Sep 5, 2009

For YOU....

I just had to write this.

I miss you. I miss talking to you all night long. I miss talking to you on the phone, making you talk for long hours in the middle of the night, not caring about the balance. I miss calling you silly stupid names, laughing silently when you sing, frowning about how stubborn you are, how you one big stupid flirt. I miss arguing with you. I miss the way you say my name. I miss the connect calls. I miss your laugh - I never told you how buttery THAT was eh? :)

I miss roaming on the edge of the quad, my backpack slung over my shoulder, my head tilted left side, the phone at my ear, answering questions about my day. I miss waking up in the middle of the night at some godforsaken time, so we can talk YOUR time. I miss asking you stupid questions, that make you think. I miss reading your poems before anyone else. I miss smiling, because you made me.

I miss waking up and going online and reading your offlines, because you sent them because you knew I'll read them first thing in the morning. I miss writing you silly mails. I miss glaring at you, when your boss makes a appearance and you disappear. I miss missed calling you. I miss refilling just to talk to you. :) I miss telling you that I missed you.

I miss the carpet ride around the world. I miss dreaming. I miss being called sunshine, even though I know 3 months is not a lifetime for you, this summer was for me. I miss pouting, I miss diving under covers and I miss peeking from long lashes. I miss narrowing my eyes, waiting for you to be on time, for once. I miss thinking about you all the time. I miss boring V n M n B n whoever else about your talks all the time. I miss you so so much.

I miss telling you that you will always be important to me. I mean it you know :)

P.S: This is utterly stupid I know, its just that I miss you a LOT tonight.... *sigh!*


Dhanya said...

Awww sweetheart :) No wonder you didnt sound so hyper (as you normally are) when I pinged you today...

I hope the 'You' realizes how much he means to you, coz not everyone can feel for anyone in this special way right? :)

Take care... *Hugz*

Soin said...

miss missed calls??lol..and whats the point of writing all this here..more point in maybe telling the you all this.

Kay said...

on line relationships...long distance ones no less must be so difficult, I have enough problems with the one living in the same town! hehe Chin up! :)

Destiny's child... said...

I hope YOU reads this and realizes what YoU is missing...Loss is is all YOU"s...! :(

Crazy Blogger said...

i hope he reads this

A.prem said...

made me smile as i kept reading.. :)

*tight hug*


Raj said...

i miss the sensation of ur warm lips on mine in the rains. i miss being loved and pampered. :)

Unknown said...

ahem ahem..

Anonymous said...

WhoA!, That, is amazing! Who r u, icemaden? Man, u have a way with words,do u not? For all those 'Missings' at least, I could fall in love!

bondgal_rulz said...


Do I need to say more???? :P

I was smiling throughout reading this one. :)


P.S. Go talk to him.

IceMaiden said...


*hugs* :) yea hes very special indeed :)


'you' knows it already :)


but no worries.. Chin Up! :)

IceMaiden said...

@Destinys Child,

'You' is such a wonderful person that I wont want him to miss anything.. :)


I hope so too :)

IceMaiden said...


*tight hugs right back* :)
Mwah!!! :)


while that sounds really dreamy romantic, lolz, THT does not apply here. lolz. :P :D :) We are just friends. In a complicated way. :)


IceMaiden said...

hello! welcome here. :)
Who am i? Im jus a ordinary girl who spends an extraordinary amount of time dreaming :)
Thanks for visiting Rashme' :)

P.S: dhoond ke koi lao pehle usse.. gayab hai!!! :P

Quest said...

I am emotionless :D

IceMaiden said...

I wish I could say the same... :)

bliss said...

that was so well written. u know, i felt the same way abt someone but i so wish i cud have put it in words as beautifully as u did!!!!
honestly, honestly, it was so well written..
i felt like someone was telling me how my heart felt all this time.
i hope u r fine!!!:)

IceMaiden said...


Oh im fine. :) D duffer knows how much he means to me. :)

Cabin-boy Dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cabin-boy Dave said...

Erm, I just realised I can't write something here and not seem insensitive - I blame my dramatically low capacity for human emotion.

So instead, I'm just going to say I understand completely and stuff my fist in my mouth before I add anything else to that :P

WarmSunshine said...

I know the feeling.... that's all i can say.... i cam relate to almost half of what this post had to say.

Someday, if it's for the better, you'll get over it completely, like me :)

ani_aset said...

>:D< cheer up Annnie :D

Mads said...

this is such a cute post. loved it to the core. read it twice...
hope he reads it and understands what u feel for him
>:D< hugs annieeeee :)

IceMaiden said...

lolz. :) its ok u dont have to say anything. u can jus nod! :P

sigh! its ok re, im talking abt someone who means more than a frnd and less than 'tht guy' :) its complicated. :)

He is one stupid dufferrr :P :D lolz. N ya he knows he means a lot to me, which is why he chooses to stay away frm me these days, in order to not hurt me. weirdo! :|

n lolz, like i said up, he is more thn jus a frnd n less than 'that guy' :) :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,
I came across your blog quite accidentally, and when I read this, I knew I had taken an immortal wound- that I would never get over what I had just read. I have read many blogs, but none that have so much pathos as yours does.

P.S.: I'm in my TYBTech. Mech. in your alma mater, and I too like to write occasionally. Good to know the quad was a hangout for such a good writer like you too!

IceMaiden said...


Thanks so much! Its nice to know that VJTIians actually blog too! :)

I just visited your blog too and I have never seen a poet liek you. :) Excellent writing! :)


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