Jul 20, 2011

Wednesday Wallpapers #08

.. and a Tag! :D
(Dhapped from here on Dhanya's blog!)

Your last FB / Twitter update:
Facebook - Its a Breaking Benjamin day! \m/ \m/
Twitter - (retweeted) Agar Priyanka chopra ko B'day wish karke uske sath dinner ka khwab dekh rahe ho to Don2 ki kasam @AapChutiyeHain. *hehehe*

3 TV/Movie characters you relate with:
Aditi in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na:
I LOVE kitties. Remember the first scene where she has a memorial service for her cat? Yes thats me. Definitely.
I mistake love for friendship all.the.time. And I took it hard when the first guy I had feelings for started dating someone else. Ouch!
I have manyyy friends and I hang out with them a LOT.
I have spent a lot of my life being a complete tom-boy.
I am quite a hot-head resorting to battle everytime I have a disagreement. Sigh! This has cost me a lot of GD's and debates! :P
I do crazy stuff with my hair. :D

Rachael from FRIENDS:
No, I am not Rachael-gorgeous. AT ALL. But we have too many similarities to miss her out on this list.
I am a self-certified Fashionista :P (though I honestly dont do makeup even if I am more brand-conscious than most women!)
I took a long time to find what I was good at - and I am fiercely independent about it.
I fell for all the wrong men, and it took me a long time to know that my Ross was right there!

And a LOT of people tell me I am like Geet from Jab We Met - since I talk ALL. THE. TIME. :P

3 countries on your travel list:
3 are too damn less!!! I have a whole bunch of them on my list! :D
Egypt - I have been fascinated with the Egyptian civilization for as long as I can remember - I can probably tell you pretty much everything there is to know about the Valley of the Kings! :) Its been on my wishlist for ages!!!
Spain - Its so scenic!!!!! And it reminds me of my favorite kind of food! :P

France - Paris specifically, to take a long long walk down a very beautiful boulevard arm in arm with my sweetheart :)

Hit the shuffle on your iPod – list out the 3 songs:
Dont have an iPod - so putting my BB songlist of shuffle:
Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode
RHTDM - Love is in the rain (Theme song)
Thalavattam - Ponvenne (Dont understand a word of what he is saying - but I like the melody!)

3 daily must-haves:
  • A song update on Facebook via phone :P 
  • A single flower from him before I reach office :) 
  • A drive back home talking about things that relax me :)
3 things you’re confused about:
  • Whether I like my hair straight or curly :P
  • The spelling of whether (weather?) :P
  • Which one to pick from Hazel Dazzle and Double Trouble at M.O.D!!! :D
Browse your DVD rack or bookshelf – pull 3 out at random:
  • Lord of the Rings - extended edition - DVD
  • A Thousand Spendid Suns - Khaled Hossieni
  • Gora - Rabindranath Tagore
If you had to date a celebrity, who would it be?
The answer to this keeps changing all the time - currently it is John Mayer (just to listen to him sing to me!)

If you were a celebrity, what would you be?
I would LOVE to be a hip-hop dancer!

And now for the Wednesday Wallpaper #08:

P.S: I have NO time for myself these days and its turning me cranky! :|
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Anonymous said...

wow, single from from him... Reminds me of sonam kapooor of I hate luv storys , yehi thi na spelling?

Felicity said...

This was such a nice post. :) Enjoyed reading. :)

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