Nov 30, 2010

Birthday Wishlist v2

I'll be turning 23 (Oh. My. God. I am old.) 5 days from now, and like last year, here is my Birthday Wishlist. The items on this list are what I absolutely desire / totally deserve / or would kill to have. Please note these items are in no specific order and I desire them all equally. The lack of usual "Annie Items" (read: shoes, shoes and well ... more shoes) means that I already have shoes that are spilling over my closet. I mean now that's a dream eh ladies? ;) Oh Lucky Me :D Anyway, moving on, here is my wishlist...  

(Just remember, I'm not much of a demanding person, and I'm very easy to please :D)

1. A princess tiara. Yes I must have one, I adore those little sparkly ones every time I slip into the kid's aisle at Spencer's. I. Must. Have. One. ... and a wand too while I am at that...  :D

2. Greeting Cards. I swear noone gives them anymore... or actually let me rephrase, once out of college, noone gives cards anymore.. and thats sad if you ask me... :( I really like someone writing cute notes inside a birthday greeting. These are things that remain with me forever... :)

3. A super chic handbag, one of those that women eye appreciatively with a 'sweet mother of god' expression on their faces ... Ofc, those being expensive (for eg, this super sexy CK bag I saw the other day... *droollll* I mean just LOOK at it...! Which woman worth her salt wouldn't want that?! ), ... I'm not buying them for myself, so I need you Santa. Please I promise to behave :)

4. I am officially in love with my new fragrance. After using Davidoff for years, interspersed with the likes of Provogue, Elizabeth Arden, Gucci, Nina Ricci etc etc.. my sister happened to pass me Burberry and Im hooked! :P So next on my list is what I hear is a very "me" Burberry Touch.

5. A new laptop. No seriously, I have had my Dell for close to three years now, and I love it to bits, it being my most expensive purchase et al, but now I really NEED a new laptop. A girl's gotta have her gadgets :D

6. A bunch of white calla lilies. OK I know its difficult to get lilies, especially white ones, but I LOVE them! And honestly, people need to improvise.. roses are SO cliched!

7. A chocolate cake with candles. I would really like to continue the tradition of always having cakes on my birthdays... AND candles on the cake too!!!! I never get candles!!!! :| I LIKE CANDLES! :( noone is too old for candles!! :) And no, I don’t want a single birthday candle that says 23. I want 23 birthday candles — not a candle less and certainly not a candle more :)

8. An orange sweatshirt. Everyone knows I love sweatshirts. Orange is a color that's missing in my wardrobe. Its December, and hence its cold. *expectant eager look*

P.S: And no Karan, a sweatshirt that says Virginia Tech wont do :D

9. A movie. This December I'm dying to catch two awesome movies - Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader & Tron Legacy - in IMAX 3D ONLY. Contrary to popular opinion, Im more of a fantasy / action movie person than a romantic movie person (IF at all I have to watch movies.. ) I love Narnia movies... And I hear the White Witch is back... So yayies! :) & Tron trailers had me hooked wayyyy back in September I think. Cant wait for that one either. So ya, I cant think of a better extended birthday / belated birthday gift :)

10. I want the above pirate on my birthday. I want Captain Jack Sparrow. Can I please get him? *innocent kitten eyes*

11. I bought myself insane amount of shoes all of this year, all heels, and hence I would really like a pair of crazy-looking-super-cool All Star's Converse. Size 4. Yes my feet are tiny. Don't laugh.  :D

12. Candies. Nutties to be precise. I love those things and you may find them at the checkout counter of Hypercity. Thank you in advance :P

13. M.A.C. Eyeliner Pencil. We all know how pretty Annie's eyes are now don't we? And we would want to make them prettier no? :D

 14. My favorite music. A compilation of my very favourite songs (and thanks to my more-than-regular facebook updates, everyone knows what kind of music I love). You can give me the songs in anyway you want to.... and if you insist on giving me an iPod, I swear I wont complain. Promise :)

15. Color Pens. Not glittery ones, normal ones. Especially the color purple. :)

16. Photos. Framed photos of memories that make me smile. Anything will do, even if those are photos that Im not in (I was most likely the one taking them then :P)... Pictures make perfect memories... :)

17. A drive by the sea. Just you and me. And our favorite music ... round that up with a perfect good night kiss and I'll be the happiest kitten on earth :)

P.S: I will be 23, but I dont look / act a day above 17. Hence 17 things on this list :P
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The Wanderer said...

Damn! When I came to #8, I said to myself "Cool, I can give THIS" and then I read that P.S. :(
Come on, apart from us Hokies, the only people I know who flaunt orange colored stuff are Shiv Sena/VHP guys.. take your pick :P

#16 is what you'll get from me, but a full month late and you know why :)

I guess #17 is directed at a particular person, if not, you get #17 from me too, I am game for drive by the sea ANYTIME :)

* Hoping Newton's Third Law applies and this "action" results in equal "reaction" in May *

UjjwalRaaj said...

Haha I just had my birthday last week , and out of the 17 things you have on, I absolutely completely agree with greeting cards! I can't get enough of them! and of course the laptop and keds. Haha.

Have a great year ahead! And 23 is supposed to be a very good number, numerologically speaking. One of the most powerful infact. Keep that in mind.!


Thoughts Synchronized said...

Well!! Hope you have a gr8 Bday.. Moreover I hope your frenzz wud c this wishlist and gift one of 'em to u.. ;).. My B'day too falls this month n u have motivated me to write up my wishlist too :D

S said...

*sigh* you are so easy to please, ain't you! ;)

Ananya said...

Ah! Happy *almost* birthday.
And I so agree with the greeting cards part. I have so many of them with me. Will always do. :)
My birthday is coming too, in some 20-odd days. I want a Tiara too. :D

Harini said...

Happy 45 mins early Bday :). I can actually give you few stuff from the list :P. But let me first give you something u dint ask for >:D<... a virtual hug.

Dhanya said...

You made me hungry -- choco cake n all :( Hope you have a great birthday !!! :)

Ire said...

Hey happy belated birthday and 23 is not old! I turned 25 on 17th last month and feel ancient!

Da Rodent said...

:O some list, that is..

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