Jan 3, 2017



a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.


So this is it. 

This isn’t even the last goodbye, the final word.. the one where I tell everyone how its been amazing and I will miss it all, and how its now time to bid goodbye and shut this thing down. Because we all know, somewhere between my last post (March 1st, 2015) and now (January 3rd, 2017), this blog has already died. Okay.. that sounds very morose, but its true. This blog no longer exists, and this post is, for all practical purposes, an epilogue. 

Simply put, sometime a lot prior to my ‘last post’, things changed. There is no marker in time where I can point to and say that this is when things changed.. but well, they did. I started this blog when I wasn’t even out of grad school and over the years that followed, this place has seen me grow from the (slightly idiotic but mighty idealistic) college girl to the person I am today (who understands and accepts gray areas and does not do labels anymore). 

The funny thing about change is how everyday feels the same.. but when you look back after coming a certain way, you realize so much has. Roughly two years ago, (incidentally reading some of my oldest posts, something funny about college life) I realized there were things I did not even remember saying or doing anymore. Was I simply outgrowing memories as a normal part of “growing up”? It felt more than just that, and it was. When it all came down to it, I did not recognize the person who wrote those posts anymore. And just like that, this place suddenly felt.. alien and it has been a feeling I haven’t been able to shake off. 

There has been (and is still, on some days) a lot of emotional instability and confusion over who I am. It has been a long slow process to acceptance, editing all those learned definitions of life and love and friendship and normalcy, adding new ones and deleting old ones, choosing to let go and starting something new. It has been one heck of a revamp to be entirely honest.. and this goodbye is part of the change. :) 

Without going into too much into detail (thats what the new place is for!) this is me, formally shutting this blog and moving to another place. Which has also literally happened early this year, because I actually moved from India to USA, the guy and the cats, and 6 suitcases worth of everything my life was about. Suddenly, everything familiar about my life disappeared, I was in this new confusing country trying to find my footing, some days missing home so much it hurts and not really sure what comes next, and some days marveling at the fact that I am here. Thanks to this major life change, I have so much to talk about, this new life and everything else that comes along with it, so I have also decided to finally take the plunge and get myself a website. 

So whoever is still reading this, you can find me in my 100% honest glory at That's So Annie where I will talk about everything that makes me, well.. Annie. I know, I know it has been up for a while but this new me takes a bit longer than usual to grow into new things and be comfortable with them. 

Goodbye blog, you have been a wonderful constant for EIGHT YEARS! Thats a feat in itself isn’t it? Now onwards to brand new things.

Love and sunshine,
~ Annie. 

P.S.: I am leaving this blog up for a bit, until I figure what to do with it, and also because I am still very fond of it (and also some special people asked me to.. you know who you are!).