Oct 29, 2013

Of Moon & John

Work has been crazy hectic & crazy awesome. I turned into a puppy person, because I wanted to meet John. (I am a HUGE fan of those dimples..). I do not know what was the better moment of the day - that I fell completely, irrevocably in love with a wee little cute furball puppy called Moon, or that I stood there and chatted with John Abraham about how cute this aforementioned pup was, and handing the pup to him before a picture perfect shot was taken. I think both. #totalfangirlmomenthappening

Moon came back smelling like John, I swear I am not crazy. 
John is such an incredible person because he was a DELIGHT to shoot with. And an absolutely sweet person to talk to. His mom, Firoza aunty was so much more sweeter! A wonderful lady who loves dogs just as much as we do! :) What a fun shoot. (John's teeshirt said 'Man of Steel'  *sigh*)

Before you ask what the shoot was for, it was for the amazing World For All "Pet Parents" calendar. If you want a copy (I only just wrapped up the design with the team, and its looking so AWESOME, it matters next to nothing that I have barely slept in two days!) email me on anita@worldforall.in and I will be in touch! Cannot wait for the calendar launch, which happens in two weeks. Our calendar has been covered by pretty much every major newspaper / magazine, and the interest generated has been phenomenal. I. Am. So. Excited! Yay us! :)

Do order your copy today. Its a small amount, but it will ALL go towards saving an innocent life. Everyone from our endorser John to the actors featured to the amazing photographer to the wonderful designing & editing team .. and right down to the WFA team - has put in a LOT of hard work, all for one cause. Help us help the ones who need it the most. It's a personal request. :)

... So how have you been lately? 

P.S: Seriously deliberating getting a paw prints tattoo over my heart. 
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