Jan 19, 2011

Day# 19

Your earliest memory.

One of my earliest memories is me dancing on stage for the first time..  :)

Unlike other kids, I wasn’t scared or shy to be on the stage, infact mom tells me I kept asking when my turn will come to go on stage. It was a dance performance to a Marathi song ‘Asava sunder chocolatecha bangla… chanderi-soneri cham-chamcha changla’ (translated means ‘There should have been a house made of chocolate.. Silver and golden, it would glitter so nice’..) This was when I was in kindergarten, and we had this sequence in the song where we would have to throw toffees into the audience (supposedly for your parents) and I remember clutching those orange Ravalgaon toffees and looking for my mom among a sea of faces :D

Ah… First love. Dancing. :)

P.S: Another earliest memory is almost burning down the neighbors house during Diwali.... but nevermind all that now... :D
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Blunt Edges said...

Why do I feel that the Diwali story would have made a great read? :)

Read the 19 of the 31-day challenge in one go! Boy someone seems to have become a lot prolific! :D

Anwesa said...

I want that Diwali story :wails like those irritating kids:

Raj said...

lol. dancing? awesome. my first love was the sea. and reading. and a girl in 9th standard. i was in fifth i think.

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