. :)

* Dumb Charades with Ankit acting... And while on the same topic, the IMPOSSIBLE home productions that were given starting from "Bhaagte Huye Bhoot Ki Udti Hui Lungi" (true bhojpuri movie) to "Sayed Amir ko supersonic sound ke mitocondriya se daar lagta hai" :O to "Aa Takli Teri Maang Bharu Fluroscent Color se taki main tujhe andhere mein dekh saku" :O :O :O

* Role playing by Anoop, Nik, Rahul, Me in our Kausani stay.. (Role playing is putting the CRAPPIEST tv channel and muting it and people try to say dialogues... its TOO much fun!!!)

* Jyot on the terrace of Ranikhet Hotel, describing Delhi slang to us, and accidently saying "B*** da L****" !!! Jyot!!! Gaali!!! WOW!!! LMAOOO

* Pralay saying B******* 187630 times on the entire trip, by the end of which the accent turned from Bhojpuri to Maharashtrian!!! :P

* Nana (bus driver whose name is undefined and he is known as thus, cz of uncanny resembelance to Nana Patekar) driving like a mad man enroute to Nainital Hotel when he missed a turn, prompting us all to say Hanuman Chalisa and beginning with Ganpati Aarti, all the while hanging on for our dear lives :P

* Anoop forcing his way onto the CC's (Comps Chics) Bandwagon and declaring himself Hot and CH (Comps Hunk)!!!






So many moments.. I m sure I have missed many.. BUt i have started this now.. People add as many as u can think of and leave me the links... :)


Last Train Ride with everyone.. Getting off at the station.. gathering around in a circle. laden with luggage and yet, noone wants to move towards the exit.. everyone stands there smiling at each other, till I cant stop my tears anymore. I say in a voice that breaks "Mujhe Ghar Nai Jaana...." and the floodgates open. Cry and Cry ... cry more than Farewell day, cz this is it.. truly the end.. The end of a magnificient 4 years of college life.. Suddenly everyone around me is crying too.. We hug and sing 'College Days'... tell loved ones how much they mean to me.. I cry extra hard hugging some people who mean a lot to me.. always will...

And then something makes me smile.. broadly.. in true Wizards style... the true Wizards spirit... someone says loudly "Areee yaar!!! kya ro rahe ho!!! Tuesday ko aana hai na college!!! yeh trip ke Pics submission ke liye... chalo chalo!!! Quad mein aajana 9 baje!!!" Everyone laughs and leaves ... walking slowly out of the station.. with a smile on the face..

"VJ Wizards" gave me the best time of my life, and I will forever be proud to belong to the BEST class that ever rocked VJTI.. May the Wizards Magic last forever!!! :)


Jun 1, 2009

M Leavin on a jet plane... :)

Hey ppl!!!

I know i havnt posted in over a week now, which is very unusual for me. No updates, no song lyrics, no nothin... all cz my stupid net konked off!! Apparently too much use. :P

Anyway, I wont be around for another 10 days. I m FINALLY goin for tht long awaited vacation to Uttranchal wid my friends. This time it will be different cz for d first time on any of the class trips, Im single. :P so it is goin to be one heck of a grls time out, cz everyone of us is quite literally bored wid the utterly stupid guys we hav come across. (i swear they keep getting stupider n stupider.. whr did all the intelligent guys go???!!!!) :P

I m looking forward to this trip for another reason being tht its the last class trip, and also d last one before job starts. i m assuming i m nt goin to be so lukkha tht ill hav d time for any trips whn on d job. (sigh) So all excited, shopped lik mad, wondering whr i m goin to find a bag big enuf to fit everythng in it.. :P

So tht sums it all i guess. I m goin away for 10 days. D chances of anyone missing me look really remote, n d ones who do will call me (glare.. smile..) Baaki ke sab logoko. bye bye. tc. I will miss u guys. Mwah! :)

P.S: I got new converse shoes!!!! n they are GORGEOUS!!!