Feb 21, 2010


I am so busy these days I think one of these days I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. *sad face* I have been running around ALL week at office, then at home with mom not well, and then these CAT classes.... my god! They have taken over my entire weekend..!!! Can anyone who even remotely knows me believe me if I told them there is a SALE ten blocks away from my home and IM NOT IN IT!!!!!!! *wails loudly* Someone please please give me an extra hour in my day everyday please please! :( :(

So here are the geeky updates: (Im geeky. Deal. With. It.)
1. Visual Studio 2010 is the best thing that ever happened to me. No wait, its the best thing that ever happened to the entire developing world.
2. Microsoft has nullfied ALL of its sins (ex: pathetic stuff like Vista) by introducing the sheer GENIUS called Microsoft Silverlight. I mean all I can say is W-O-W! :O And this is the reason why I dont mind staying back late in office and playing around with buttons and grids :P :D
3. IE Developer Toolbar is cool. Must check out for all those who develop on IE (if at all :P)
4. Whoever has my SQL Server 2005 CD -- GIVE IT BACK NOW! else I will kill you. Yes Im a mad crazy woman who kills people when they dont return back CD's :P (Ok that smiley totally spoiled it I know )
5. I still find 3GB RAM insufficient. Sheesh. *rolls eyes*

Ya, so back to non-geeky stuff.. The weeks been crazy hectic as we already know...

And I have a lot of stuff lined up for tomorrow. *SIGH*
And I started to write 3 different stories (mush, non mush and scary :P -- A wants a romance, AM wants a thriller and Me wants SOMETHING. ANYTHING! :P) at 3 different times of the weekend and never got around even a para past any of them, making me feel like a totally useless idiot.
And I got into a rather interesting argument with a stupid Brit female over whether or not Jack and Rose (of the Titanic fame) were real or not. Seriously?! Are ALL firangs stupid and have pea sized brains?! :P
And Im in the process of reading 3 different books (none of which Im supposed to be reading for that CAT class :P) and enjoying them all -- The Hobbit (For all LOTR/ Fantasy/Magic fiction fans. Its awesome so far!) , The greatest works of Kahlil Gibran (Gifted this to myself on Vday :P How romantic am I?! :P), Stealing the Network - How to own a box (GEEKY. Computers. Hacking. SUPERRR COOOL!!! :P)

And that leaves my last but not the least, my super update of the week :) *drumroll*

So, my books finally arrived in the mail :) No baba, not yet another book Im reading. :P Let me tell you from the start :P

So remember that post where I ended with "You have got mail" That mail was something like "Dear Icemaiden, *some tareef* blah blah... *some more tareef* ... Would you be interested in writing for a book? -" (I stopped reading after that :P) And I went like WHAT?! :O :O OMG! This is like my dream come true!!!! OMG OMG OMG! So after a lot of those OMG's and around 5 months later I finally have the brand new "Chicken Soup for the Indian Romantic Soul" in my hand with one of MY stories IN IT! OMG OMG! *ok I have GOT to stop doing that! :P*

I feel incredible enough to give one of those Thank You for the Oscar speeches so here goes -- All my wonderful friends who have stayed with me since the beginning of my blog, this wouldnt have been possible without you guys. Love you all a LOT and I cant express how thankful Im that I have WhiteLilyz. If I wouldnt have been for this space, and you guys who make me want to write every weekend, I would have gone ...er.. nuttier than I already am now :P :) Thanks for listening to all those rants (much like this one) and all those random posts and all those mushy silly lovey dovey posts and all those heartbreaking ones too! :) You guys rock! :) .... Yes and I want world peace too *collapses into silly giggles* :P

See you guys next weekend. Nitey Nite. Have a nice weekend! :)

P.S: It feels INCREDIBLE to see your name in print :) Check out for 'Making Space -- Annie' in the 'Lessons in Love' section :)


Iddy Albatross said...

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS yet again for getting published. It really is a great feeling, no doubt about it :)

You tickled the geeky side of me, but I'm going to hang on tightly to the leash. Couldn't letting one thing slip by though, I'm still stuck with 1GB of RAM... sad, I know.

Hope your mum's better now; if she needs to cheer up a bit, tell her about the awesome conversation you struck up about Titanic last night :D hehe


The Wanderer said...

Three points I wanna make here-

1. You develop in IE??? I.E.???? Gone nuts???

2. I want to read the COMPLETE transcript of your Jack-and-Rose argument. Email me if it is non-publishable material :D

3. I wanna see a scan of YOUR story in the book. No wait, I want a copy of that book! Mail one to me and return me I'll mail you those "Mohabbatein leaves" you wanted months back ;-)

Anupam Gupta said...

ok so i don't know HOW many times i am supposed to go OMG OMG OMG with you on that book..but hell..its fun...so here goes..

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!*dances around crazy...ok now stops to catch his breath*

Well you know i am happy for you and all that right??

ok u dont?..damn..
so i am happy for you...very very...like i have already said a gazillion times i am SOOOO proud of you....:)

OK now enf...


P.S. i have a FOUR GB RAM!!!!!:P

Novocaine said...

Cool - Congrats! The thing made you so speechless that you had to title your post '...' :D All the hardwork we do finally enfolds itself in the moments like these (seeing your name in print!)

And what about Adobe AIR? That's not on your geeky list! *tch - tch* :P

Destiny's child... said...

I mean, you go girl! And way to go! Congrats! :)

Anwesa said...

Congratulations my author friend !


**Someone please please give me an extra hour in my day everyday please please! :( :(

Maybe you'll be happier in Mars :P
40 minutes extra in a day :P ( I know it was a lame joke :P)

**A wants a romance, AM wants a thriller and Me wants SOMETHING. ANYTHING! :P

I can do with anything if it has :P (U know who :D)

I'm hunting for your book in town.Lets see when Lady luck blesses me :)

Blunt Edges said...

whoaaaaaaaa...CONGRATS WOMAN! :D

do we get a personalized autographed copy? ***innocent n expectant look***

ps: i have 4GB RAM \m/

The Wanderer said...


I have 4GB RAM too! \m/

IceMaiden said...

Thanks a lot! :) :) It sure is a great feeling.. :)

1GB...pbbhhtt!!! :P :D DO SOMETHING!

Ya moms better, and she DID hear the excerpt of that conversation at 3AM with bloodshot eyes and a murderous expression, hence decided to save it for a better day :P :D


1. I DONT like it. I HAVE too! Apparently my clients want us to develop n IE, never having heard of other *better* browsers! :( But seriously, IEDevToolbar is pretty cool! :)

2. I managed to save it just in the nick of time, that female got so embarrased she unjoined the community and deleted all her posts. Thankfully engineering DOES help in such situations and I have it all in screenshots :P :D *evil laugh*

3. I will send u the ebook as and when it comes :P :D hahahahh! And what is this blatant blackmail for my Mohabbatein leaves!!! this is so bad! :(

hheheheheheh!!! :) :) Well it is fun to go OMG OMG OMG OMG :P We can resume after short breaks of catching our breaths :P

I know you're happy for me... You were one of the only two people who read it before I sent it rem?! :) Hell, we SHOULD celebrate! :P

Love right back at ya,
Annie. :)

heheheh! Yeah I guess so... :) Thanks! :)

And Adobe AIR though nice, is by NO means lightweight...considering it is Adobe after all. Silverlight is much more better is terms of that crucial lightweight. :) But Im going to check it out soon... As soon as I get those extra hours in my day :P

@Destiny's Child,
Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks! :)
Hehehehheh!!!! geeky joke!!! I LIKE I LIKE! :P
Yes Im incorporating you-know-who in it too.. :P I have it all in my head, and it will be done as soon as I have that extra hour! :P

Book available at all leading bookstores :) *wow that sounded like a commercial :P*

@Blunt Edges,
Thanks! :)
Well you guys got to read it before anyone else way back in August :P :D And I just might organize a book signing event :P Only catch you guys will have to come down here Mumbai? Chalega? :P

@Blunt Edges, Karan, Anupam,
STOP MAKING ME JEALOUS!!!!! I WANTED 4GB!!!! I had 2 GB already and I didnt check to see if it was one chip or two! It turned out there were 2 of 1GB and so now I have 1GB + 2GB running in that two slot space!!!!! :( :( :(

Weirdo guy said...

(since people are already rubbing salt in your wounds let me join in too)

The dell PC i have has EIGHT GB of DDR2 RAM *does slow dance in front of annie*


P.S may i ask why in gods name do you use IE ????!! you are a disgrace to all computer engineers i say !

Weirdo guy said...

and congrats on the publish.... i finally know a super famous author... ALRIGHT !

IceMaiden said...

@Weirdo Guy!!!!
*shakes fist at u turning all red in the face*
8 GB!!! you lucky weirdo!!!!! :(

And HELLO?!! It was not MY decision to use IE! Client requirements kya karneka?!!! :P

And Thank you :) though Im hardly super famous :P heheeh! :P So far only friends, people who have read this on my blog or FB and the girl I alarmed at the bookshop by shrieking "Im in this book!" know about it :P :D :D You can spread the word though *grin*

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