Oct 31, 2008

Haven’t been writing here for such a long time…I know… well I have been off NOT- celebrating Diwali. My version of stayin at home n not indulging in the festive atmosphere. *for the upside… I DID make a lotta money cuz of my ‘n’ no. of brothers… hehe…*

I have been in a retrospective mood of sorts… thinking about all the ppl in my life tht are…well, no longer there…or in some ways I don’t get to talk to them as much as I would want to. I was jus wondering if I had…one single chance to talk to them wht is it that I would say… I want to make peace with everyone… for one last time… without expecting anything in return…

Mayuri “Between us there’s nothing to apologize for… nothing to be sorry for… nothing to regret. I have been friends for u for the longest amount of time.. N we have had a PERFECT friendship… never fought, never got mad at each other, never been away… literally miles away though… only thing I wish for is more chances , more occasions for me to tell u how important you are to me. N how much I love u. miss u like crazy. Mwah!”

Shrutika … “What happened? How come one fine day we stopped being best friends?? If I did anything to hurt you… m sorry. I wish I could make up to u somehow.. I m still here. Wish I could reach u somehow.”

Saloni “u rem… we were together since kindergarten… rem.. How much fun it was with KASPAR… the games, the trips, the heart-to-hearts… how come we just let all that go? Whtever came between us… was it really big enough to overshadow what we all shared? The friendship? I know me, Abha, Ketki, Padmaja and Riddhi will still be there for u… we r jus waiting for ur call.. We are sorry if we did anything to hurt u… jus a note to rem… true friends are far between n very few… ”

Malvika “heyyy… wish u wud have never shifted outta Mumbai. Miss u gal… u were the first person to teach me that its perfectly rockin to be jus ME… n I miss ur wise cracks… I know u tried to remain in touch… but somehow I couldn’t make time for u…it was never intentional.. It jus…happened tht way… I m so sorry. Next time, see u around in Mumbai… pakka…”

Adi “Wish I had realized in school wht a terrific friendship we can have. I miss u a lot. N whenever I think of u I wish for all the best things in life for u. May god bless u always.”

Pratik M “Thanks.”

Mitali , Priyanka, Jinal, Prathamesh, Pallavi, Prite, Chandan … “GUYSSS… kaha ho tum log???? Make time for ur friends… rem snowlops… n Sathaye ki canteen… n the fun we all had squeezing ourselves into the table seats… n the random jokes…i had the most amazing junior college lyfe... cuz of u all... n for tht i will always be thankful... if ur mad at anyone of the gang for whatever reasons… jus let it go… like I m realizing ryt now… it makes it a lot easier to breathe..”

Sonu “I m sorry… n my god… u r still so cute!!!” *wink wink*

Amit… “I m sorry”

Nisarg “I know I don’t talk to u as often as I should… to keep in touch with my sanity… but I miss u a lot. I know u’ll be leaving in a matter of months now… n heaven knows how I m gonna be O.K without u… thanks for being the rock that held me… n didn’t let me vanish into a dark abyss. N no matter where u r… u will always remain my soul mate… ”

Bhavik “I have NO idea wht happened to our friendship… but I will always treasure the times I had wid u… u’ll always remain the formal pants- shirts guy I have known since first day of first year…”

Sari “Even though I didn’t know u well…after the trip…for a while there… I thought u were one of the very few ppl who came close to understanding me.. I thought I saw a bit of me in u… n vice versa.. I m sorry I said things that don’t seem fair to me ryt now… but a while back sounded so right. I will be there if u evr decide to give me a buzz. ”
The list here is definitely not complete. There maybe a lot of people I have hurt or upset in someway… n deserve my apologizes. There maybe few others who jus.. went out of contact… it happens n its all right! I just realized today that u cant wait for their phone call forever. My list here is a lot shorter cuz I kept getting up to make calls. *moms real pissed abt it actually… but chalega…* the point is that for the most part I made up wid people… I can still count them as my friends… n I tell u…it’s a rockin feeling!!!… as for the ones, I cant make up to… I dedicate this post… mwah! Love u all guys…

Oct 16, 2008


hey ther folks!!!!....*to zai n the others who were waiting for the wumpus post* sorry for the delay. the project is currenly on hold... because of submissions and the other stuff... as also the VJTI post that i have been promissing for quite some time now....

neway, as i wud like to see it, we are done with 40% of the submission work. DSP was a cake. No Viva. The virar-bound crazy female didnt know nethng anyway. she keeps chatting wid me whnever i am in the LR, drinking my water n eating my dabba even whn i have asked her not to....

neway, as for the other submission AMP, she was one angry female today. she kept muttering to herself and asking weird questions *out of syllabus tht is* like wht is core2duo, whch cache do we use *i mean dudette....whcher cache we want....they were MADE for the purpose innit?*... n the other female kept smiling.... but wht the hell.... bothe the teachers recognized me from our brain stroming sessions abt AMP in the LR....so i think i hav managed to gtet a 4 on 5... *wooohooo!!!!*
i was quite mad in the afternoon. next post abt the fight soon...

for now,,.... bbye...