Feb 7, 2010


A dance of the vowels and consonants,
Perfectly placed, just the right amount of mush,
Articulated so well, a bitter disguise,
My inbox is full of your lies.

Faking sincerities, it’s all a facade,
Words in a twelve point Arial,
Signed with the sickly sweet "XOXO"
Hugs and Kisses so out of place.

Spell-checked and every dot perfect,
Seduction with grammar, cheap and dishonest,
Each time I read your letters,
My mind reverberates with the sound of your lies.

You think you have it all going your way,
But honey this time, you couldn’t be more wrong
It’s a wrong girl you picked to mess with this time,
And it’s now payback time for all those lies.

Forward, Honey, I forward,
Everything to the woman who wears your ring,
Enough of your deception now let me watch,
As your punctuated lies destroy your everything.


P.S: Next time you decide to patao someone online, remember there could be a potential disadvantage.. Electronic content cant ever be erased, it persists for ever... and also of course, you could be dealing with a crazed vindictive woman like me :D *evil laugh*


Nikhil Menon said...

Well well well... I can understand that more than almost anyone I guess..

Electronic Date cannot be erased,that is soo true.. :)


The Double Inverted Commas said...

Good one

bliss said...

that was nice.... a little unexoected, u know. u started it great!! keep writing!

Anil Sawan said...

luvd the choice of the theme. havnt read many “reality checks” kinda poetries. usually phrases define a world of imagination, virtual or dream. this one sounds more real, “have seen and felt” kind of ambience. good work!

Unknown said...

You did what I think you did!!!!!!!!?????

AND you din't tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like you!!!! :P

Meko bhi fun lena tha!!!!!!!

Rest I'll talk to you!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahaha.....btw this was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

buckingfastard said...

i soo luv readin emails of ex-es....makes me wonder...hw can to ppl close enuf to share underwear can be soooo indifferent of each oder after break up...

btw wats it wid women...first thing in a new relationship is dey wants ur email accn password...giv it a break!!

Anwesa said...

I loved your poem ...

Arslan said...

Ok, I'm scared now... :|

Tensor said...

Reading P.P.S made me laugh, now i so want to patao you, i always had a thing for crazed vindictive woman. :P

Vinay Sharma said...

yeah .. passwd is off limits!! ..
.. nice write btw

Crazy Blogger said...

whoaaaaaaa loved it, really!

kya hai story yaar, bata bata

IceMaiden said...

Actually you dont understand this one at all... :)

@Double Inverted Commas,
Thanks! :)

Hehehehe... Thanks! :)

"Have seen it and felt it" indeed! :) Thanks for liking it! :)

Naaaaaa reeee nai kiya... This is just a teaser of what I CAN do, should make a sensible guy take ten steps away from me, dont you think? ;) :D :D

:D Yeah I wonder about the exact same thing... HOW can ex's be casual about sharing all those 'secrets'???!!!! Weird! *rolls eyes*

And please!!!! Not EVERY girl asks for the password!!!! Atleast I didnt, I have faith in my guy :D

Thanks! :)

Awwww comeon... On normal days, Im a sweet lil innocent billi... wouldnt hurt a fly :D :D

Word of caution: Approach at your own risk. May cause irreversible damage. :D

Thanks! :) And this isn't breaking and entering some ex's etc mailbox. It is forwarding stuff that some loser writes to a another woman, when cheating on his wife.

No story re... Dont we see losers cheating on their girlfriend/wife liek almost every other day?! *rolls eyes* Thought Ill write something about some girl ho decided to bust him.

Blunt Edges said...

OMG u actually gonna do that? :o

IceMaiden said...

@Blunt Edges,
If any guy is stupid enough to cheat on his gf/wife, esp with a girl like me, he deserves to be busted... don't u think?

Dr. Acula said...

:O Mera reaction is exactly the same as blunt edge's . :O :O

Really liked the poem btw. :) :)

muthu said...

An interesting post...

with the last few lines the most interesting of em.. :)

IceMaiden said...


Heheheheh!!! :D :D
Refer answer above :P
And Thanks! :)


Thanks! :)

A Poetess said...

niceeee...like the slipping-down-more-comfortably-in-ur-seat-with-an-evil-grin nice!

IceMaiden said...


*evil grin*

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