Feb 14, 2009

TAG v.2

Ok found this tag on a lovely blog I jus came across. Sounded fun so I did it. N besides the ones mentioned at the bottom, I m passing on this tag to whoever finds this fun too!!! Psst.. I have 3 MORE tags coming up soon. Lolz. I LOVE TAGS!!! :)

I am : nothing if not creative. A dreamer. compulsive shopper. obsessive lover.
I think : almost never before I do anythng. I m the sort who jump into situations with both feet in first. Lolz.
I know : that I need to lose weight soon. STOP TELLING ME!!!! :
I want : to throw out a majority of my old clothes and buy an entire new wardrobe.
I have : an inbuilt radar tht picks up hidden relationships. no use tryin to hide feeling for someone in front of me. I’ll know the moment the name is out of ur mouth. :P
I wish : Ro pampered me more. I mean he does, bt sometimes he misses the point..completely. n since he looks so genuinely lost.. wid those big brown eyes, I dun feel like cribbin further. *sigh!!!*
I hate : feeling alone and left out.
I miss : Dingo *sniff!*
I fear : abt my career a lot these days. *shudders..*
I hear : the tick-tock of the wall clock. since its so silent ryt now late in the night.
I smell : of mint n lavender n Freeman's Strawberry shampoo. Nice innit?
I crave : chocolate mousse. for dat matter nethng wid chocolate in it.
I search : inner peace. hav been disheveled a lot lately. from the inside.
I wonder : how some of the people around blogsville write such deep beautiful things. truly remarkable.
I regret : nothing. I think evrythng teaches us something, no matter hw bad or good, eh?
I love : Ro, my frnds, all kitties in the world, chocolate, music, basketball, d kiddo's I teach...Ah.. u got me started. this is an infinite list... :D
I ache : when me n Ro hav shouting matches. or whn he doesnt make up for a mistake. or whn I say somethng tht hurts him. :(
I was not : very fond of Bollywood movies. ever.
I am not : studyin!!! ARGHH!!! *tears out hair in frustration*
I cry : a lot. emotional fool dat I m. Tear ducts hav a tendency of goin into overdrive often …
I believe : in karma.
I dance : whnever I feel lik it. whnevr I hear a good dancin number. :)
I sing : english songs a lot. Ro says I rock at english but I cant sing hindi.. I think I dun suck quite tht much wid hindi.*HmpH!!*
I read : anything I can lay my hands on - fiction/ nonfiction, newspapers, magazines, Wikipedia.. u name it.
I don't always : talk. contrary to popular opinion. sometimes I hav been known to retreat into sudden silences.
I fight : with a spectacular array of cuss-words. lolz. thts me. cant help it. :D
I write : whnever I can. whtever I want to. specifically for me.
I win : all housie games I hav ever played. strange no??
I lose : my mind whn things dun go as I want thm to. n then I yell.
I never : hav tea.
I always : have coffee.
I confuse : fiction wid reality quite often.
I listen : to whtever sounds good to my ears. if my ears dun like wht they hear, I immediately zone out... n u wont even know!!
I can usually be found : wid Ro in college, listening to music otherwise.
I am scared : of being deserted by people who I care about.
I need : a new phone!!!! n a new wardrobe!!! n some free weeks to spend wid Ro. I simply dun hav the tym for either of the things!! *sigh!*
I am happy : Whn I write, read, laugh, smile, whnever I m wid Ro, havin a grly nyt out, on long drives, whn I eat good food, whnever I see a good movie.... lots to mention...
I imagine: that you would be bored of reading this by now. but neway me tagging the following super cool people --> *drum roll plz…*

Mona Varu Zai *something to revive up the dead blogs*
Karan *cz he seems to dislike tags..hehe*
Gargi *cz I like the lady a lot!!! :)*
Seno n Ami *cz I m sure the babes will hav awesome answers.. :)*
N d rest of ILMB gals.. *cuz u rock!!!!*


Penguin said...

my blog is not dead!!!

DeJaVu said...

mine too!! varu's is yeah.. :D

IceMaiden said...

lolz. do this tag it will be fun!!! :P

Penguin said...

where's the wumpus post?

Ashrita said...

Amazing.. I just realised I love tags too :P

I did the tag :) check it out!

freeSpirit said...

des tags r kinda borin.. :(

IceMaiden said...

u hav GOT to be kiddin me. allryt if these are boring then i hav 3 more comin up soon. ill tag u again. :D

अविनाश said...

its a funny game, nice way of knowing about a person....

The Great Brown Experiment said...

I did this one.. Check it out here


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