Feb 24, 2010


They had appeared out of nowhere. She was walking home after a long day at work, earphones plugged into her ears. She reached for her cell to change the song and with that beat of silence in her ears, she heard that low guttural laugh behind her. She didnt need to look behind to know who they were. They were them, the lurkers.

She quickened her pace a bit, as much as those stilettos would allow her to. She snuck a glance over her shoulder and felt her heart start to hammer in her chest. She saw them, all of them, trying to be discreet and start to follow her. But the way they fixed their beady eyes on her, gave them away. She looked ahead, almost stumbling over a crack in the concrete as she tried to consider her options. Dont panic, they will know you know. Just a few minutes, and you will be home.

A part of her screamed for her to run like the devil was on her heels. She dared one more glance over her shoulder and this time she saw their hungry, insane grins. No time like now to run she decided. But little did she know that she was too late. One of them was already heading for her, clutching his weapon in hands by his side. She was just too late..


She stood soaked head to toe. Thanks to the waterballon the 12year old threw.

~ Annie.
P.S: I've got Satans kids living in my building, I swear :|


Iddy Albatross said...

Bheegi Billi!! :D

Anupam Gupta said...

the suspense that u build up.....


ohh i am sorry for what happened btw..:P

Blunt Edges said...

ROFL...hilarious twist that! :D

Destiny's child... said...

Haha...least expected!
Satan kids? :D

Anonymous said...

great post

Anwesa said...

You got me scared totally !

**I've got Satans kids living in my building, I swear :|

That's the very reason I HATE kids.

Holi is not far away,be careful now :P :D

Crazy Blogger said...

whtta twist!

IceMaiden said...

:( Billi dont like no water! :(

:P :D

@Blunt Edges, @Destiny's Child
True Story! :P
Satan's kids indeed! :D

Thanks! :P

Well I dont hate them... They just lose it around Holi! :P

:P :D

- Sugar Cube - said...

haha! loved the twist!

Arslan said...

Hahaha.. :) Would've loved to have this accompanied by a pic. :)

The Wanderer said...

You deserve it :P

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

Oh man! Tell me about it! I've been playing dodgeball with all the kids on building tops all day long. Everywhere you go, there's pearl harbour retakes happening!

Dhanya said...

:) :) I second Iddy Albatross -- Bheegi billi ;)

simply me said...

well... even i have been guilty of that crime in my childhood :)...

IceMaiden said...

:D Thanks!

If at all the pic would have been taken, it would feature me as a red faced, spluttering enrages girl all soaked! :P Not something I would put up on the blog! :P

wtf! :P u wait until u get here! :P then we shall see... :D *evil grin*

SERIOUSLY!! I walked right into a 'TRAP' with all thsoe little critters yelling 'ATTACK!' :P

:P Bheegi Billi indeed! :P

@Simply Me,
:D so have we all... but somehow when we did it, it was cuter! :P

Minakshi said...

Nice one!! and Happy Holi!!!

HaRy!! said...

join de club... he he!

Rajlakshmi said...

gosh i thought it was another suspense story :D
loved the narration

buckingfastard said...

ooh those tiny lill basterds...ruind my shirt wid balloons....i tell u dey r national threat!!! :P

happy holi lolz

muthu said...


quite an adventurous holi...

Cheers.. :)

Kanishk said...

Well deserved :P

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

Annie, you've been featured on my blog. Come on over! :D

Shanu said...

Super twist :)

IceMaiden said...

@Minakshi, Rajlakshmi,
Thanks! :)

haha! :P

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Ya you bet it was! :P

Okkkkk! look whos here! :P
You try getting wet with your fav shirt on and then we shall see! Hmmph.

Hehehe! Thanks! :)

Rohan said...

Rofl, Holi without getting hit by a balloon is like dissing the festival :P:P

The only way to really enjoy it is, carry a bag of balloons in your bag while on the move and counter strike:D:D

Super hilarious ride !! loved it

IceMaiden said...

LOL. yeah yeah I know! :P
I was in a grumbly mood when I wrote the post :P
Thanks for liking it!
Welcome here btw :P :D


Kanishk said...

As far as I cud remember I always used to be the one with the baloons in my hand and an ominous smile. Also, I must add there aren't too many better feelings than the one u get when you drench a runner who cudn't even see it coming *sigh* :P

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

HAHAHA o ma....... tat was a gud suspense story..
i just remembered the recent holi fest where i was with the kids of neighborhood splashing water at each n everyone

BIG Omi said...

wow! u you're quite a pictureer! love the way you write!

Haddock said...

That was a real fast one.

DeJaVu said...

I read this article again and it still amuses me! :) I am absolutely proud to have such a gifted writer for a friend! :)

Unknown said...

nice ....
goin thru ur posts ....

IceMaiden said...

Yes yes I know, but it was more fun when we were on the other side of the firing line! :P

@Devil Incarnate,
Welcome to my blog! :)
Yeah Holi is a fun time :)

@Big Omi,
Thanks a lot! :)

:P :D

Awww... I echo the thoughts :)

Thanks :)

Eon Heath said...

that was simply fatang!!! a perfect end i would say....splash!!! hehehe

The Silhouette...

Nikki... said...

God.. U built up the suspense very well..

Its just impossible to dodge every water filled rockets, one is sure to find its mark :)

IceMaiden said...

Welcome to my blog! :)
Thanks for liking my post! :)

Heheh! Yeah and one sure did!
Thanks for liking the suspense! :P

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