Jul 11, 2009

My First (Office)ial Rant :P

I like the sound of Software Developer. A LOT. *grin*

Sigh!! I can be refered to as a working woman (wht? noooo :O working girl) now. A week into my new job, Im already frustrated enough to dish out profanities. :P :D Lolz. No no, kidding..!!! Just a lil bit of whining. :)

Damn do I miss college or what? :( I miss meeting up with friends and hanging out and having the time of our lives. I miss college and the basketball court and the canteen and every blade of grass in the comps dept. :( Bt sigh!! The college days are all gone and Im pushed into the IT world. N so far, it has been crazyyy!!! Presenting a list of my outbursts over the week :-

1. Why the hell were heels invented? Why the hell am I so short? Why cant I wear sneakers to work? Who said converse doesnt go with churidars? ARGHH!!! :

2. The first week of college, and my SIX year record is flushed rather unceremoniously down the train - of NEVER EVER have missed a train in my life. My personal best was when I was thrusting money into the autowalas hand, who seemed half asleep and the train was pulling into the FOURTH platform. N one week of work, I missed not one, not two, but THREE trains to work! :O (reasons: dupatta goin haywire, heels making it impossible to crush someone foot, ather getting ur own crushed and all ladies existing between Virar to Borivili stuffed into ONE coach!!)

3. I always liked travelling by buses. Its a nice place to listen to songs, read books, complete assignments, observe funny people, talk on d phone, hum to urself... That is I thought so, before last week happened to me : First I discovered, that out of the odd million people who stay in Mumbai, almost all stay at Andheri, and more than half of them work at SakiNaka, and HAVE
to catch the same bus as mine : That meant a bus ki line that started at some god forsaken bustop, and went on n on n on.. all d way onto the railway bridge!!! Second I found out to my horror, that the rule *ahem* "Ladies First" doesnt apply anymore, and so I ended up all battered and bruished at work my very third day. As of next week, I will assume catching a
bus to work akin to goin for battle and dress accordingly :P

//That does it wid the REACHING part
(see i m even using coding notations in here.. lolz.. '//' stands for commented lines)

4. I reach work, d wind knocked out of me, my preciously made hair all haywire (I stopped bothering with it second day onwards), wet from the sudden onslaught of rains, and i find that the AC is turned up to freeze me into a human icicle. No it cant be turned down. Yes you may wear a sweatshirt (Thnk god). So tht makes me the only grl in history who wears a old faded (dhapped) sweatshirt over churidar-kurtas :P

5. I get my own new brand new system (Yayyy), but it is filled with SOOOO many things, it makes the 4GB RAM cry in despair :P :D I wud hav gone into technical details here, ghost processes n all. :P lekin jaane do. :P (see, i m even TALKING technical now. sigh.) Afterthought - even my lappy works faster :P on a measly 2 GB :)...

6. Got ragged by every senior member on the company board, one of which turned out to be an advertisement actor. lolz. (colgate ki ad ka dentist is my boss :P :D) They made me sing :P Work Place rocks!!! They are a fun loving lot, fridays ko timepass karte hai aur weekends pe sports!! yippeee!!! looks like basketball has a hope after all.. (sings. dances. smiles gleefully.)

7. Instruction on first day : Use Skype to chat. U will get free food, order what u want, U can do whtever u want with the internet (excellent speed btw) , dress smartly, formals NOT necessarily required. (thnk godd!!!)

8. Coding has been fun so far, but each passing day it is getting harder. For instance, does anyone even realize what all jhol-jhamela I have to do, to get tabs for new windows lik there in IE and firefox? sigh. I m STILL working on it. :P (side effects: I talk and analyze situations in terms of if-then-else, switch-case, try-catch, do-while :P :D) oh n ya, ASP.NET is the best thing that
ever happened to the coding world :D (all u JAVA guys *thumbs down*)

9. 1 week, and my daily consumption of coffee went from a cup every now and then, to minimum 3 cups a day :P Strangely that is the only thing that cures my all-too-frequent headaches now :) Today I tried tea, it was good !!! :)

10. (conversation between me and frnd sitting NEXT to me) :
me : I can see wht ur doin (evil laugh)!!!!
her : jaa naa kamini... kaam kar.. break over
me : chal coffee lene jaate hai
her : bore ho raha hai, tu ja
me : haa, ab toh merese baat kyu karegi shanii :(
her : nautanki saali :P
me : (content supressed) :P
her : (content supressed. google wale suffer minor heartattck) :D
me : btw, aaj kaunsa din hai? 4th? 5th?
her : 5th... HAHAHAHA... chal party.
me : yessss, 5 din ka 5000 in hand.. hehehe :P :D
her : no in bank. :( 1st ko celebrate karenge
me : hahahaha.... chal chal ab status change kar, "busy at work"
(gtalking :P :D)

So thats it, from my side. :)
Applause plzz!!! :P

P.S: onethoughton's TAG coming up next.
P.P.S: Last, one good bye post. Cz tht will mark the end of my blog.

Jul 4, 2009


*I wrote this a longgg time back, but i never put it here, cz well, a lot of things i write dont find their way here anyway... it was just one of those things...

anyway, since its raining rain posts all over blogville, here is My Rain Post *

Sights, smells and sounds… those are the things that define memories for me. Memories are the things that I remember with amazing clarity… all it takes is a moment to close my eyes and feel it all over again…

One of my most favorite things in the world is to watch the rains. There was this time when , I used to be the first one out there…drenched to my skin, happy , oblivious to the hardships of life. It was like timeout, u know. Just forget everything. All that matters is the pitter patter of the rain drops… the winds in the background… and the skies the color of molten iron. Somewhere along the way the little girl had to grow up. Now she’s on the other side of the window. Just watching and reminiscing about those days…


There’s so much about them that I cant forget….
Memories of carefree childhood.
Memories of first day to school… year after year… of home and being tucked safely under the soft cozy bedcovers… as it poured outside..
Memories of two best friends beginning a ritual of treating each other every time they met (which is like once a year) … that will last forever…
Memories of time with friends discovering the joys of being a college going student…discovering the infinite possibilities of stuff to do when u r free…

And of course…Memories of love.
Memories of being kissed for the very first time… in the light drizzle in the middle of nowhere… a sweet memory of just a peck on the cheek… just as beautiful even after all these years…
Memories of passionate kisses while getting wet in the rain… with someone who disliked the rains as much as I loved them. Feel the odd combination of the cold rain outside and searing heat within…
Memories of being locked up in a small cozy place as it poured outside. Feel the hand slip down the arm, pulling me closer. Can u imagine still feeling the breath tht ruffled your hair even though it happened a lifetime ago?
Memories of crashing waves and rushing winds as we strolled down the bandstand… then seaface…
Memories of the college quad… silent… and the basketball and us…
Memories of dreams coming true… in the world where they still existed.

People moved on. Hearts got broken. Life changes and so do the people who held a special place once upon a time. We all move on. We all have to forget things. Vacuum out the dust to make way for sometime new. Some people are not meant to be together. And some are supposed to be there even though they think they ought to go away. Everything changes. Some of the people who are there as a part of all these memories don’t even exist in my life anymore. Atleast not in the real sense. But they will continue to be there as long as I have these memories.

And even though some hurt me bad… the memories don’t hurt anymore. They are just there… thinking about them is like watching a movie that u have seen before. You know what’s gonna happen and u know that no matter how hard you cry, you cant change the end. Its sort of like that. There will come a time when everything will be worth it and when that day comes, the memories will make u realize that… Sometimes the worst things that happen to you… are actually the best ones… think about it...

P.S: The pic is courtesy Arnab, one of my nicest blogger friends. :) And also my Bengali Teacher. So far all I hav learnt is "Kaemon acho?" :P :D
P.P.S: And thanks to Prince Ali too, who told me a long time back that I ought to put this on the blog. :)