Feb 9, 2011

I wish I knew how it feels to be free

Did anyone ever notice that most of our life, is just walking down paths unknown? That most of the times, we are treading roads, unsure of what we are looking for. Or for that matter, what we would find, what we hope to find.

We don't know what that walk would turn out to be like. Sometimes it’s like a ride at the amusement park. Funny, hardly any of those rides, those really good ones, could be called amusing, don't you think? So sometimes, that walk turns out to be one heck of an adventure. Sometimes, it turns into a nightmare. Sometimes, it’s like one of those times when the tape gets stuck and keeps replaying the last few seconds, refusing to budge. Sometimes there is that sense of stagnancy. And sometimes there is that feeling of watching sand slip all too quickly through your fingers. Sometimes its pain beyond anything you bargained for, anything anyone ever ought to deserve. Sometimes its ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams.

Is it just me, or it seems those paths choose you, more than you choose them? I think its just me.

It’s one of those paths that I am walking down on. There’s nothing more to say, really. You can’t define yourself unless you walk till the very end of that path, and look back to everything you crossed on your way there.

Up until then, I am just a drifter. Just another wanderer.

P.S: Title doesn't mean anything - those are lyrics of one of my favorite songs.
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Kay said...

beleive me... it's not just you! best wishes on your new path

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of 'the journey IS the concept? :-) In the larger scheme of things, everything matters, while at the same time, nothing matters either.

Anwesa said...

Beautiful !

Amna K said...

In your 'About Me' you said that you think you cannot write .. I think you write very good.

And the pictures are amazingly captured.

Photographer/writer/marketing executive = Wow.


IceMaiden said...

Feels so good to know I am not the only one :) Thanks!

Sometimes along the way, its so difficult to tell yourself that this will pass, and you will connect the dots at the end of the way... Sigh :) But no matter what, this is one heck of a journey :)

Thanks! :)

@Amna K,
Hey there! Welcome to my blog :)
Thanks so much for your words :)


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