Jul 27, 2014

Miscellaneous Things ..

... I do when I am procrastinating. Like right now.
  • Stare into nothingness (I do this. A lot. #weirdoalert)
  • Excessively cuddle the boys. Case in point - 
Dusk's "HELP MOMS GONE ROGUE AGAIN" expression 
  • Write silly things.
  • Make lists. 
  • Watch a new series. Ended up watching TVD season 1 - season 5 in two weeks. Please do not judge me, I was undergoing serious TV series withdrawal because I had nothing to watch, and also, Ian Somerhalder is fucking beautiful. (Needless to mention, he gets a million addition likes for the fact that he is an animal activist and has an adorable Scotch-lookalike boy called Moke. Aww raised to infinity yes?)
So. Hot. 
  • Remind self that hot men will come and go, but Jensen Ackles' eyes will be greener than ever & he will always be the original A-bomb. 
  • Re-watch old TV series. Ahem-Supernatural-Ahem. 
  • Get a sudden spurt of creativity. Get crafting.
  • Browse through college pictures and get nostalgic. 
  • Invent scenarios about possible futures.
  • Wikipedia random shit. 
  • God help me if I get on Listverse....
  • Eat like a crazy person. Does binge eating have a nice-sounding disorderly name?
  • Read depressing news, watch depressing things, despair about the worthlessness of life (I am not kidding, if I get on the bad side of the internet, especially where puppies are dying, I cry. For hours..)
  • Read amazing news, watch inspirational videos, get freakishly happy about the prospect of being alive (If I get on the good side of the internet, I end up creating something beautiful. Usually a happy list or art..)
  • Clean the house like it is Diwali. It's not my fault, its my mothers genes.
  • Get an insane desire to call people I haven't spoken to in a while
  • Spend resultant next couple of days doing planned lunches, dinners, movies and unplanned hangovers 
  • Take a long bath. How this helps is beyond me. 
  • Secretly drink wine & smoke up while taking said bath.
  • Despair about how so much time has got wasted and now I do not have enough left to do the work I was supposed to.
P.S.: My mother once told me how if I would apply as much grey matter to studies as I did for things that had zero value in life, I would become really famous and earn a shit load of money. She lost me at studies.
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Keirthana said...

Interesting list. Dusk is adorable! If we all start doing useful things instead of procrastinating, what'll happen to the art that's procrastinating huh ? :D

Arch said...

First time here :D I do a bunch of these too, don't feel too alone!

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