May 23, 2010

Jerks A-Plenty here! :D

So, just another weekend for me, otherwise known as Missy Meoww to the junta on FaceBook…  Infact, no let me alter that, I was rather sick all week, and what follows here was the only entertainment I had that nicely rounded off a week of boring monotony. So people, give it up for classic example of Im-a-little-boy-who-doesn’t-want-to-grow-up-aka-I’m-a-jerk… *drumroll* :D

Between Arjit Srivastava and You

Missy Meoww May 21 at 7:15pm
do i know u?

[I don’t add people who don’t even bother saying so much as a “Hi” before shooting off that request. Period.]

Arjit Srivastava May 21 at 9:44pm Report
No. What now, huh?

[First thought “Um, creep alert maybe?”... But ok, fair chance, maybe this is some new technique to add people… *blank look*]

Missy Meoww May 22 at 8:04am

Arjit Srivastava May 22 at 8:11am Report
Er, what?

[Nope sir, creep alert definitely!]

Missy Meoww May 22 at 8:37pm
Excuse me kid, may I remind you that you are the one who added me. :)

Arjit Srivastava May 22 at 9:30pm Report
Kid? Oh, excuse me, aunty... I just wanted to tell you that I liked your blog. But, I guess I've been interacting with someone who is actually retarded to get her basics right. Anyway, you may reject the request, as if I care! Liked your simple blog posts.

[Ok what? No seriously? Wow this IS some new technique!]

Missy Meoww May 22 at 10:09pm
There is a better way than randomly adding people you know? and scroll up and see your "No. What now huh?" hardly sounds mature! (creepy if I may add) if you had anything to say at all, a simple one liner would be better than appearing like one of the random requests on internet right? That would make you sound more like a thoughtful blogger and less like a kid, who infact hasn't got HIS basics right. well but that's just my opinion. Welcome to have your own :)

Arjit Srivastava May 22 at 10:18pm Report
Someone with their profile name as "Missy Meoww" and a stupid cartoon DP is talking about maturity level? Grow up, kid. I fucking don't blog for you. And I don't care if you've some serious problem with your basics! AND RANDOM? Bwahahahaha! =)) No one is "random." Nothing is "random." It's a word you use when you're too stupid to think of other words to describe. Random is a moronic word and the people who use it should die of the plague. You (hell, everyone) should read more so you'll have better adjectives than "random." :)

Have a great night.

[Wow. Issues. BIGTIME.]

Missy Meoww May 22 at 10:30pm
Ugh. and you think using profanities makes you sound mature? wow. If THAT is how you see maturity level, then seriously, you have issues. and btw, my profile name and my DP has been the same even when you added me... Temporary slip on your "basics" then eh? Lets not even talk about how much I read, because judging by your vocabulary or lack of it rather, I think I'm doing way better. Go rant elsewhere kid, I aint got no time for whiney prats like yourself.

[Starting to realize why FaceBook provides a "Report" button..]

Arjit Srivastava May 22 at 10:34pm Report
I hate to end it this way - but, I am sorry. Also, I am sorry for my vocabulary - Fuck off, dear asshole. You're done! :)

["You're done"?... matlab kya? "Im done with you" samjha "You are done with me" bhi samjha... "You're done" kya hota hai???!!! who the heck says that!!! 

Howling with laughter at the sheer stupidity of the guy...was so busy laughing, forgot to ask him what he meant by the grand closing line :P]

I have deliberately not blanked out the guys name, one because I have no idea if he really blogs(?), its a pity if he actually does, and two because nothing is more pitiable than a guy who doesn’t know how to talk to women. I mean honestly dude, what are you like FIVE?!

What did I understand out of this amusing although time-consuming exercise? It was that..

"Some men are living proof that women can take a joke!"

Quite some entertaining weekend I had eh? So how was yours? :)

P.S: Girls, we all know what we should do with jerks right? *evil grin*
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G said...

LOL! What a weirdo! Ek to khud add kia upar se blabbering as if you're meant to take all that!

I hope he reads this post then! Some guys have serious ego issues!

You should see this guy who sent me a request and when I told him to read my about me section(which by the way clearly has the word RANDOM! *screw you random guy!*), he replies me with a "huuu da hell r uuuu!?!" ...ROFL! I was like hello I am the girl who YOU sent a friend request to! about bad/annoying english! The guy totally blasted at me! Oh what a fun time I had trying to make out what he wrote! =D

A post worth reading I say! The guys must be blowing steam out of his ears if he's reading it! ;) haha!! take care love!!
Hope you're feeling better now =)

Haddock said...

One encounters all types here on cyber space.

BloggerMouth said...

People. Are. Idiots.

What can I say? :P

Richa said...

lol :D the grand closing line is the funniest thing. period. :D

Dear Oxford,
please contact this guy for obtaining copyrights for printing the new definition of Random :D

Kanishk said...

This is the most hilarious post I've read this month ! :P

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

Hahaha! This was fun! Howcome I never get any of these lately!! The last I had was on hi5...random chinese chicks would add me with hello kitty expressions as dps and try to explain that they want more friends than their real friends :D

The Wanderer said...

I have seen lots of such wannabes, in fact I am not even a girl to attract despos, so I guess the ones who added me (all guys) are one category even worse! :P

S said...

Okay I should tell you this, he came to my blog too, and he left a comment on my last post! - beyond realms! :)

- The Virgin Author! said...

Some great narration, there, dude! ;) Frankly, I could relate this post somehow, somewhere, with my own life! :P


Sourav C. Pandey said...

@The Virgin Author - Thanks Arijit! Though with the kind of blogger name you have it seems impossible for you to relate to the post! :P
Okay bad joke, thanks for reading! :)

He is a total wannabe, I checked out his blog, and he is wasting so much time on it! This kids really needs to grow up!

PS: Thank you, this is by far the best reality post on your blog, I loved the conversation .. Don't go for the 'Virgin' kill though! :P

Anwesa said...

Amazingly weird. Its best to press the "ignore" button for them.

:P :P

Dhanya said...

OMG! Why did you even bother replying to the person? I am just too lazy to even 'ask' people if I know them :(

Blunt Edges said...

hahahahah...interesting weekend indeed! :)

Mads said...

ROFL. im so shocked u held ur cool and replied relatively politely to this jerk!!
i ignore them directly even if they are bloggers without an introduction :D khekhekhe
read ur blog seriously after a long time. tag me each time u update it, on fb ok ;) :)

Kanishk said...

I know its not worth the time but I still scrolled through his blog and this post
is nothing but Quotes from "House MD". Well I love the show and hence I hate it that he copied the lines and then followed it with a bunch of cliches. Also, while reading his blog It sounded like he's 'fighting' with me? :P

Vinay Leo R. said...

lolz.. what a convo.. u kept ur voice up well i guess..! :)

u r Missy Meow? oh.. dint know.. it keeps popping up in my suggested friends though.. 11 common friends! :)

buckingfastard said...

OMG...i love dis guy!!! why cant i have "frnds" like dese whom i can jerk around whole day!!! its sooo fun!!

Arijit...if ur reading dis!!! dis meoww aunty is bad aunty!! she dint even gav u lollypop...and dint entertained ur jerky fantasies..!!

come to my blog beta!! i wud chat wid u and we will have a "waddda fuck" competition!!! what say!! reply if u want my facebook id!!

Ashrita said...

Now THAT's my Wifey :D

Arslan said...

Hahaha.. Funny but weird. :|

Dominic Bodhak said...

Now that was fun!

I never get to have such fun :/


Nice post :P

bondgal_rulz said...


You were so damn sweet to him ya!!!!! Gosh....what a loser dude!!!

I hope you had something better which made up for the weekend. :P


Arnab Majumdar said...

Am I the only one who really wants to meet the kid? :D I took the liberty of visiting the kid's blog, (thanks Sourav for sharing the link)... and it confirmed what I thought; the kid really is a real kid!

All those who comment here, you HAVE TO check out the user profile page! Have To!! :D It's amazing, really... Specifically, read the last line of the "about me" section a little more carefully, and then relate that to who added whom on Facebook!

Arjit, if you're here that is (read: if you've got balls enough to go through the wonderful discussion that's going on here, about you!), I just want to say... Thank You! I'm sure right now, all over the world, there are quite a few smiling faces, all because of your efforts - actually, more because of your "natural charm", but you understand that bit entirely. I think I also understand why you had trouble understanding the concept of Random. I'll come to that, in a bit, but before that, please stop being conceited enough to think that "Everyone realized they can never be as funny as ME, or write better than ME; so they packed their shit and got the hell out of dodge." I'm quoting you here, I hope you don't mind. Now, random. You see, kid, Random is a term which has it's meanings rooted in probability. Assuming that you go to school, you would know about probability, and based on that assumption, I'll define Random for you. It's when every topic under the sun has an equal probability of being picked. Easy? If not, I'll use an example. Random means that right now, the probability of me blogging about yellow turdlets like yourself is the same as the probability of blogging about something constructive and useful. I hope that made it a bit clear. Also, "random" topics like this is what has kept the wonderful blogging world alive for so many years. I would suggest that you go read a bit more - although, you might want to start out from the easier selection. I would suggest, the Noddy series by Enid Blyton, but if that's too much for you, maybe a Dr. Suess. Ask any blogger, I'm sure they would recommend the same for you.

I'll end this with another little quote from your blog: "I am sorry you assholes can't take a goddamn joke and take it for what it is: a joke." I hope you can take THIS joke, and show us ignorant bloggers how that's done as well.

P.S. Stop following your own shitty blog, mofo. It's embarassing!

Ashrita said...


That is Awesome!

Anupam Gupta said...

hehehe..i enjoyed Arnab's comment more than the really hope this dude reads all this...and then goes and tries to justify his own doing..would be so much fun to read his comeback to this...:P

peter said...

Reminds me this

It's frustrating but happens a lot !

Priyanka said...

Alright. My word verification to leave a comment says 'DUMBU'. See, even computers know who is dumb, and who isnt. ;)

S said...

This is getting better (READ:uglier)!! :P

Hail 'virgin'ity! ;)

PS: I made that blogger so popular, he should actually pay me back by not coming to my blog ever! :D

Weirdo guy said...

lolness... i think people are actually enjoying discussing in the comments section about this arjit guy.

Going by his profile page i suppose he must be loving all this publicity !

@saurav: lol you evil little boy you ! you really screwed arjit up his virtual arse didnt you !

S said...

@Weirdo guy .. now now! after virgin, there is one more the 'weirdo'! :P

Agree, I may be evil, but I can't take a 20 year old calling me little! ;)
But okay, with your profile name, you can do and say such things! :P

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

Hahaha! Arnab quite literally fucked his blog. But seriously, from the amount of traffic he must be getting from this discussion, he must be on cloud nine!

Arnab Majumdar said...

I'm still waiting for Arjit's response.

You hear me, Arjit??

I think he's gone... just when he was starting to grow on me... hehehehehe!!

Shanu said...

LOL..Loved the post and loved the comments.

I think I need to start asking ppl if i know them bfr adding them on FB..Hopefully Ill get something interesting to blog abt too :)

P.S: I keep getting frnd suggestions for Missy Meow. Didnt know that was u ;)

Tripthi Battapadi said...


Random people doing random stuff!!
Hilarious! :))

Harini said...

hahaha! amazing convo :P.

Anil Sawan said...

:) man, i read all the comments here!! that itself is an achievement :P luvd Richa's P.S and Arnab's cmnt :) Missy, u indeed is so patient! such a calm reply and such a detailed post!! t was fun readin it :) a welcome break from work :D

Lena said...

Seriously, some people are so full of themselves! The most interesting (don't know if that can be referred to as interesting though) is that they truly believe they are right and won't ever admit they are wrong. But you are indeed extremely (!) patient.


DPhatsez said...

Yo Annie

Blog layout change! Its naice!
Yo! Jus cos of one rotten apple, the rest aint bad!
Case in point:urs truly! :D

Pro-feminism post though :)
I've blogged after ages, c u on my page!

Da Rodent said...

LOL. This IS something :P

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