Nov 30, 2012

The Year That Was.

Most of this year can be summarized as things I have learnt from my cats. 

As everyone who is on my Facebook knows (I seem to say that a lot don't I? Wow. My FB is REALLY my life feed! :P) I adore my boys. They have grown beautifully from the frail tiny little, fitting-in-my-palm kittens they were when they came into my life. Over time, they have also developed a distinct personality about themselves. Even though they are brothers, they are as different as chalk and cheese! 

Dusk doing an I-am-so-innocent look. Do not fall for it.
Dusk is the naughty guy, he is the prankster, the things-upsetter, the demanding, more vocal, always getting in trouble, adventure seeking boy. He has explored all corners of the house, got on top of places he shouldn't, has taken down the protective nets by climbing up and down them, has destroyed doormats, towels, chairs, sofas and pretty much everything else that can be scratched. He also has a peculiar habit of NEVER liking it when someone picks him up. If you do, he will twist and turn and wriggle and squirm and jump right of your arms. He will come to you when he wants to (which is when he wants to sleep) and make himself the most adorable, sweet little thing you ever looked down upon in your lap. 

Scotch doing his Look-I-iz-zo-handsome. Do fall for it.
Scotch on the other hand…. just want to chill and look handsome. :) For the first few months I was worried there was something wrong with his voice. The guy never meows. And rarely if he does, it a raspy totally non-cat-like meow. He is my simpleton baby, he will just look to you with such a what-happened? look, it WILL make your heart melt! Scotch has made it his job to look for all the cozy spots in the house to sleep for hours in. Or sit and groom oneself in. He also doesn't fancy being picked up much, but he will stay there in your arms while you talk baby language to him, with a sarcastic 'Do you really have to do that and speak like that?' look until you feel embarrassed of your childish behavior and let him go. He does have his purring I-love-you-so-much moments, when he will lay on his side and knead your arm, but that's exclusively ONLY for me. :)

Despite of their many obvious differences, they have a bond that words can simply not express. They never leave each other. EVER. Wherever Dusk is on the brink of creating another of his glorious disasters, Scotch is reluctantly, but still tagging along. Whenever Scotch is sleeping, Dusk is always sleeping with him, or cooking up ways to wake him up. Usually something involving biting poor Scotch's ears! LOL. They are truly, two parts of a whole. 

My recent fav picture of my boys. They are THAT aww yes. :')
So what have I learnt from my boys? Dusk has taught me to be unafraid to try something new, something totally crazy, something that will more often than not land me in trouble, something that will make me go 'okay that was totally worth it!' - every single day. He has taught me that no matter how it ends up, you have to make the ride worth it, because the people who will love you are there always backing you up. He has taught me that, if you want something, DEMAND it. Scotch has taught me, that it is okay to be self-obsessed, as long as you know what are the more important things in life. It okay to stop thinking about everyone else, and think about yourself sometimes! He has taught me to stop making life so complicated… and just relax! The most important things are eating well, sleeping well and telling the ones you love, that you love them. Often. Even if you fight with them. 

Together they have taught me to enjoy life, because no matter how it starts out, it all comes together in the end.

- Anita. 
P.S: The best mornings are those when I wake up to them, having opened the door sometime in the middle of the night, and made themselves cozy between me and Nutties. As always, Dusk has beaten Scotch to the best spot… but Scotch is fine, sleeping with his head on my foot too. :)

P.P.S: All pictures by yours truly (obviously).. And since I love you guys so much for reading my blog :P drop me a mail at if you want to check out Dusk & Scotch's entire album of awww-someness! :) I promise you, they are totally worth watching. :)
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Furree Katt said...

This just broke my heart a million times over because my cat died this morning. You are very lucky. Always, always love your cats!

- Sugar Cube - said...

superduper cute!

Ananya said...

This is the most heart-warming and the cutest post I've read in a while! :D

Ire said...

You are lucky to have them! Both of them are gorgeous, your boys!

WritingsForLife said...

They are adorable. My sister has a cat who I completely adore and have learned so much from :-).

songbird said...

Your cats are just ah-dorable!!! And they have the sweetest names. It's so witty how you turned their behavior into life lessons. I totally love your blog. So I'm gonna follow :]

bliss said...

awwww i loved the last picture!!! they are supercute.

but have to say, 'Anita' in end is a deviation from your usual self :)

PPP said...

hey, written well and from the heart:)

this made for a sweet read!

Anonymous said...

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