Sep 15, 2010

50 Totally Awesome, But Sadly Under-Rated Things.

  1. The way the top of a baby's head smells.
  2. A hand written letter.
  3. A totally senseless joke that noone but the right people understand
  4. The one place you always hung out in college.
  5. Holding hands without thinking.
  6. A sincere apology & an unexpected Thank You note.
  7. Old jeans that fit.
  8. Dairy Milk on a gloomy day.
  9. That feeling when your code works.
  10. Kiss on the forehead from someone who matters.

Sep 3, 2010

Annie's List.

Blogsville is filled with lists! As for me.. well, while the concept of making Bucket Lists is  surely interesting, I never got around making one – simply for the reason that if there is one word to describe my life – its unpredictable. I am the most spontaneous person I know and I absolutely LOVE myself that way (I decided to get a tattoo the previous day, and by evening next day my friends were staring at me in awe-horror :P) ... I like the idea of doing something without having already decided to do it sometime before in the past. So now when we are having our meet-ups, my friends go "Hey remember that time when Annie got a tattoo..." It becomes a story, see? :)