Oct 28, 2014

Quirks (some)

Honestly, I could not get a decent word for 'Q', and then halfway through a LOTR post on 'Quest', I wrote 'quirk' and that was it.

Quirk #1: Unless, I am absolutely satisfied with it, I will never publish a blog post. 

Life has been pretty hectic lately. My sleep schedule is all fucked up, thanks to a new job that is the farthest away from home I've had to travel (including the time in college!), so I leave home at the odd hour of 8.00AM. Seriously, I've spent the last 5 years of my work life, waking up at 10.00... so this was hard to do. Thankfully, I manage to get home at a decent hour, so I have been OD-ing on some pretty good TV series.

Quirk #2: I cannot do the watch-one-episode-a-week thing with TV series. I have been known to watch entire seasons back to back, not knowing what to do with my life anymore once it has all ended.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I was out grocery shopping (ugh, so... domestic), and I happened to notice the absolute bane of my existence sitting pretty in a display window. I went in and got ...5 pairs. And then came home and started a new series.

New Series: The fascinating Californication, which I religiously avoided all these years because someone told me a long time ago, I should totally watch it, because I will understand Hank in a heartbeat. Which obviously, I did. Sigh. 
Bane of my existence: SOCKS! I am a sock whore. Period. I mean look at that pair, thats my new favorite one. Isn't that yellow adorable?!

Quirk #3: I must wear socks, all the freaking time. I would attribute the lack of any kind of scarring on my feet, thanks to this quirk. 

Someone on my TL shared about the FRIENDS movie. Come on people, just Google things up when in doubt. Clearly a hoax. But FRIENDS. Its comfort series, just like comfort blanky or comfort food.

Quirk #4: I can recollect every dialogue, from every scene, every gag reel, from every single FRIENDS episode.  

Speaking of FRIENDS, I do believe I have the best ones ever. India is being a huge dick, and has banned my favorite FB page - God - so I was pretty annoyed and disgruntled most of today evening. I started a thread about #ManCandyMonday because really, hot men with hot abs and hotter smiles are my morphine to the idiocy that is the human race. However, friends decided to throw in this -

*Khokla - Marathi for coughing/wheezing :P 

I was laughing so hard, I was wheezing for breath. Think I can go to sleep smiling, as opposed to angry out of mind as I was 3 hours ago.

Quirk #5: Its not very difficult for my best friends to take my mind of tough times. Its only lately that I have truly come to realize the value of having someone like that in your life, because most people don't.

Much Love,
P.S.: I think I will do a whole rant on how it sucks to be Indian right now, sometime later.
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