Jul 11, 2009

My First (Office)ial Rant :P

I like the sound of Software Developer. A LOT. *grin*

Sigh!! I can be refered to as a working woman (wht? noooo :O working girl) now. A week into my new job, Im already frustrated enough to dish out profanities. :P :D Lolz. No no, kidding..!!! Just a lil bit of whining. :)

Damn do I miss college or what? :( I miss meeting up with friends and hanging out and having the time of our lives. I miss college and the basketball court and the canteen and every blade of grass in the comps dept. :( Bt sigh!! The college days are all gone and Im pushed into the IT world. N so far, it has been crazyyy!!! Presenting a list of my outbursts over the week :-

1. Why the hell were heels invented? Why the hell am I so short? Why cant I wear sneakers to work? Who said converse doesnt go with churidars? ARGHH!!! :

2. The first week of college, and my SIX year record is flushed rather unceremoniously down the train - of NEVER EVER have missed a train in my life. My personal best was when I was thrusting money into the autowalas hand, who seemed half asleep and the train was pulling into the FOURTH platform. N one week of work, I missed not one, not two, but THREE trains to work! :O (reasons: dupatta goin haywire, heels making it impossible to crush someone foot, ather getting ur own crushed and all ladies existing between Virar to Borivili stuffed into ONE coach!!)

3. I always liked travelling by buses. Its a nice place to listen to songs, read books, complete assignments, observe funny people, talk on d phone, hum to urself... That is I thought so, before last week happened to me : First I discovered, that out of the odd million people who stay in Mumbai, almost all stay at Andheri, and more than half of them work at SakiNaka, and HAVE
to catch the same bus as mine : That meant a bus ki line that started at some god forsaken bustop, and went on n on n on.. all d way onto the railway bridge!!! Second I found out to my horror, that the rule *ahem* "Ladies First" doesnt apply anymore, and so I ended up all battered and bruished at work my very third day. As of next week, I will assume catching a
bus to work akin to goin for battle and dress accordingly :P

//That does it wid the REACHING part
(see i m even using coding notations in here.. lolz.. '//' stands for commented lines)

4. I reach work, d wind knocked out of me, my preciously made hair all haywire (I stopped bothering with it second day onwards), wet from the sudden onslaught of rains, and i find that the AC is turned up to freeze me into a human icicle. No it cant be turned down. Yes you may wear a sweatshirt (Thnk god). So tht makes me the only grl in history who wears a old faded (dhapped) sweatshirt over churidar-kurtas :P

5. I get my own new brand new system (Yayyy), but it is filled with SOOOO many things, it makes the 4GB RAM cry in despair :P :D I wud hav gone into technical details here, ghost processes n all. :P lekin jaane do. :P (see, i m even TALKING technical now. sigh.) Afterthought - even my lappy works faster :P on a measly 2 GB :)...

6. Got ragged by every senior member on the company board, one of which turned out to be an advertisement actor. lolz. (colgate ki ad ka dentist is my boss :P :D) They made me sing :P Work Place rocks!!! They are a fun loving lot, fridays ko timepass karte hai aur weekends pe sports!! yippeee!!! looks like basketball has a hope after all.. (sings. dances. smiles gleefully.)

7. Instruction on first day : Use Skype to chat. U will get free food, order what u want, U can do whtever u want with the internet (excellent speed btw) , dress smartly, formals NOT necessarily required. (thnk godd!!!)

8. Coding has been fun so far, but each passing day it is getting harder. For instance, does anyone even realize what all jhol-jhamela I have to do, to get tabs for new windows lik there in IE and firefox? sigh. I m STILL working on it. :P (side effects: I talk and analyze situations in terms of if-then-else, switch-case, try-catch, do-while :P :D) oh n ya, ASP.NET is the best thing that
ever happened to the coding world :D (all u JAVA guys *thumbs down*)

9. 1 week, and my daily consumption of coffee went from a cup every now and then, to minimum 3 cups a day :P Strangely that is the only thing that cures my all-too-frequent headaches now :) Today I tried tea, it was good !!! :)

10. (conversation between me and frnd sitting NEXT to me) :
me : I can see wht ur doin (evil laugh)!!!!
her : jaa naa kamini... kaam kar.. break over
me : chal coffee lene jaate hai
her : bore ho raha hai, tu ja
me : haa, ab toh merese baat kyu karegi shanii :(
her : nautanki saali :P
me : (content supressed) :P
her : (content supressed. google wale suffer minor heartattck) :D
me : btw, aaj kaunsa din hai? 4th? 5th?
her : 5th... HAHAHAHA... chal party.
me : yessss, 5 din ka 5000 in hand.. hehehe :P :D
her : no in bank. :( 1st ko celebrate karenge
me : hahahaha.... chal chal ab status change kar, "busy at work"
(gtalking :P :D)

So thats it, from my side. :)
Applause plzz!!! :P

P.S: onethoughton's TAG coming up next.
P.P.S: Last, one good bye post. Cz tht will mark the end of my blog.


Americanising Desi said...

applause applause ;)

Misty Rhythm said...

congrats :)...getting to work sounds like a pain!! but work doesn't sound so bad :)

i hate wearing heels too!! i hate sandals of any form!

eerrr...details on the p.p.s please!

Amit said...

its jst the start....fun wld start later on..as they say bakre ko halal karne se pehle thoda to pyaar karna padtha hain :P

All the best !

Enjoy the coding world ;)


IceMaiden said...

Thank u thank u!!! :)

*sigh* WHY cant we wear plain ol sneakers to work? :P
N abt d P.P.S, next -to -next post :)

@Hopeless Romantic,
ya i guess so, wohi hone wala hai :P :D
Thanks!!! :)

Thoughton said...

man u remind me of my first few weeks of work... i was sick upset of everything.... guess we d all have to go thru it... bt it gets bettr with time i believe..to the point that ul say 'faff off' to all and start walkin in with ur fav pair of flats or even sneakers... all the best gal... :)
and oh Thoughton here by the way

Ashrita said...

Congratulations on your one week of job :D I am sure you will adjust to the surroundings soon. Wow colgate doctor is your boss :D Tell him he has a fan :D I love all the dentists on ads!

Richa said...

wow!! THS a week and more coming :D

and i dont get, y is ur blog coming to an end?/

DPhatsez said...

when one door opens,another closes.
Thy blog will be missed (?) :D :p

neeraj_only said...

Congrats annie , bada time se joining mil gaya :p

have fun..

Destiny's child... said...

reading abt ur first week at job was fun...u r being whiny..but i can see that ur enjoying..fully agree abt ur statement on buses being the best place to read, listen to music, n especially observe funny ppl....

Keep smiling...:)

Cabin-boy Dave said...

Ahh! You know, I used to like the sound of 'Software Engineer' too, but my fourth year in college starts the day after tomorrow, and at the moment, 'Unemployed graduate with loads of time on his hands' sounds way better :P

But hang in there, I'm sure it'll get better :)

It's my first time here, and I can't believe this blog's gonna come to an end in another two posts... :(

Here's my special tribute to you (in code, just as you like it):

#define INFINITY 9999999
#include "blogcheck.h"

int main()
int i;


return 0;

Cabin-boy Dave said...

PS. I took pains to use proper coding conventions and spacing for the tribute but Blogger swallowed that. Argh!

IceMaiden said...


:) Heyya!! :)
But i seriously doubt if i will ever be allowed to wear sneakers to work, unless its a friday :P :D oh well!!! u win some u lode some. :)

Heyy!! Thanks!!!
Ok ill tell my boss he has a fan :P :D
n i wud hav adjusted to my surroundings a lot faster had they been any 'greener' :P knw wht i mean? :P :D

IceMaiden said...

:) Abt d PPS part ill talkabt it in d next part, bt yeah, i m comtemplating shutting down d blog...

U mean u wont miss my blog? *sniiff* :(

oyeee look who is back?? kaha tha yaar? long time no see?

IceMaiden said...

@Destinys Child..
Hey!! :)
Ya i knw d bus bit is fun :P :D ALL sorts of ppl i hv met!!! :D

IceMaiden said...

wht a brilliant program!!! *applause* first time here, n its by far d best comment i hav ever gt :P :D

Ahhh!!! Last year?? awesome.. so nw ull be swaped with advanced netwrks/processors/ placements :P :D U made me rem my fourth yr whch has jus ended. :(
N ur program made me nostalgic..
thts because its been a REALLY LONG time since my Main()returned anythng at all... lolz. :P :D

n u didnt hav to declare d int i outside no? inside for wud hav been ok...
*omg!!! i started wid technical stuff here also!!! :O :P :D*


Dhanya said...

Heylo :) Thanks a lot for visiting n commenting on my blog, my dear Annie...

Was starting to miss your cheeky comments elsewhere on the web... but now that you have got in touch directly, all's good :D

What's this ? I have come and you're contemplating on shutting down ur blog ? not fair! :( :(

Keshi said...


Im one too...a s/w engineer I mean :)

Heels? I hate em. used to wear em to work n they wrecked my feet. Now I wear comfy flats to work or something with a thick heel so my feet dun hv to suffer!


IceMaiden said...

Heyyy!!! :) So nice to see you here.. :)

There are so many comments in that part of the web, I wud rather just sit and observe than be just one *rather unappreciated* of them.. :)

N Abt the end of the blog, Im swamped with ppl ranging from tellin me "i will miss u" to coll-office friends telling me blatantly "u wont get a ride on my bike if u shut ur blog" :O So im still thinking... :)

Welcome here anyway, hope u like whtever crap I have write :P :D


IceMaiden said...

Hey there. Thanks!!! :)
I m thinking of switching to those platform heels next week onwards. :P lets see hw they wrk out :)

Thank u for visiting!! :)


ani_aset said...

"Do i hv 2 say d wrds?" ;)

Go easy on coffee.Java is good, you'll know soon :)...i'm sure you use Google chrome.Andheri to sakinaka is easy..isnt it ;)..why not take a rick?

IceMaiden said...


Ughhh!!! I will NEVER EVER like JAVA!!! *makes a face*
Google comes in handy yeah :P
N whts d point of takin a rik, ill be stuck in traffic anyway, n besides the sky rocketin meter reading will end up makin me more grumpy than before. :P rem, i havnt yet gt my first paycheck :P


ani_aset said...

Tell you what, the time you will get in rick, you can utilise it to read the book you want to :)


y no commnts on smthng suggstd so clr :P

IceMaiden said...

awww ani_aset, I m addicted to sms lingo... :P :D i m changin i m changin!!! sach mein bacche ki jaan loge!!! :(

ani_aset said...

hehehe u knw wt.m gnna st cmmntng n sms lng frm nw n n ur pst

Escapist said...

Clap clap n down up n on.....

Jolliiesss!!!P.S:- wats that yur P.P.S with a msg ....

Crazy Blogger said...

congrats girl.I am still bitten by recession bug!

CRD said...

hehe. ur work sounds like fun already.

my my! havent u travelled in packed trains and buses before? Packed trains are better than packed buses, in that the trains get u to where u want to go faster. Buses chug along slower than a cycle with 1 tyre-less wheel

The colgate ad guy? "Kya Dhoondh rahi ho? Sadan!" wala doc? ask him if his upper lip is glued to his upper gums :P

Enf of blogging? U crazy??? Uve just started working! Trust me, ull have loads to blog about :)

Keep Blogging :)


IceMaiden said...

Thnk u thnk u!!! :)

Abt d PPS, d amt of ppl who buzzed me back is makin me rethink a lil bit :P :D
*i change minds often :P*

koi na, jab job milegi, ull be d same as me :P

IceMaiden said...


FINALLY look whos here!! :P :D

oh yess, seriously, i prefer trains to buses anyday!!! it took me an HOUR N HALF to reach my office whr it is SUPPOSED to make me reach in 20 minutes!!! :|

hehehe, Not tht colgate wala, d earlier one, hes acted in Tata tea gold wala ad also whr he is d major n orders some juniors to ladakh for looking at his wife :O :| :D

N yeah, abt d bloggin no more thng, i m delibrating wid myself ... :)


Meher said...

u got a nice blog in here..!!n a nice post too..:)
Cheers//hope to read more of u...!!

The Wanderer said...

Hey sorry for dropping by sooo late.. my harddrive has bad sectors and "cannot load operating system" (can the software engineer help in hardware issues??)

Coming to the point-

1. Doesnt your company provide transportation from Andheri?

2. Even I have caught a train from PLATFORM 4 inspite of being as far as that shady bar when the train pulls into the platform (and that too WITHOUT JUMPING THE TRACKS!)! You have company there!

3. I wanna know more about your ragging session. In detail please.

4. Why do you need to wear churidar to work daily? IT company right? Go western na!

Finally.. I read some comments about you thinking of closing your blog.. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I will kill you if you do that!

IceMaiden said...

@ Meher,

Heyy thr!!! thnks!! :)

Rach said...

Aplause!!... Good one! :)

Don't stop blogging... you are too good to stop writing! :)

IceMaiden said...

@ Rachana,
Thanks!!! :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Software developer and all haan?? :P

Oye..make sure not to wear heels everyday. I did, and my legs don't seem to be of much use these days cos of the same. :(

And wtf? End of your blog? You've lost it kya? *stares at you in amazement*

IceMaiden said...


:( :(
I dont hav anythng besides my sneakers and heels. :(

Abt software developer.. :P :D yeah tht sounds better than Annie-unemployed :P :D


Blunt Edges said...

lol...a workin woman ha??? now aint dat cool (oh come on...who m i kiddin? nothin beats coll :D)

nice post...luved d use of //...hahaha...innovative ;)

n just outta curiosity...did i get it rite? u r short n u play basketball??? :o

n u givin up bloggin kya???

IceMaiden said...

@blunt egdes,

hehehe!!! yeah nuthin beats college life :) even d coolest job!! :)

N yes i m like 5'2 smthng and i play basketball. :P strange as that might sound, (and extremely boastful :P), my shots are rather awsm :) :P

-Annie. :)

DeJaVu said...

Hey Ta!

i just casually visited ur blog to see if u can STILL blog after all the work pressure u crib about on gtalk! hehe.. n here u are! wow.. applause n hats off just for taking out d time n "awake" time to blog. well ur work sounds quite a grind.. sigh.. i really dread feeling the "end of college life.. start of work life" verge that i'm also gonna reach..2 yrs down the lane.. (sigh again) but til then....... (yahoo rock on smiley) babay! :D

okay okay.. my narcissism stops here..hehe.. all d best with the ASP controls and "spaghetti code" dear :)

IceMaiden said...


now if only the "spaghetti code" was even half as temptin asw it sounds :P :D

2 years more of enjoyment... chal chal go hav sm fun!! in d meantime, ill earn some booty :P :D

\m/ (shoutbox wala smiley :P)

Rain Girl said...

after almost a decade (yes, I am that old a blogger :P :P) i'm reading something.. fresh, young, full of energy and enthusiasm to face the world... love your attitude, love your humour...

keep it up, girl... u made my day. can't believe am actually smiling.. :)

IceMaiden said...

@rain girl,
Hey there!! Thank you so much!! :)
Glad I made ur day :)

P.S: wow, i jus finished work, n im supposed to be all dead beat.. I cant belive i m smiling hehe!!! :P :D :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

iceprincess said...

by d way whats with d blog closing?
congrats on ur job..and now..ur working lady and all....
njaaaiii the travel...
some advice:
plz..take care of ur dupatta..ther er times i wld have got strangulated by my own dupatta..they r scary stuff..and yea..heels..eeek...pain to ur soles..as well as others feet whom u hit...dont lose balance when u get off or on d train...and use them to smash ne guy's feet who tries to get all touchy feely in the bus...also..try getting that huge umbrella..it is better raingear as well as good defence...
err..do i sound like ur mom?
am sorry..neways...njaaaaiiii

muthu said...

col life always rocks...

no questions...

& ur job does sound like fun..

have a great time.


kish said...

No offence, but you sound like a coding geek:P

IceMaiden said...


Hahhahhahahaha!!!! yeah i am!
as of now, loving evry moment of it! :P :D

IceMaiden said...

n not forgettin d fact i m female, lolz, isnt that an achievment in itself? :P :D

kish said...

Good to hear. I thought the software industry is reeling under recession, not the case i guess.
Where do you work?
I'm a final year student (electronics and communication) and it's safe to say that my future is bleak.
Even the core e&c companies ask c snippets. WTF!:P

IceMaiden said...

Hey kish!!

hahhahahhahahahaha!!!!! U CANNOT escape coding.. whrever u go :) So i suggest u start making urself proficient in atleast C/C++... tht ought to save u frm the bleak times (indeed!) ahead.. :(

I work fr a US based company, Citius Tech, which for some strange reason ISNT affected by recession at all.. hahaha!! Lucky me i guess! :)


Raj said...

basketball. was always the best game ever. it lets u fly.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious, you were not mistaken

IceMaiden said...

@same anony,

Errr again..?!

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