Jan 1, 2011

Birthday Updates & The Year That Went By.

[This was supposed to be posted yesterday evenin' but impromptu plans for a long drive spoiled it :D]

This birthday was the awesomest ever! Usually what is celebrated as a Birthday week (5th-12th of Dec) got extended for the whole month… making me feel pretty great!!! :) Without further ado, here’s the birthday wishlist that was fulfilled in the my super awesome birthday month (in order of appearance):

1. A drive by the sea and that is how my birthday began, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday beginning. My favorite seaside, us, music, coffee and cam :) what else could I possibly want?! :)

2. Cakes & such – I had three chocolate cakes this year (I always have 2+ cakes on birthdays… hehe!) Lekin sadly without candles… Chocolate Delight @ Di’s place, Black Forest @Home1 & Chocolate Fantasy @Home2. Also, add to that more sweet things: Nik showed up at 1.00AM with cupcakes because “mujhe chocolate cake nahi mila!” :P Aww! :) , my fav Lindt from Nutties and chocolate pastry from my bestest friends Abha & Ketki.

3. Greeting Card – My niece made me the sweetest little “surprise” birthday greeting ever. Couldn’t have asked for more! :)

4. A Princess Tiara - Possibly the BEST birthday afternoon I have ever had… Thanks to Arnab! He gifted me a tiara 'set' - complete with a rather large heart shaped ring and earrings. Then we actually walked into stores looking for a wand that goes with the tiara, and he poorly tried to suppress laughter while the following happened at atleast 5 different stores.

Me: “Hi..”
Person at counter: (Startled to see a girl completely unaware that a glittery tiara sits on her head) Er..?
Me: “Do you have a wand?”
Person at counter: “Sorry Ma’m?”
Me: (making Harry Potter swish-flick wand movement) “Waaaand?”
Person at counter: (thoroughly amused, smiling) “Sorry Ma’m we don’t have a wand...”

(At children’s section, LifeStyle, Inorbit)
Me: (holding up a wand with ribbons and a Styrofoam sword) “I like them both… what do you suppose goes well with this tiara?”
Arnab: “I’ll get you both!”
Me: (making swishing movement with both sword & wand, looking like a drunk character from Harry Potter)
Arnab: “DUDE! Keep that away from my EYE!!!!”
Me: “I’m like... Hermione on Dope!”
(moment of epiphany)
… and hence the name stuck. We ended up writing “Hermione on Dope” on the sword like “Godric Gryfinddor” was written on the Harry's sword.

(At Gloria Jeans, Oberoi)
Me: “I wish there was pink fur at the base of this tiara… you know for once I wouldn’t mind wearing pink!”
Arnab (serious look on his face): “Just FYI… I didn’t MAKE the wand.”
Me: “Oh.”
(beat of silence)
Arnab: “Goblins did.”
(insane laughter that lasted for a long time..)

(Outside Oberoi)
“Bhaiya, Narnia Chaloge?”
(startled autowala runs away.)

(Random Incidents)

EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE is doing a double take at me.
... Random kid on sidewalk spots me and bawls, LOUDLY: “MUMMYY!!! MEKO BHI CHAHIYE!!!!!”
... Firang party arrives outside the mall, woman nudges guy, crosses road, takes out her cell, takes a picture of me, poorly disguised all the way.
... Arnab is laughing so hard, he has to lean against the gate for support and has tears of glee in his eyes. :D

Oberoi security guard to me: “Madam, andar talwar nahi leke jaa sakte..”
Arnab still laughing. Guard eyeing sword warily. I poke guard with the sword.
Guard allows me to go :D

I kid you not when I say, EVERYONE was looking at me. I am sure I was the source of a LOT of Facebook updates on 5th of December 2010. Man I rock! \m/ and God, I love you my Hatless Headbangin’ Jester :D :D Mwahhh!!!! :) :)

5. Chronicles of Narnia with my niece. We are so madly in love with each other, we are like buddies more than masi-niece :D The movie was ok, but it was fun! Love you Preksha :) Mwah!!!

6. Nutties from Nutties & also from Abha & Ketki....

7. THE awesomest SUPER DUPER chic handbagCALVIN! AAAHH!!!! MY NEW CK BAGGG!!!!! :D :D :D (Annie is extremely happy to report that she has received “wtf wow” from all females who have set their eyes on my bag… so yayyyyy!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) (Yes bags and boots make me a lil insane, watcha gonna do? :D) 
Bonus: Calvin super sexy shades – make me look all sophisticated.. hehe :P

8. Sweatshirt Calvin again. YAY! Man, CK should pay me for all this publicity :P Its not orange but a super sexy shade of mauve (Google it up men) :) :) Thank you Nutties for turning me into a Calvin person :D

9. So.. My best friends and I had a birthday meet up, version 2. After which I got tuberoses (mistaken as lilies by my sweet and weird friends :P) and COLOR PENS!!!!! And Lakme eyeliner pencil (like Abha said, its JUSTTTT like M.A.C but we can’t afford M.A.C and also they are the SAMMEEEE!!!!! Lakme ki salesgirl :D :P) Mwahhhhh you guys!!! :) :)

10. I am the Burberry girl *singsong voice* - My Burberry Touch is here ;) and dear god, it smells brilliant! :) :) Thanks loads Mr. Viks :)

And not on the list, last but definitely NOT the least – MY NEW BLACKBERRYYYY!!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!!! I love you bro!!!!!! :) :) :) *dances like a drunkard to the tune of 'we are the Blackberry Boys'*

(Ok, Annie has definitely lost it by now, so kindly take a walk and come back, hopefully by the time she would have calmed down)

… Ahem, back again. So ya, as we can see, I had a super duper fantastic birthday though it wouldn’t have been complete with a few of these things:
The most beautiful pre-birthday gift – 58kisses, from my kids at TFI. I love you kids so much, I would do anything for you! May god give you everything that you desire, always! :) :)

Next, most cherished of all, even more than the ten things above, my bestttttt friends who called me up from various ends of the world. Also, it wouldn’t have been complete without that awesome dinner at China Gate with Varu, Zai, Shilpa and Pranita – my beautiful sexy angels.. :)

... And it definitely wouldn’t have been complete with all the weird, non-romantic (:D) attention from my dearest sweetheart Nutties. I probably can’t say Thanks enough for the perfect degree of everything, or tell you how important you are to me, but it’s the truth – I’m nuts about you! Mwah! :) :)

Thanks you all! I love you guys!


We make a big deal out of new years. Yes, now it was a ROCKIN' decade. We all grew up a you see. A LOT. This last year has been a whirl. Really. SO many things happened in this year and I don't feel like going through everything that has happened. Rather I'd talk about what its making me feel right now. This very instant...

I made some seriously what-the-fuck-was-i-thinking mistakes this year, but I'm not going to concentrate too much on those ('that' rather :D) Instead, what I'm kicked about is how I got around picking up some really great stuff this year. Ofc, I neglected writing bigtime, but thats ok, because I found something else. I started doing a lot of stuff for myself this year and I plan to keep at it. TeachForIndia, photography, re-connecting with reallyyy old friends, making some great new ones, becoming a brand conscious person :P :D It was a treat, this year! :)

I made a 25 before 25 list and slowly I'm ticking off stuff from it. It feels great, I have loads of things I cant wait to begin this coming new year. I think one of the most important reasons I feel so hopeful and optimistic, as opposed to the last few new years, is that I have narrowed down my immediate friend circle to a close few. Trust me when I say I'm NOT that kind at all, I usually have 20 different people with me. Right now, I can count on my fingers who is very very very important to me, and I have them all right by my side. I feel great that Im trying out new things with those people. I feel great that I can look forward to come pretty awesome stuff next year. Thankfully this year was more fun than sorrow, especially the last couple of months, thanks to Nutties. I have a feeling that the next coming days (or weeks or months or years, whatever you want us to be :) ) will be great too! :)

Heres raising a toast to one heck of a decade people! To school and college and friends and stupid boys and smart men and beautiful people and wonderful memories. :) Heres to looking forward to another great rockin' decade, heres to a year that went by so quickly, its over before it even began :P :) Heres to all you wonderful people and hoping that you have a happpyyyyy new year! :) :) 

P.S: I love you all, and I swear I'm not on dope :D
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Harini said...

Awesome Birthday Annie :). That Tiara was so pretty :).

Happy New year to you too :)

Ananya said...

Looks like you had an awesome birthday! :D

And poking the gaurd with the sword part was absolutely CUTE! :D

Loveddd reading this. Really! :D
Wish you have a happy new year! :)

Anwesa said...

Ohkay...a super-long post from you. The best part being the tiara shopping. I mean are you that crazy ??? OMG!!! And you are not on dope :O Great female :D :P

HNY and do weirder things. ATB for that :)

P.S.: This is one of the funniest posts I read on your blog.

Meera Parameswaran said...

What a Birthday!!! :) :)

Happy New year Annie!

With so much CK and Blackberry, I envy you!

Shanu said...

Aww..such a cute post..wish u a happy new yr babe :)

Arnab Majumdar said...

Once upon a time, in the city of Mumbai, there was a rickshawallah, who just wanted a nice New Year's Eve, spending time with his kids, enjoying a movie while munching on some popcorn. However, as he spent the minutes watching Chronicles of Narnia, cold sweat poured from his brow, while a shaking hand dabbed it with a hankerchief, and his heart beat against his ribs painfully but with so much relief, reliving the moment when that sword bearing, tiara laden lady has asked "Narnia chaloge?", he had refused and run away!

Hey, you never know, it could be true!

Belated happy birthday (I think you'd like hearing that as well!) and a happy new year. Hope you have many, many more of such rocking B'day months.


P.S. I wanted to ask the Goblins about your specially requested Tiara, but this time the autowallah chased me away! I'll try again, your highness. Sincerely, the Hatless Headbangin' Jester.


UjjwalRaaj said...

Wow. Hermoine on dope. That's stuck in my head.

That has to be one of the most awesome birthdays I've ever known. It even beats my "will dress up as Obi Wan Kenobi/star wars reality" birthday idea.

Looks like your birthday started amazing and ended well too!

And we'd love to know the mistakes you made last year ! :D

Happy New Year! :)

purple moonbeam said...

Gosh that was absolutely hilarious, the 'narnia chaloge?' bit had be in splits :D I am so gonna quote that to my friends
Happy Belated Birthday! how awesome of your friends to let you tick so many things off your wishlist ;)

Aankhi said...

This post made me laugh so much! Thanks a lot, H on D!

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