Aug 29, 2014

Pearl Jam

It's public knowledge how Pearl Jam is one of my very favorite bands. I have worshipped them ever since I heard the second track by them (the first did not catch my fancy too much).. and will continue to do so forever.  

Future Days 

One of their newest tracks. Now I am not too fond of it per say, because it is not the vintage Pearl Jam, its a bit too… soft? But. It featured on the HIMYM season finale, and some other show, and I was hooked. It reminds me of Ted & Tracy and all the happiness I had imagined for them… until.. argh!!!^&%*&!@# HIMYM rant for another day.


Back in college, I had saved up what was a small fortune for me then, to buy a new mp3 player as a birthday gift for the boyfriend. I ended up using it more than he did haha! He put his music collection on it, and this was one of the songs - I have been hooked ever since.

Yellow Ledbetter

Many people do not recognize this song as the soundtrack to which Rachael chooses to get on the plane, after Ross tries to get her to stay, in the FRIENDS series finale. This song reminds me of that exact kind of sadness that transcends tears and heartaches and just leaves a hollow ache you do not know what to do with, in its wake.


I was unaware of this hugely underrated PJ song, until the aforementioned boyfriend passed me this video from Californication, of Hank reading a letter he had written for Karen. You have to see the video (above) to have your heart broken a little bit. Go on, give it a try.


This is my favorite Pearl Jam song. That guitar riff, its brilliance. I will never tire of it in this lifetime.

P.S.: The first song that I heard of theirs which did not really wow me, was clearly the most overplayed, overrated Last Kiss. I've never been too fond of it, but considering every band in every college show HAD to butcher it.. it came to a point that I stopped liking it altogether. 
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Red Handed said...

How can anyone not like them :D

CRD said...

I've only listened to 'Even Flow', 'Animal' and 'Alive' so far.

Off to download some more


WritingsForLife said...

You've got some good choices here :-)

The Me. said...

But..what about I am mine? You can't miss thaat.

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