Feb 1, 2012

A wedding happens only once, you know.

P.S: Having put up with the suckiest of birthdays and the suckiest of new years and the suckiest of whatever other days, I never imagined that I will have to deal with it again. On my wedding. Thank you all... But really, no girl deserves this however loserly she might be.


Lady Whispers said...

What happened?
All fine?

Soumya said...

Awwwww what happened?
Everything fine Annie?

Crazy Blogger said...

Kya hua?

Dhanya said...

I guess the first half of the post doesn't really apply for me ;)

About the 'P.S part' -- hope all's well? Wedding time does tend to put u under a lot of stress and pressure. Hope it's not getting to you. Much love..

Fatso said...

Not much of experience in this field. Hope you get a better treatment.. soon.

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