Mar 7, 2011

A Thousand Words & More

For quite some time now, I haven't been posting regularly at my (now discontinued) photoblog - SnapShots. That was not because I wasn't taking any pictures - on the contrary I think I have taken more pictures in the last couple of months than I have ever taken! :) Well, this is what I was waiting for -
My new blog : A Thousand Words & More (go see!!) 
They say a picture speaks a thousand words....
This place is for all those that say even more :)
Its not just my blog - co-founding it with me is my dearest friend Shyam (who btw, as people on my facebook might know, takes all my wow-wale profile pictures.. such as this one & this one too! :D). He has this knack of making even the plain looking people look diva-ish :P Say Hi to Shyam people, he's really a great guy :) Read more about us here.

And now go over to my new awesome blog! And don't forget to follow it, I promise I have some really great pictures coming up there.. :) I am super excited about this! Yayies! :D

Lots of love,
P.S: Lot of new stuff coming up on this blog as well.. Keep coming back! Love you all! :)
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... I don't understand what I am listening to but it sure does sound good! :) 


Me-Era* said...

Wow. This is great to here. Off to the new blog! :)

Scribbling Girl said...

wow amazing :) off to ur new blog :)

Me-Era* said...

*likes* the new font. :D

☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...

love the profile pictures your friend has taken, following the new blog :)

Vikas Chandra said...

amazing pics..

I love the description of you two.. They say "hunting in pair is always easier than hunting alone"..I guess same goes with photography!

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