Mar 10, 2011

More Awesome, Yet Under-Rated Things

Following the popularity of my previous post about 50 Totally Awesome, But Sadly Under-Rated Things, here is an all new list, many thanks to my friends who poured in with suggestions, of other such things that should be on such a list --
  1. Biking at 120kmph on the western express highway in the dead of the night.
  2. The first few drags of a Nirvana sheesha. oh yes. \m/
  3. Mom's special dal-khichdi when you are sick
  4. The smell of Parle-G biscuits when your train passes by Vile Parle station
  5. Chips from Kerala
  6. Reaching the railway station late and out of breath, to realize that the train is only just pulling in
  7. On the spot plans to go eat at a midnight buffet
  8. Sleeping under the stars, at a place that's not in your home city
  9. The wind in your ears at a quiet place
  10. Having someone play with your hair
  11. Making eye contact with a cute stranger :D
  12. Appreciation one liner from boss / subordinate / colleague
  13. Finding sexy Catwalk boots on sale at half price
  14. Laughing at something silly that you did
  15. A quiet beachside walk
  16. An accidental picture of you that makes you look hot! :D
  17. Getting someone a present they had long desired, and watching the look on their face as they open it
  18. A conversation about senseless things
  19. Wearing a tiara and drawing double takes from onlookers ;)
  20. A long distance phone call from someone you haven’t heard from in ages
  21. Window shopping! :D
  22. Feeling dew on your feet as you walk barefoot on grass on an early wintry morning
  23. Playing a sport that you haven’t played in years, and find that you “still got your moves” :D
  24. FINALLY making it past whatever it was that was causing all the traffic! 
  25. Cracking an egg into two PERFECTLY
  26. BUBBLEWRAP. even better - popping those tiny little bubbles :)
  27. Nicely wrapped presents – people don’t wrap gifts anymore! :(
  28. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left till the alarm sounds. YES!
  29. Your boyfriend / girlfriend checking you out - proper head to toe sweep - pretending to have just met you
  30. The travelling part of the trip you take with friends to a destination out of station
  31. Having the high score on a video game at the game parlor
  32. Your most comfortable pair of shorts, tee & slippers, that you wear to the local kirana dukaan [grocery shop].
  33. Someone holding your hand while driving
  34. Barista's take away cappuccino & Dunhill Reds on a windy late night drive 
  35. The shutter release of my Nikon :) :) :) :) :)
P.S: Special thanks to Kanishk, Arnab & Shyam! :)
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PeaBee said...

LOVE the list :D

Tripthi Battapadi said...

Super awesome!

The West Wind said...

Really Good .. The list makes one reconsider the value of many little things in life..

Meety said...

Bubble wrap!! ah how I love popping those bubbles :-) good post Annie

UjjwalRaaj said...

34 and 35 made me go " TOTALLY!!"

Lol number 3 cracked me up.

Were you pointing to Banana chips in particular? Cause those are terribly underrated!

ani_aset said...

thats a nice list you have there..especially the ride on western express.. the smell of parle g bisuits :D ..

Meera Parameswaran said...

Awww...its a rather cute list Annie and I found myself smiling reading many of them. :)
Thanks for reminding me so many things, just like you did with the previous one!

Ananya said...

Awesome list! :D

About nicely wrapped presents, I do that. Way too nicely, only to see the other person tearing open the gift without even giving a second look to the wrapping thing.

Soumya said...

This is how my heavenly list looks like :D

Rià said...

thats a gr8 list for sure...and i m sure there r more that can be added to this one!

bondgal_rulz said...

Super cool!!!

Check this out - it's the most awesome blog :)

Anonymous said...

Loved that list, Ice maiden. It takes so little for us to notice the small insignificant things that make life so lovely! If only we could do it more often!

Anonymous said...

Some of the entries are too good. Thanks for the list.

Killer Drama said...

totally awesome things! small joys in life are in fact the biggest.

Nupur said...

Lovely list!!! Found a good blog to read after a reallll long time!!

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