Jan 13, 2012


Dear Dallas, 

This is not easy - saying bye to you, because possibly unknown to you, you have become one of the most integral parts of my life. I know you will be back soon, but from the moment we all were shouting over the phone - you in your balcony and me in a Marks and Spencers changing room, about your acceptance letter - I have been all too aware of the fact that you will also be gone, for a good long time. I know people change over the years, distances makes cracks in relationships that sometimes no amount of love can heal, and I am scared that we will too, drift apart like all those other people. I am scared that when you come back, you will be a changed man, with other priorities, other people and other dreams than catching a 9.00PM R-City movie show or mushroom garlic sandwich at Aromas with hot chocolate. Maybe it is selfish of me, but I wish to keep you for myself and our little group. *sad smile*