Dec 18, 2008

TRAIN - Part 1

I have been lazing around at home for quite some time now. No work to do, no books to learn by rote, no frnds to go out wid. It was one of those days when u just feel like putting on your fav pajamas, wearing your most comfortable pair of socks, and snuggling in bed with either a good book or a good movie *in my case, settle down for a long chat with ur lappy.. hehe*. Alas, my Mom had other plans. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that if I didn’t clean my closet, like I have been promising since like last year, she will personally go thru my stuff *NOOOO- I yelped*, and throw out wht SHE feels like throwing out *WHTTT - gasped*. That pretty much covered everything that I owned. So I scowled *perfect imitation of scowl-woman from CG pracs (college pest-cum-prof)* and dragged my feet outta bed.

So there I sat, on a nice wintry night, going thru my closet, and then I found something that had lain forgotten for quite some time now. My old photo albums. They are really quite interesting, but the one I want to mention here, are these two albums, that covered my trip to Hyderabad 4 years ago *gosh I looked hawwt.. Haha..*. Rather, what those albums really reminded me, was this incident, which is straight out of some fairy tale book. I mean stuff like that didn’t happen to regular people, unless it’s some Bollywood flick.

It was the summer before I started the grueling 12th standard. When I say grueling, I really mean it, cuz KS classes, actually brought me close to a nervous breakdown. Anyway, I was going through a shit-phase in life, having just broken up with someone, grades stank, friends back stabbing, major fight with best friend.. etc etc.. so all in all I was lost and confused where life was headed, I needed a break. NOW.

So my Bhaiya gave a perfect solution. In those days he was staying at Hyd, with Bhabhi n their 1 n a half year old son. He asked me to come over n spend 2 weeks there. Mainly give company to Bhabhi, n in that enjoy a change of scenery in a brand new city. When I asked him, how was I to come thr, wid no one accompanying me, he simply asked to get on the next train and come alone. I was all up for it. Luckily so was mom. *YIPEEE*

So, I had mom pack my suitcase, dumped my important stuff in my hand bag, wore my newest jeans and newest denim jacket, and started for CST. With mom. She saw me off from there, in an eerily empty train to Hyd. I mean it was just me in the entire coach. Mom had asked the train wala agent, to book the aisle seats, the one with only 2 seats. N she booked them both, so that strange people wont be sitting next to me for my 18 hour journey. As the train pulled out of the station, she asked not to buy anything from the sellers in the train, not to talk to strangers and finally NOT *extra emphasis here* to get down on ANY platform. I did all the three things she asked me not to do. And no prizes for guessing what I enjoyed doing the most. That would be having one of the memorable conversations of my life.

... To Be Continued


The Wanderer said...

Ekta Kapoor ki serial hai kya? Poora ek baar me khatam kar!

And btw I wanna see those pics in which you say you look "hot".. please bring them with you when you meet me next!

Ashrita said...

Waiting for the next part :)

It is an art to leave your audience wanting for more! You know what I mean :P

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