Aug 29, 2009

Of being sleepless, GROSS men, and Rishi Kapoor..

Awake at an ungodly hour such as now (4:42 am), listening to my all time fav song - Iris, NOT thinking of the past as I would have been doing under the previous two conditions.. instead Im in some philosphical mode, thinking about life and love and friendships and college and office and you know, anything and everything and nothing at all too :) But I aint getting any better with the conclusions part, but its ok I guess. Life has been good. And thats enough for now.


I have been travelling by bus to office a lot lately (afterall I was going to run out of money SOMEDAY. well, guess someday is here :P) Ma kicked me literally and told me in a rather stern(bullying) voice that just because I earn now, DOESNT mean I am supposed to spend it ALL in one go. Lolz. That conclusion being derived from the fact that absolutely NOTHING *gasp* remains of my first month salary. Hahaha! guess I got a lil bit too enthusiatic with all the cash :P

Haan toh I was saying ki I travel by bus a lot these days, and as usual I observe. Meaning I have this tendency of observing things in situation I cant talk nonstop like I usually do. So I have observed this rather strange mix of people I meet in buses. I wont go into the details of them all (maybe someday later) But there is one thing I have observed so many times, but never ever fails to GROSS me out! I mean this is by far the yuckiest thing I have ever observed and discussions with fellow male species didnt give me much insight on why men do it in the first place. The topic being "what is with the impossible urge of men(?) to scratch their crotches in public?" *pukes*

Ok so I really like the window seat in buses. I dont like to sit on the sides because invariably some guy/man/creature with the (dash) is going to come there, smelling lik a goat, thrust his royalty right next to my shoulder, n get into the scratch-like-a -monkey mode. All that happening like inches away from my face. *ewwwww* :

Ok so I m grossed out at 5 in the morning. Lolz. :P

Moving onto other bus happenings. BEST has installed some really pathetic looking TV's inside the buses, which play the choicest songs. I mean one bus ride from Andheri to Chandivili put me through various levels of choreography witnessed by the Indian cinema.

First up was "Sochenge tumhee pyaarrr aarrr aarrrr kare ki nahi". I was snoozing in the bus when I heard the song suddenly start, and I woke up HIGHLY irritated wondering who on earth wrote a song that says "I will THINK about wheather I want to love you" Dont we like have enough of people in the world who cant make up their mind??!!! *shakes head* Next the visual (lack of)treat. Rishi Kapoor dancing in a silver suit *suffers head trauma due to the sudden glare* Then came out a horde of women (wearing silver ofc, color coordinated song that was!) who looked like they forgot to wear their saree's. Oh dear god! what could POSSIBLY be worse? I found out soon.

I have this another tendency to observe dance steps, because I have been dancing from as long as I can remember, and many times, we set dances with dance steps taken from here and there. In this song, there was a wide array of props - first FLAGS (the miniature kind we get on independence day), then we had peacock feathers, lasers, ribbons - everything that glitters and DOES NOT go with silver.

Last but not the least, Rishi Kapoor removes his silver *I don shades to protect eyes now* jacket, and Lo! wht do we see? its RED on the inside!!! Its also satin, and Rishi uncle is sweating profusely and next he removes his jacket and throws it in the middle of a group of screaming women. *shakes head*

I went back to sleep, throughly traumatised from the odd 3 minute song, and dreamt of intermittent silver flashes of light.


My favorite Prince is back home.

- Annie.
P.S: N Im still NOT sleepy!!! :P :D


Destiny's child... said...

Up at 4.45? 'Shakes head in disbelief'...

Btw, I travel by bus everyday. And yes I too have noticed this crtoch-scratching syndrome some men have. It's aargh...disgusting. Take the window seat, no one can get too close that way.
Enjoy the bus rides!

bondgal_rulz said...

Travelling in a bus can sure be traumatic at times. But my experiences have been not so bad so far. :)

And they say that females are complicated!!! *rolls eyes* (Referring to crotch-scrathing syndrome)

Arre seems like a fun tp song. Will see it on youtube for sure. Which reminds me of another song - Govinda ka. He's dressed up in a SuperMan costume and does the weirdest dance steps EVER. See it. :D :D


Dhanya said...

Wow! Blogging more now! :D Keep em coming more regularly!!!!

That Rishi Kapoor song was a hit during its time. My sis used to love those mushy songs in the film (Deewana I'm guessing).

Lol@ sweat filled jacket getting thrown at his screaming fans. Ugh! :P

Nikhil Menon said...

Now I know what that means.. :D :P Prince is pretty rude u know?? I 'll tell u the reason soon.. I -hate- him.. ;)


IceMaiden said...

@destiny's child..
haha! yeah i am known to be a insomniac sometimes. :)

n *sigh!* d crotch-scrathing syndrome continues everywhere! I wish i cud get the window seats that easy.. :P


IceMaiden said...


Yeah seriously! These men I tell u! *sigh!* *rolls eyes*

N the sing is tp allryt. I was laughing while watching the song and the aunty next to me kept staring at me :P :D must be a rishi kapoor fan :P

n yeahhhhh i knowww tht govinda superman song!!! hahaha!!! :P :D it a fun watch allryt! :)


IceMaiden said...


Heyyy!!! seeing ur comment on my blog after so long! :)

Yeah u see, Im so lukkha these days, no work to do, hence blogging about senseless crap :P

yeah, teh movie was deewana, they even showed the SRK wala song, whch was even hilarious (pelvic thrust galore) bt didnt write abt that :P :D

@sweaty jacket.. ugh! :P :D


IceMaiden said...


Oh now what happened? Why do u think Prince is rude? (n btw hes Prince ONLY for me. :P noone else is allowed to call him Prince. U all can continue refering him as AwSM (rolls eyes) :P :D)

n btw, I hate him too. D ass hasnt called me yet!!! idiot! :P


The Wanderer said...

I wann see that video! Put up a YouTube link right here with the post! :P

Crazy Blogger said...

i know bus rides are horrible and yes the kind of music they play really makes you scratch your head.
Here in lucknow autowallah plays bhojpuri tracks that too in their bhopu style music player.

and yes those pathetic uncles yuck!!

Blunt Edges said...

hahahaha...the scratching-the-crotch part really cracked me :D:D:D

n i never thought much of the lyrics of that song though i do rmbr hearing actually is pretty phunny...whether i should luv u or

pretty neat post coming in at 4:42am...guess the creative juices r on a high at that time ;)

kaka said...

well as far as the songs are concerned in best buses they are better then the irritating advertisements of sundaram notebooks and some stupid computer agency bragging about them being world famous...:P...was chandivili meant to eb kandivili????

IceMaiden said...

@Blue Indian,
Here u go, Enjoi! :P

@Manjari Singh,
Bhojpuri tracks!!! LMAOOO!!! I jus had a mental image of the buses playing Bhojpuri tracks.. janta pagal ho jayegi!!! :P :D

IceMaiden said...

@Blunt edges,
hahaha!!! yeah I lik d song actually.. :P its nt THAT bad, but in d bus it cracked me up :P :D

n about the ungodly hour, well, i miss staying awake wid the reason being 'studies' :P :D now its jus 'work' :)

IceMaiden said...


oh yesh!!! D Saint Angelo's ads proclaiming them as being affiliated wid Google n Yahoo.. nw who r they kiddin!!! :P :D

Yes the songs rock in that context! :P :D

No i meant Chandivili, its near sakinaka.. *sigh!* imagine d time it must be taking fr me to get there in rush hr.. *sigh!*

btw, first time here, welcome! :)


Soin said...

well the scratch part.a combinations of heat,humidity the resulting sweat and a thick marsh of hair in a vaccum like situation makes it itchy.uncontrolable at times. what can we do if we sweat and smell.atlesat we dont wear that head ache causing i can smeel you two kms away

IceMaiden said...

u didnt have to explain WHY u ppl d it??!!!! yuckkkkk!!!! :|
u jus proved my point - men r gross!!! :P

Soin said...

well i just said stuff as it is.cant help thats a bit

Raj said...

eww...the kind of things you observe. :(
and bollywood was always insensitively immamture.

Raj said...
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ani_aset said...

i like Iris and nice that you dance and witness the awesome steps in bus ride :)

fivefeetsmall said...

hehe! i travel by bus EVERYDAY so i'm familiar with these things !

btw about the songs in BEST
have u seen the akshay kumar-shilpa shety song?
with pelvic thrusts?
"churaa k dil merrrraaaaaa gorrriyaaa chali?"


IceMaiden said...

yea yea i know the Akshay n Shilpa(?! i thought it was some pooja female) ka gaana.... lolz lolz... for THAT one i was laughing my head off and d lady next to me kept giving me alarmed looks... :D :D :D

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