Dec 23, 2008

TRAIN - Part 4

“My name is Rohit. I stay in Secunderabad. Are you from Mumbai?” *tht name is real. I didn’t make that up*

“Ya, I m from Mumbai. And my name is Anita.” *ya back then, I gave out my real name on chat too.. But this guy seemed so polite, that the fact that he might be a crook, didn’t even cross my mind*

“So, how old are you?” he asked, quieting closing his book, as if settling for a long chat.. *I already had eyes the shape of hearts… he had the most buttery voice.*

“I m 17. In junior college. Studying science. Computers”

He took a double take. “Wow, you are 17, you don’t look 17. And science huh? Cool.”

“So what about you? Do you stay in Secunderabad? What do you do?” I rested my head on my hands, with elbows propped up, as I looked at him.

It was my turn to have a double take now. 
“Ya, I stay here. I m 23. And I'm in the IAF, fighter pilot.” He smiled.

Yes. I was as surprised as you are. And he was not bluffing. Just read on and you will know why. I was immediately like “Oh WOW.. That is SO cool.” I scrambled up and sat cross legged on my seat.

“Just returning from training in Lonavala. ” Since it was not possible for him to sit up in his seat, because it was the last berth, he just straightened a little bit.. *ahh, those shoulders… WOW*

“OMG. Tht is like the coolest thing you can do with your life. Become a fighter pilot. Are you guys like the one in Top gun? Can you tell me about G‘s n all?” I was rambling. But I was so freaking awestruck. Now that explained his army sort of clothes and aviator glares. I thought it was like the latest fad or something.

He laughed and said, catching on a bit of my excitement, “Hey u know what G‘s are? And yeah it is a little bit like Top Gun, but it’s a lot harder in reality. And btw, tht IS my fav movie. ”

Ultimately at the end of it all, we stayed up till late talking. About anything and everything.

We talked about how he grew up, his family, how he was from Haryana originally. We talked about my school, college, my friends. We talked about our sun signs, what we liked to do most when we are free, which movies, which songs, which books.

He told me about how amazing he felt high up in air and I told him how I very much want to be a writer someday. “Arent you already one? You have been writing ever since I have been on the train”, he said, as we sat talking outside near the door of the train, in the chilling night air.

“Were u observing me?” I asked laughing.

“No.. I was actually - maybe - No. I think you already are a writer.” he finished smiling. He added quietly “I just thought that u have the most beautiful eyes.” right then, I felt the shiest I had ever felt in my entire 17 years of life. Damn, even now as I'm writing this, I cannot remember one single instance that I had felt THAT shy..

“So, where will u be staying in Hyd?” he asked after the moment passed.

“Banjara Hills. That’s all I know. ” I wished I knew more. Somehow I didn’t quite want the meeting to end.

“Wow, that’s posh.” he didn’t say anything further, just looked out at the rushing landscape, cloaked in black.

I stood up and said “It's getting really late now. We better sleep. I have no idea what will I do…” I trailed off.

“Why? What happened?” he stood beside me, looking so tall and handsome, that I almost forgot what I wanted to say next.

“Umm.. I NEVER wake early in the morning, unless mom wakes me up. Who will wake me up tomorrow? ” I frowned. I was seriously worried. I wasn’t just making small talk. “What if you don’t wake up at the last station? Does someone come and wake you up? Where does the train go after the last station? It cant just stop there, huh?”

He laughed again softly, “Man, you talk so much” *I blushed and immediately shut up* “Don’t worry. When I’ll wake up in the morning, I'll wake u up. Ok?”

“Thanks. Good night.” I smiled as I we reached near our seats. We looked at each other and smiled. *I could almost HEAR the goddamn crackles of electricity. Grrr… wish I had been a little older. Right then I felt like a school girl.*

“Goodnight.” he said as he started to climb to his berth. I climbed up to mine, and settled in. I
wasn’t sleepy. From he looks of it nor was he.

He whispered “The guy didn’t give you blanket huh? Here, take mine.”

“Thank you so much.” I said relieved, I wont be freezing to death after all. I took it. It even smelled of him *I swear I was not loony. It smelled like musk.*

I laid awake for a long time. Listening to the train moving. I didn’t want this meeting to end. You know how you are at 17. You start dreaming about things that may happen. In all innocence you forget that sometimes, most of the times, things don’t always go as planned. I wanted to keep in touch, know him further, get close to him. He was like so… perfect. I think I was already half in love with his perfect army man. You know how you felt *girls I mean* when u saw Tom cruise in Top Gun, or Richard Gere in An officer and A Gentleman. I was head over heels in an instant. No man could ever be more perfect. Ahh…The joys of being young and innocent. I feel asleep with thoughts swirling in my head and a smile on my face.

...last post coming soon.... :)


Penguin said...

hey u've told us this story but a very censored edition [:D]
u can make a movie out of this...Jab I met Rohit no 1

IceMaiden said...

heyyy wht censored version???? there is NO censored version... infact there are NO versions at all... i m sure u are talkin abt some other story... this story is as it is... i actually sat wid my diaries to write the stuff that happened back then....

IceMaiden said...
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Ashrita said...

Ahh, It reminded me of when I was 17 and met this awfully hot guy who was also incidentally from the IAF and 23 years old! Only his name was not Rohit :P Waiting for the last part! And yeah this post was not too short at all :)

Good work!

The Wanderer said...

Even if this is a true incident, it is turning out to be like a true romantic movie!
Did you give your diary to the director of Jab We Met for some inspiration? ;-)

IceMaiden said...


yeah this is a true life incident.... n it is one of the fondest memories of my lfe... :)

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