Nov 13, 2008


Varu -- The Song.
Somethings remain in our memories even when they are over. Long gone. The song, for the moment takes away the years off your shoulders, leaving u with.. Just u. The song whispers to you.. Of times good and bad. Of times funny and sad.. There’s a song for everything that happens…It stays with you. All the way till the end. Much like this feisty grl.

Zai -- The Oracle.
She’s the knowledge. The wisdom. The practicality. All encompassing high priestess. Sees things exactly the way they are. No blindfolds can fool her. She knows exactly who u r. One of a kind. She has a softer side she rarely allows the world to see. Hides it behind the intelligent looking glasses. Outwards she’s just the Oracle. It maybe intimidating for some. And deeply venerable for some. For me its both.

Gul -- The River.
Going on.. flowing away, making her course through life… never stopping…always in a hurry. But gives u enough time.. To know her, see the depths… n fall in love with her innocence… which so perfectly conceals the deep wisdom. And the sentimentality. She pulls everything together, cuz she is the one who gives them all…life.

Pranita -- The dew drop.
Like the tiny droplets… reflecting the truth out of the world cloaked in fakeness… she’s the untouched one. Untouched by selfishness and greed. The ethereal beauty. Sometimes, it’s a wonder.. How did she remain so ignorant of all reality? N then I wonder, but isn’t that the best way to be?

Shilpa -- The Attitude.
The fact of life is that not everyone is going to like you, or have a reason for not liking you.. Sometimes life just throws people at you especially designed just to hurt you.. And no matter what u CANT let them get u down. Which means that everyone needs to be dealt with the right attitude. She is the attitude. Steadfast. Strong. Fearless. Gentle. Emotional. The laughter. The tears. The joy. The innocence. The right thing to do.

Monica -- The Moon.
Always calm. Always silent. No one knows what secrets she hides. She shows the light when the light of the whole world dies. Like the friend, who’ll be there…when everyone will leave.

Siddhesh -- The star.
The determination… stuns me sometimes. The insane, yet strangely addictive desire, to excel. The sheer grit to give the best…whatever comes. The one who WILL make it happen. In a world where there’s no place for emotional fools, he will be the practical friend who’s words don’t hurt, but lead u on. And that’s y, for me he’s the Star… in his own right…
Karan --The Vagabond.
The one who believes there’s a lot more to see than what we have already. The one who looks beyond the mundane. Sometimes I feel he’s on some sort of a relentless quest.. For what I don’t know, but it draws me in…the determination. He’s the one who teaches me take the steps. On the path less taken.
Deepak -- The Angel.
Few people in the world are lucky to find a friend who is patient, loving, kind, gentle, truthful, untainted… n impossibly cute.. so it cant just be another person u pass by in the street. It has to be an Angel. Without wings.

Binu -- The Brightest Colors
For me he represents everything bright and beautiful. Everything true and real, everything that brings a smile. Always there. Steadfast and strong for his friends. Caring and giving. In a world so politically incorrect *haha… meaning me*.. He is so correct. He combines the beauty of all the colors that exist. For without him, life would be so utterly… black n white!!
Ashwin - The Mask.
Sometimes the geek, sometimes the enigma, sometimes the flirt, sometimes the hermit, sometimes the laughter, sometimes the stern gaze, sometimes the mocking smirk, sometimes the entire shyness of the world in one.. I have never known the real him. N so for me he is the Mask…

Nik - The Crush.
The stupid jokes n then suddenly the emotional gaze when the old lost strings of a sad song find him.. The laughter for others when sad, the support system when things don’t go as they are supposed to.. Truly represents the adage “laugh like u have never cried… dance like no ones watching.. N luv lyk u have never been hurt!” Something about him draws everyone to him.. N for the majority he will always remain… The first Crush..
Rahul Patil- The Clown.
The Joker of the pack. The Laughter.. whose jokes make no sense.. or do they? Sometimes I feel like he hides a world full of thoughts, pain, melancholy.. Under that bright, funny exterior. Like the eyes that long for a love long lost…or the wise smile that knows everything that goes on in the world.. He’ll see beyond what u’ll show him.. But he’ll remain quiet. Waiting for you to come seek him…

Pratik Shah - The Thread.
The original CR. He brings everything together. Like the neutral threads that weave together the bright and the drab… the fiery and the calm.. The faces in the shadows and the ones in the limelight… not always seen, but steady, unwavering, just behind the curtains.. Weaving a rich tapestry… so aptly called the Wizards…

Mona -- Everything.
A whole lotta punch packed in the wispy little frame.. Sometimes so beautiful, like a porcelain doll.. U will almost be afraid to touch.. lest she breaks. And sometimes the energy of all the elements combined. Emotional and strong. Crazy and wise. So open and clear, allowing you to see the depths…and all at once, the recluse. She’s the breath of fresh air. She is everything.
& Finally...

Ro… The Magic Wand.
Life is a roller coaster… the highs and the lows. Ppl get thru it wid best friends, family, maybe just themselves. I have my very own magic wand. All I have to do is swish it…and suddenly everything tingles with some hidden secret magic. Situations are no longer good or bad… they are just situations… because all that matters is that as long as I’ll have my magic wand… in the end… everything will turn out magical…

P.S. if i have missed u in this post... then it doesnt mean that u dun mean as much as these ppl, above... its simply tht i havent found the right element yet for u... *smiles...*