Jan 14, 2011

Day# 14

A picture of you and your family.

Me and Mom. 
Two seriously different people, who spend half their time fighting like the world was ending tomorrow, and the other half secretly loving each other to bits. Throw in cheering like mad for Sachin at cricket matches. 

Thats mom and me at what was supposedly my 'mundan'. 
Jeez mom, whats with all that kohl?! :D

Thats mommy dearest just after she got married. She looks very innocent and all, but man can the woman pack a punch! :P And she is the stubbornest lady I know. Her 'once I say no means no' still makes me fret and throw things around and yet it remains a freaking no. Thank god she has always been such a sweetheart when it came to letting me making my own choices - friends, career and love. She had the restrictions on me, oh yes, loads of them - but all at the right times. The woman gives the best advice to her insanely impatient daughter, she says theres a time for everything, you just have to wait for it.. :)

P.S: Mwah Mom! :)
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Anwesa said...

Awwwww...its for the first time I see the kiddie Annie :D Nice cheeks btw (Me likes :D )

P.S. : Hello Aunty ! Hope you are doing well.

Crazy Blogger said...

namaste aunty

Meher said...

Such a cute kid, you were. =P

Raj said...

there is a time for everything. shes right about that. and being mother beloved, probably about everything else as well.

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