Aug 30, 2009


Someone just asked me “Annie, do u still believe in love?” And I answered without missing a beat, “Yes I do.” Damn the question keeps popping up all the time eh? Why is it assumed that someone who has had a breakup has to be a non believer? Is everyone falling in the said category a non believer? If so then that makes me one strange girl!! :P

I have had a rather depressing love story, having loved a guy for a better part of college life, which ultimately ended in total chaos, misery and tears. I’m not trying to be super-womanly about it… I went through my share of crying and moping and questioning the world “Y me?” I was depressed crazy but you know I reached a point where I finally believed that the guy wasn’t worth it. I mean I am not blaming him or cursing him all the way to damnation, no I am not, I just finally came to terms with the fact that he wasn’t the one I am supposed to be with. I have no reason to hate him, because hating him won’t make things any better. He has wronged me yes, and there are some things I will never forgive him for, but no matter what I cannot just do away with years off my life can I now? The memories are always going to be there and its my choice whether I put up with them lik adjusting in a badly cramped place, poking and prodding at things from the past or packing them away in a cardboard box and putting them away at the back of the room. I made the place. I put them away back. For good. :)

Do I still believe in love? Yes I do. I am one silly girl who happens to be a eternal romantic. I still believe someday someone is going to show up who is going to come and sweep me off my feet. Of course he won’t be perfect, because no one is, but he will be perfect for me. I dream of that guy sometimes, smiling foolishly, about someone who isn’t even here yet!!! Lolz. I really AM strange. :P

Being in a relationship that didn’t work out and broke my heart could have very easily turned me bitter towards a lot of things in life. Most people I know are like that, unable to accept something that life is offering now, because you are still clutching the past. That is not how it should be. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Maybe the best reason for all the crap that happened to you was to make you perfect for the next person who comes along. :)

There’s a very special person who I often tell, “Everything has to balance out in the universe. If something bad has happened to you, something good is waiting for you right around the corner.” Hope someone who is reading this right now, realizes that and smiles. Coz nothing makes me happier than making someone smile. :)

P.S: there is a lot more to life than you think there is, so SMILE ppl! For all you know, someone might be falling in love with that smile right now. :)


bondgal_rulz said...

:) :) :)

Lemme know if anyone falls for the smiles above. :P


mysterious gal said...

awww u know how much i love this post :) u know how much i could relate ? :)

Well dont worry i m one strange girl like u too :P....i do believe of a knight who sweeps me off.....after all u dont have to spend on dreams to kya jata the end it just makes u smile :)....par ya i don't close my eyes in real...i know the cup of trues and lies about i don't get hurt neone ......

And hum has sakte hai to aap bhi hasso na.....kya jata hai...marham to mil hi jata hai :)

Keep smiling and keep loving
Take care babes

Raj said...

'big smile.'

good 4 u. atleast sum1z happy.

Blunt Edges said...

i smiled :) n i seriously don't think anyone is gonna fall 4 it now...4 a simple reason that noone's around ;)

having been thru a messy breakup myself i can kinda relate 2 what u say...though i do oscillate between being a believer and the opposite every now n then, i hope u get ur mr.right soon :)

Shafi said...

smile... yeah it works on many levels. I can find answers for some difficult questions of others with a great smile. :) and lots has fallen too. But i insist in taking choices than blindly following whats in front of me. Even if its about a girl too. :)

Kay said...

I never did understand the high school/college romances that never ended...I know a few and although those raltionships still young to this day (all the older ones seemed to end after about 20 years)...the point, I don't understand it #1 because it didn't happen to me, I was like you in that sense #2 I think it is those 'failed' relationships at that young age that help us get to know ourselves, to know what it is that I want or what I like, no compromising to accommodate another's dreams as well...

You seem like a strong and confident person, that will take you very far! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a lad and kind of telling some one.."you know what"..
I think this scribbling will help me..
thanx a ton...

I second Kay when I confess:
You seem like a strong and confident person, that will take you very far!

great going....
do visit my place if you would like to!!

Unknown said...

wow.. i didnt know anythin abt u.. n i called u a hopeless romantic on ur other blog.. turns out tht u really r
every longs for tht dream person..

IceMaiden said...

:) :) :D
Look around, maybe someone already has! ;-)

Mwah! luv,

Awwww.. We girls are one pack of silliness eh? :) STILL dreaming about knights and sweeping off the feet :)
N u kno,i dnt say this often enuf, im veryyy proud to be frnd wid u all, cz very few ppl can retain dis sort of spirit aftr going thru wht we all went thru :) hail ILMB! :P :P

U keep smiling, n loving too! :)
Mwahhh!!! :)


IceMaiden said...



@Blunt Edges,
Well I did oscillate too, to be honest, but then I had so many lovely things in my life, I did feel like being the spoilsport anymore. :P Life is awesome!! enjoi!! :)

Cheers. :)

IceMaiden said...

True true... Smiling is nice.. :) :) N ofc, we have to make choices rather than be blind.. thats wht breakups teach us eh? :)


IceMaiden said...


hey! welcome here. :) U really did make a lot of sense in #2.. It teaches us a lot about ourselves eh? those 'failed' relationships. :) That is one of the reasons I dont hate him.. he simply taught me somethings about myself, I shud have learnt. :)

Thanks a lot for ur comment. Meant a lot! :)


IceMaiden said...


Heyya welcome here! Thanks for commenting.. Im glad reading my post made u smile. :) Welcome! :)

Yeah ill sure visit ur place soon. :) On it.


IceMaiden said...

@ Vishnu,

I actually like being a hopeless romantic :P :D :)
Hahha! n here d point is that i still am after the messy breakup. I m extremely proud of myself for retaining my spirit :) :)


Destiny's child... said...

That did make me smile. And you sound like Madhuri Dixit in DIl to pagal hai! Are you that romantic? I thought the girl was pure fiction. And now, i finally get to one! ;)

IceMaiden said...

@destiny's child..

Hahhahahah!!!! Im madhuri from DTPH allryt... :P :D
*sigh!* :)

bliss said...

u realise how many ppl out there relate to the kind of situation u went thru. but m sure there are few who got same perspective as urs... good one. its so great u still blv in love!!!
btw, u write so damn well!

IceMaiden said...

Thanks girl!!! :)
n Thnks fr visiting my blog too! Glad you liked it :)


Unknown said...

Gurl, just stumbled upon ur blog. You are one enlightened soul, I tell u! :) Way to go..!! Like u said, not many have the hope and i-ll-take-it-in-my-stride attitude to look beyond things and gear up for the next. But we shall overcome!! :D I don't usually share links to my blogposts on others' comments page, but I wrote on somehting similar a while back.. Have a read if time permits..

Great post. You have a lovely blog. :)



S said...

Yeah true there is life beyond a break up and trust me on that ... it's better later .. seeding a new hope, planting new desires, aiming for new goals, coming back to the friends whom you may have lost in that phase is all so exciting ... yeah, Im going thry all of that too ... but really loving my life and I guess would be falling head over heels with someone very soon too :D

Nice blog, you are followed, and I'm very sure .. I'm getting you to follow me as well (who wants to be murdered and extorted for not following my blog :P) !

Aana haan . . . love with me and life

Take care :)

IceMaiden said...

Hahaha! Thanks for liking my post! Ill surely check out ur blog.. :) n yes, we shall overcome! :P :)
Thanks for liking my Blog! :)


IceMaiden said...


Thanks for liking my blog! :)

P.S: N u hav been here before incase u dnt rem! :P

Americanising Desi said...

i always smile :( no one falls for it :(

Click here for my Thursday Thirteen

IceMaiden said...


When life wants you to have THE best, it says wait.. rem? :)

ani_aset said...

a big high five to you annie ..for having the same positivity and optimism..i'm glad there are people like you around :)

Mads said...

ur my twin for nothing :D
hopeless romantic..and all that jazz...totally !!
i mean one bad incident...shouldn't make you believe that love is crap or anything right?

hope ur hero comes to u soon >:D< :) :*
otherwise, main hoon naa ;)
*oops, im ur twin, sorry*
*stands 10 feet away from u*

Haddock said...

If something bad has happened to you, something good is waiting for you..................absolutely true.

IceMaiden said...

Welcome here!

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