Dec 31, 2013

Turning 26 & The Year That Was

This year was another of those blink and you'll miss it years, though it was packed with events and life decisions. All in all, even though I am guessing my 26 before 26 was not really a success... but it was a GOOD year. :) In a random order, the year that was ~
  • Quit a job for the first time in my life... Moved on to something that does not fill my pockets, but fills my soul. Enviable, I am told. 
  • Almost got arrested. The seriously deranged.... people(?) I deal with, they are fun. It is fun taking down bullies and telling them, haan karle jo karna hai.
  • I change the world as we know it. NOTHING beats this feeling. Nothing beats the feeling that I am making a difference to the world which is beyond just existing here, being a statistic. 
  • Home is home now. I went through the cycle of hiring hands to do their false ceiling, wall painting, making furniture business. Got to choose the color of the walls & got to be pseudo architect. I would have had a rocking career! (like most other things I like to do, but never took as a serious career option)
  • On the flip-side, this left me no time or money to do the more expensive things on my list, so... well. You win some, you lose some yes? 
  • New blog was made. It did not die a premature death, and crossed the 500 posts marks. 
  • For the first time in years, no wishlist happened for the birthday. No "birthday" happened really, considering I was working (shooting a wedding in Ahmedabad).
  • You know how you break up with someone, you spend a year or so just being resentful of them, of how things are, or life in general? And then you reach this state of... nothingness? Like nothing related to the person matters... you even start being benevolent about their presence. You get philosophical, and get into the live-and-let-live zone... because you realise your life is going pretty okay without them. I got that way for a bunch of people I lost(?) contact with. I don't resent life - or them - for having turned out this way. I only wish them the good in whatever they are doing.. and well, move on.
  • Realised that there are some friends, that need NOT constantly called or hung out with. There are some friendships that simply by virtue of their age have transcended the usual dimensions of maintaining a friendship. School friends, for me, fell into this category. It was nice loosening the hold a bit, and growing along with the others.   
  • Got nostalgic for childhood a lot this year, simpler times, because life is just that overwhelming with activity these days. 
  • Attended someones funeral for the first time. Witnessed extreme pain for the first time. Thought I would never make it if I had to do this. People around me, please live forever? :( 
  • Met a host of Bollywood celebrities, it is wonderful to get to know famous people who are well... just regular people who love the next dog or cat just as much as you would! And most of them are really, really, good looking! :D
  • Attended a Bollywood party, with a glittery attire I will otherwise not be caught dead in. Full on jhatang mode. So this counts as trying things, I wouldn't have otherwise. :P
  • No matter how much I rock my last wedding, I am always nervous about my next one. It is scary as much as it is fun. So.. just cut the others some slack okay? It takes more than just a fancy camera and PR skills.  
  • Married life saw the ultimate drama test (as made popular by the movies and the TV shows) and....  I came out on the top. Bitches be damned! If you are reading this, which you probably are... get off the internet. And get a life. It is seriously NOT meant for people like you. Yes, this time, I actually DO mean you.
  • Watching late night movies, and then getting a coffee became "our" thing. We have literally watched every movie that released this year, even the bad ones. :P (and by that, needless to mention, I mean Hollywood!)
  • I got mentioned in a bunch of newspapers, magazines, online columns, was made to bark and meow on national radio (as promotion for an event), phone no. got RTed by a bunch of famous people leading to creeps calling me up to ask, 'Yeh Sonam Kapoor hai kya?' .... *facepalm* 
  • This year was no good for family time. I realised what a fast paced life I live, because I literally spoke to my mother like 50 times this year. I am always working.. always on the go... phone keeps ringing all the time. I struggle to maintain that I like this, let me be, while mother dearest hates it with a passion. Sigh.
  • I have a good feeling about the next year. 2014 don't let me down okay?
With lots of love & the best of wishes for the new year,
P.S: I am twenty-fucking-six. WOW.
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P. said...

Sounds like a pretty darn good year to me!

Getting off the internet (as much as possible) is top of the agenda, so thank you for that holler.

Happy New Year, Annie!

PS: 26 is a good age. Panic sets in after this :P

bondgal_rulz said...

Don't even get me started on being 26. :|

Sooooooper happy for the move you made!! wish you success and happiness in 2014.


Ashrita said...

2014 is gonna be AMAZING for you :*

Furree Katt said...

What a great collection of memories! Happy new year, may 2014 be amazing for you. Love you ♥

nil said...

Sounds like a rather killer year.
That state of 'nothingness' you spoke of? Yeah well, it's ridiculous how perfectly well I know how that one goes. Good for you, and have a wonderful 2014 :)

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

Happy new year. Now come back and write more! Far too less of you since I started following you :/

- Sugar Cube - said...

Jhatang mode. haha :D

A job that fills your soul. Wow.

have been reading your blog for a while now and I abs love it :)

Happy 26th to you :)

IceMaiden said...

Yes it was, wasn't it? :) Happy new year to you too, hope you have a great one! And I have a non-panicky one.. :P

HHAHAHHA!!! Well you would KNOW! :)

Love back.

It's gonna be amazing for US! :D YAY!

Happy new year to you too, hope you have a great one! :) Love you too! ♥

Haha, yes killer indeed! You have a amazing new year too, Nil! :)

Happy new year to you too!!! :) Yes, I know, I have not been writing all that much... I dread calling it writer's block, but then I am no writer. :)

@Sugar Cube,
Thank you so much for your kind words! And a great new year to you too! :)

Anwesa said...

Shit ! 26 !! Thats the wrong side of the twenties for me :(

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