Feb 19, 2011

I ♥ my Nikon!

I think I am officially married to my Nikon. I feel lonely when I am not around / using it. Sigh. True love. :) I take loads of pictures almost everyday, but considering I am my best / worst critic, I don't actually get around uploading any of those pics, because I think they are just OK. :/

Anyways, heres what I took yesterday, which I am pretty pleased with. I have a thing for photographing kids and old people, they ALWAYS look lovely :). Oh, and I also have a thing for black and white. :)

Yesterday  I went to catch a late night show of Yeh Saali Zindagi... which was er... weird! :P Frankly it had way too much foul language and way less .. common sense! Anyway, I started fooling around in the intermission. And this was one particularly hilarious result :D We laughed so much, everyone turned to look what was so funny! :P

I died, waiting for HDFC Life Insurance. :D

Photo taken by Shyam from his iPhone, and those are my most well-worn out pair of favorite Converse sneakers. :) iPhone photography is pretty cool too, right?!

~ Annie.
P.S: Adobe. Awesomeness. Period.
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Maryam A. said...


Anonymous said...

The first pic is super awesome. The second pic needs a face added to it, and then it will be equally awesome ;-)

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

Totally a standard life :P

I know that feeling of camera love, i am Mrs. Nikon too :D

and and..i loved that 31 day challenge posts, they were superb :D

Much love.

DeJaVu said...

LOVED the first pic.. its so beautiful the way black and white enhances the way you see varying amounts of light falling on different places..something which color cameras drift attention from when they focus on all those colors..

the second pic was hilarious!! i actually laughed out loud after reading da caption :P

Misty Rhythm said...

you make me want to get hold of a good camera and go click-happy too!!
*sigh* how i wish, converse would go with EVERY outfit...i'd never take 'em off!

P.S. few weeks back i bought a pair of orange converse shoes on impulse (and the fact that they were just 400 bucks on sale!):P...now i cant seem to decide what to wear it with! haahah :P

Tripthi Battapadi said...

Awesome B&W Pic!

I am going to get a Nixon!!!

buckingfastard said...

lovely...loved the second one more than the first...somehow i feel innocence of kid's eyes is a topic ventured too much and too many times by people

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