Dec 29, 2008

Its that time of the year again...

hey there. the year is drawing to a close, and its time to get nostalgic.. its the time again to call up all the party goers, and make plans for "the most happenin 31st Party ever".. and its also the time to get down with ur writing pad, and jot down NEW new year resolutions.. and try hard to keep the familiar "u-couldnt-do-it-last-time-wht-makes-u-think-u-can-do-it-this-time" thought outta ur mind...lolzz.. still, making new year resolutions, is a tradition in itself.. and as i was goin thru my writings, i stumbled upon this.. my LAST year resolution sheet. lets see how i have fared in these... n then maybe the next post will be dedicated to NEW year resolutions.. :)


*** Things to do in 2008’ ***

Ø Cry less & Smile more...

(hmm... this one.. was successful about 50%...)

Ø Learn to be on my own… I am good enough on my own n I don’t need anyone to make me happy.

(this was successful too..)

Ø Study hard… do as many GRE cards as possible every day…

(the fact tht its my GRE tomorrow, and i havent got a clue abt wht i m going to do 2mrw.. shud do the talking for this one!!!)

Ø Learn to play one new sport.(maybe lawn tennis)

(it was hard enough stayin in touch wid my old sport - basketball... hehe)

Ø Spend an hour on my PC writing. Anything that I like… maintain a diary.

(this was probably the only thing on this list i did... n i m feeling very good about it.. the blog stands testimony to "all the writing".. :) )

Ø Treat myself to 1 new book every weekend.

(every weekend to nahi... bt i buy myself a lot of books this year... )

Ø Keep a record of all the expenses done each day...

(FAILED...n u dun even wanna know wht the expenses add upto... :P )

Ø Spend more time with the kids… read up on new things to teach.

Ø Hang out with my friends more.(abha ketki rids CC’s)

(hmm... maybe... 50-50)

Ø Swim a lot

(didnt even get NEAR a sports club...let alone swimmming..)

Ø Regularly go to the gym… lose a lot of weight.

(FAILED...big time... i think i put on another 10 kgs of weight.... *sob sob*)

Ø Learn to drive.

(my mom told me "ur a kid... wht do u wanna learn drivin for??" n refused to pay for mydriving its nt my mistake i failed in this one... lolzz)

Ø Take dance classes (somewhere mid year)

(i feel like laughing on this one... it slipped outta my head, jus as soon as i completed making the resolutions...seriously i m rememberin it now... :P )

Ø buy a nice digicam. (mom is still working on my application to buy a nice digicam.. i think i shud stop making unrealistic resolutions...)

Ø Stop taking the rik n start taking the bus… saves unnecessary expenses.

(seriously dunno if i followed this... 50-50 here also..)

Ø Cut down on non – vegetarian food.

(yeah i did tht...*sooobbbb*)

Ø Get a tattoo

(i SO regret not doing this... this passes on to new year resolution...)

Ø Get a swanky new haircut.

(yeah i did this...effects were very interesting...hehe..)

Ø Ask for a new MP3 player.

(i asked. i got. i gifted. to Ro. thts done.)

so.. i am having mixed feeling abt how i fared on this. lemme get started in new year resolutions now.. cya later. new post coming up soon...:)



Anonymous said...

Honesty is always about oneself.
Claps !!!

The Wanderer said...

You forgot one.. rather.. make one now-

"I shall not cross the railway tracks at the station and use the bridge."

Follow this one for your own safety :)

IceMaiden said...

lolzz... :)..thought i shud do a reality check n see whre i stand on my new year resolutions... n karan.. i dun thnk i will b makin tht resolution in a longgg timee...

magiceye said...


अविनाश said...

happy new year

hitch writer said...

Happy New Year !!!

IceMaiden said...

@ everyone...
happy new year to u guys too...:) may the new year get u all the luck in the world...:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great effort. I liked reading your list, very interesting. Hope you're ready with your new set of resolutions and all set to follow them. Have a great year ahead, and keep writing!

IceMaiden said...

lolzz my new year reolution is NOT to make ne resolutions...

haha. :P

A.prem said...


i'l do this next year.. or may be every month.. what if i forget some?! .. lol

Raj said...


lose weight?! ahem ahem.

and tattoo. shit. thats been on my list since...i really dont remember. just wanted it for a long time.

and expenses. dayum.

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