Sep 28, 2013

A Leap of Faith

A month ago, I took a giant leap of faith, done something so crazy.. so unbelievably out-of-character for me - that I could not have predicted for myself. Ever. 

I quit my job.

Why is this such a big deal for me?

Because I, unlike most people - actually make that EVERYONE I know - I LOVED MY JOB! I worked a job, I had no professional degree for (I am supposed to be a software engineer) - yet I loved to do, I have made amazing friends in my team members, I met my husband working for this job and to cut a long story short... it was like home.

So why did I quit?

You know, how sometimes in life, things get too comfortable and you need a jolt to wake you up? How sometimes, you know somewhere in the deepest corner in your heart that your calling lies somewhere elusive, just out of reach.. but if you tried hard enough you can reach there? Where you are is wonderful... but its not enough? It's like being in that wonderful relationship.. just before you breakup and meet your soulmate. :) It is perfect, everything is amazing.. but it is still not quite there yet. 

I have been working for animal welfare ever since I adopted my cats from World For All. Since then, I have fostered numerous cats, photographed many adoption events, spoken to a million people for adoptions, designed and marketed a bunch of posters, managed their social channels.. and had my number plastered all over the city/country. There is something about cradling an animal, that emotion that overcomes every single fibre of your being - nothing matches this. Nothing - NOTHING - compares to the feeling that you saved someones life today. 

So, thats what I did. I traded my fancy, high paying, comfortable job, for a job that allows little renumeration, lots of heartbreaks and tears.. and incomparable joy. I told myself, and many people who were skeptical about my decision - if I am not doing this now, I am not doing this ever.

For the first time in 25 years, I find myself without a plan. Well, a long term plan atleast. I find myself without a daily set schedule, something already decided and tried-tested to fashion my days. I will be honest, its been a month, and it is a struggle to come to terms with this missing order to my life. It is a task to force yourself to sit still at the desk, and quietly get some work done. It is like being let into a candy store after starving all your life, you do not know how to react. Where to go first. What to try first. 

There is a world full of possibilities in front of me right now. This is it. There are a million things, that went under my 'always wanted to do, but never found the time' list. The time for all those things is now. This is me, with my eyes closed, both legs forward, taking a leap of faith. 

P.S: Scotch has been taking full advantage of stay at home mommy... :)

Are you working? Wait first see how handsome I am. Blow me a kiss. Carry on. 

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