Sep 3, 2010

Annie's List.

Blogsville is filled with lists! As for me.. well, while the concept of making Bucket Lists is  surely interesting, I never got around making one – simply for the reason that if there is one word to describe my life – its unpredictable. I am the most spontaneous person I know and I absolutely LOVE myself that way (I decided to get a tattoo the previous day, and by evening next day my friends were staring at me in awe-horror :P) ... I like the idea of doing something without having already decided to do it sometime before in the past. So now when we are having our meet-ups, my friends go "Hey remember that time when Annie got a tattoo..." It becomes a story, see? :)

Reading Meera’s & Harini’s list was fun though… I seem to have accomplished a good chunk of things on these lists... so yay for me! - Go for a concert, Donate blood, Paint on canvas, Kiss in the rain, Tattoo, Karaoke, Live match, Sleep under the stars, Get totally wasted, Stay up watch the sun rise, Catch shooting stars,  Dance, Play some sport, Act, Write my heart out, Food fight,  Go trekking, Teach, Be heartbroken (and seriously I don't even know WHY is this on any list?! :| ), Piercing, Do crazy stuff with your hair, Save someones life, Eat weird stuff - all check (wow I have done some pretty cool stuff *pats self* :P) .

.. and some things made me think, Ok.. I can imagine myself doing something like that! (you know.. traveling around the world with a rucksack kind of things .. basically anything that requires a lot of money to do :P... sometimes I think, is it even possible to own that insane amount of money to go visit all those nice places.. stuff like that is possible, maybe if I get paid to do it right??! :P) ... Anyway..

Come 5th December 2010’ and I will turn 23 years old. So that leaves me a little over two years before I hit the big silver jubilee. And even though I'm not a big fan of planning out stuff, the idea of making my to-do list has been in my head for quite some time now anyway... here it is, strictly a to-do-this list SOLELY based on what I know I am very much (or should be) capable of achieving as of right this moment :)  (psst.. almost everything on the list was started / contemplated seriously atleast once before, before laziness/excuses won the fight. So this is also a stop-being-lazy/stop-making-excuses list :P)

*[Somethings on this list are crossed out, because they have been accomplished, and they would have definitely been on this list had they not! :)]

25 before 25.

  1. Adopt a stray
  2. Get published (... Chicken Soup for the Indian Romantic Soul)
  3. Have my own website
  4. Have a business of my own
  5. Learn to play my favorite songs on my guitar
  6. Get a tattoo ... Actually, lets alter that, I already know what & where my 2nd and 3rd tattoos are going to be - So getting them both before I'm 25
  7. Learn to speak one foreign language reasonably well
  8. Own a state of art camera
    (... Nikon d5000, since 18th August 2010... and while we are on the subject go see my SnapShots.)
  9. Invest in the share market (first learn how it works!)
  10. Get in the best shape of my 25 years of life!
  11. Learn to bake
  12. Take a ballroom dance class
    (... Its a little strange to see this on my list considering my love for dance, but you see, I'm a diehard hiphop fan, I never had patience for the “lady like” dancing, i.e. Salsa and such :P :D)
  13. Write my own song – music & lyrics
    (... take a video, upload on YT and get famous too :P lol just kidding.. ofcourse people will have to pay royalty to use my awesome song :P)
  14. Go clean for 3 whole months
    (No meat, No alcohol)
  15. Buy a ticket on my own & watch a movie in the theater alone.
  16. Start & finish my own A-Z album. 
    (... link will be duly updated here when album begins.)
  17. Go on a trip to Leh-Ladakh
    (... Pending for about 2 years now, but hopefully I will find a block of two whole free weeks somewhere and get around doing this)
  18. Buy myself some of the books that I want on my future awesome-reading-room-bookshelf some day, that I want my kids to read someday.
    (... I hope my kids will share my love for books with yellow pages and that unique ancient smell... my full book list here.)
  19. Dance on top of a table. In heels.
  20. Learn to drive 
    (... Yes, I am almost 23 and I don't know how to drive - two OR four wheelers, thanks mom! :| )
  21. Avoid getting married
    (... Laugh all you want people, but I have EVERY intention to see this through *shakes head in horror at the image of her getting married*)
  22. Own an Apple product
  23. Have a photograph taken by me published
    (... Anywhere .. just to see a tiny byline that reads my name.. )
  24. Get a really really REALLY kickass GMAT score
    (... this should be more like I better get that score... or else well... I'll have to find someone who pays me to write nonsense :P)
  25. Celebrate the last night of my 24th year in style :)

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Crazy Blogger said...

"Buy a ticket on my own & watch a movie in the theater alone"

You never done that?? Seems like u are absolutely ppl's person!!

Angels Never Lie said...

I too share some of ur wishes...hope u fulfill all of them soon...

Harini said...

I guess u can manage most of them in 2 years. I have been clean since i was kid... never ate meat and never drank never smoked too. I know, i know... I m an angel ;;).

I take care of street dogs but never adopted due to my apartments stupid no dogs policy :(.

I own an apple I-pod nano... does that count??

Meera Parameswaran said...

I love the whole concept of being unpredictable. :)

Wow, you have done some awesome things, haven't you? :)

Nice list yaar. You have got your published? :O Enlighten me! Send in a msg on fb.

I want adopt a stray kid. :D And I have been on "no meat-no alcohol" for exactly 12 months". :)

And Apple! Me too! Me too!
And NOT get married! Me too! Me too!

Good luck honey. :) Happy weekend!

Destiny's child... said...

I wish you have accomplished a lot and I hope you get to do all that you want to do :)

IceMaiden said...

Hehehe... definitely not :) Infact I always thought its rather weird, watching a movie alone, so thats why its on this list :)

@Life Unleashed,
Thanks! :)

Hehehe... lol Im tempted to ask how old are you kid? :P But meat & drinks are a part and parcel of friday nights with friends... so will try to hold it :|

Awwww... as far as I know, theres no policy like that, cats keep roaming around, so they shouldn't mind a cat in the house :)

Sigh, it counts :( I dont own any apple product :| I have my sights fixed on the Macbook though... so dekhte hai.. :) Want to buy that with my own money..

:) Hehe, yesh, I have had a pretty awesome time doing stuff that I listed :)

Enlightened on FB already :P

I think the parents of the kid would mind :) And 12 months, wow... as for me, no thanks! I am ok with no alcohol... but meat.. jeez no! :P

Hehehe, yay hi5! :P

Thanks! :)

@Destiny's Child,
Thanks so much! :)

Shanu said...

Wat happened to ur FB profile? Cant find it :(

Loved the list btw..**wonders if she should make her own list**

The Wanderer said...

From the list,

15 - Heavenly it is. Period.
20 - In India that is. US me yet to do.
23 - You know this, don't you?

WANT to do:
15 - Almost did it, but found friends at the theater :(
22 - Didn't like those iThings earlier, but iPhone4 chahiye ab!

3! :D

This has inspired me to make my own list too. Watch out!

UjjwalRaaj said...

Adopt a stray. It's the best feeling in the world....well one of them...I commented on snapshots btw...nice work! :D

The Wanderer said...

OK, here you go- my list "inspired" by your list :D

Anil Sawan said...

doesn 21 and 18 contradict a lil? :O

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