Dec 13, 2009

You never came

My eyes have lost their sleep in watching
Yet if I do not meet thee
Still it is sweet to watch ..

My heart sits in the shadow of the rains
Waiting for thy love
If she is deprived still it is sweet to hope

They walk away in different paths
Leaving me behind
If Im alone still it is sweet to listen to thy footsteps

The wistful face of the earth weaving its autumn mists
Wakens longing in my heart
If it is in vain, still it is sweet to feel the pain of longing....


P.S: I wish you knew just how much it hurts when you do something like that.


Anil Sawan said...

wudn cmnt on PS cos it luks very personal.
thnx for sharing tht poem.

Iddy Albatross said...

That poem's quickly become one of my favourites.



Nikhil Menon said...

U need a whaacckk now.. :@ why do u come back to square one always?? :O

Jo ho gaya,so ho gaya.. :)



IceMaiden said...

You are welcome :)

Mine too... :)
P.S: N we both know exactly how deep those words go, dont we?

Who said Im back to square one? Im not. Instead I have made some tough choices and Im planning to stick to them. :)

And noone whacks me. Im d one who whacks please!

Shreya. said...

I for a moment thought YOU wrote THAT!!!!! :D
But anyways it is reeeeally true :)

Iddy Albatross said...

For better or for worse, we very much do... :)

Anwesa said...

I must start reading Tagore. Nothing can be more pleasurable for me....Thanks for sharing this poem !!

And girl,hope you have a wonderful time ahead!!

buckingfastard said...

thee was scared dat why thy started using thee and thy in writing poems as if thy is a MA english student doin project

well wat to say abt evrgreen 'rabi-da'...

love life and evrything else

Blunt Edges said...

hope that rose doesn't have thorns on it...its on a bench 4 heaven's sake!

bondgal_rulz said...

Lovely poem!

But tere blog pe kyun hai? :|

IceMaiden said...

:) Yeah I know.


Tagore is one of my all time fav poets. His poems are painfully exquisite. :) I have LOADS of them..


@Blunt Egdes,
hehehe. That rose is for the lover that never came :) Im sure it has no thorns.

I know! :)
Bas ahwehi :)

Tensor said...

Fell in love with the poem
and Belated Happy Birthday :)

IceMaiden said...


Welcome here! N Thank you.. :)


Novocaine said...

Nice one, it it were not for you - I would have never known that such a b'ful poem exists! :)

IceMaiden said...

I have many more of his poems, that are just as beautiful as this one... Will put up some of my favs sometime soon :)

Rajlakshmi said...

the poem is so beautiful... beautifully sad... thanks for sharing.

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

beautiful poem. Wasn't it in bengali?

IceMaiden said...

Thanks! :)

Yes... (I jus realised you are bengali) :P
Have got that too (Im obsessed with bengali!) :)

indrablog said...

Nice poem. The present generation of Bengalis has almost forgotten the man. That day I found a collection of short stories by him - I want to buy that.

IceMaiden said...


Absolutely!!! The man was a sheer genius.. I read this poem when I was in school, 7th std, and it left an impression that very few poems have left till date.. I still have that book of poems..

But I do know one bengali who hasnt forgotten the man :) I dont know about the rest... :)

Cheers and welcome here!

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